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Most haunted places in India-4!

Updated on February 23, 2016
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Souvik is a software professional with avid interests in writing, music and wildlife. His writing style is simple yet captivating.

Let's see how much of a paranormal lover you are!

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Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station- Kolkata


Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station- Kolkata

History: Kolkata or erstwhile known as 'Calcutta' is one of the most culturally diverse cities of India. The former capital of India and much favored by the 'British Raj', Kolkata has retained her charm and is now a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The feather in the cap of modernization of this city was the introduction of the underground Metro rail system in 1984. As the rail system blended in with the commuters in general, so did the spate of suicides. Individuals disillusioned with life now found a new solace in ending their journey of life in the dark underground corridors of the metro rail system. Of these, almost 70% of the suicides were reported from a singular station named 'Rabindra Sarobar' or 'Ravindra Sarovar'. The last train of the day arrives here at 10:30 PM and drivers and commuters alike, many have reported seeing apparitions and ghostly figures at precisely the same time everyday. The ghostly entities seem to cross the rail tracks and vanish into thin air within seconds. Whether these are gaseous formations emitting from the underground tunnels or indeed some paranormal entities is still a mystery. Nevertheless the sightings have been far too many to be ignored. So for adventurers and thrill seekers alike, next time you are in Kolkata, do not forget to check out the 'Rabindra Sarobar' metro station at 10:30 PM. Who knows? One of you may actually capture a live footage or image of the mysterious apparitions prevalent for quite a few decades now!

How to get there: Kolkata is well connected by air to all the major cities of the world. This bustling metro is also well connected via road and railways with almost all cities of India. Once there, get to the nearest Metro rail station and book a ticket for the 'Rabindra Sarobar' station.

Accommodation: Kolkata boasts of some of the finest star hotels of India. Numerous other hotels suiting the budget and taste of everyone are available through-out the city. Prior booking is advised though.

Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary- Tamilnadu

Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary- Tamilnadu

History: This wildlife sanctuary in the southern state of Tamilnadu has recently been conferred the status of a 'Tiger Reserve' due to its substantial feline population. Well! Jungles with Tigers are deemed common but jungles with ghost sightings are not! This wildlife sanctuary in particular has earned quite a reputation as far its ghostly sightings are concerned. The most common sightings are those of floating fire-balls. Skeptics would argue about these balls being the direct product of the combustion of methane gas with the humid jungle air. Well! Try telling that to the locals who swear that these 'Flying fire-balls' are not only spontaneous but are choosy as far as attacking people are concerned! Now that's scary, very scary! And these have not been some one-off incidents but numerous ones told and re-told by countless travelers. No fatalities have ever been recorded but nevertheless, the sightings of flying fire-balls approaching with a vengeance is enough to send shivers down the spine of the bravest of the brave. The appearance of the Fire-balls or 'Flying Lanterns' as they are sometimes called are random. Apart from this unusual phenomenon, numerous shrieks and cries are also heard from the deep recess of the jungle. This jungle was also the home of the now slain smuggler 'Veerappan', famous for his poaching and abductions. Ever since his death in 1994 after a gruesome battle with the armed forces, locals swear to the fact that his ghost along with other demonic entities are a regular sight. Most locals avoid venturing out into the dark.

How to get there: National Highway 209 (NH-209) connecting Bangalore to the town of Dindigul is the only way to reach this wildlife sanctuary. Luxurious government buses and private taxis are also available. However tourists are forewarned to be aware of the steep charges demanded by the Private taxis. Hence taking help of a local guide for renting vehicles is highly advisable.

Accommodation: Numerous private resorts are available on the fringes of the wildlife sanctuary. Not a bad option if you are willing to shell out some extra money for a comfortable stay and a guided tour of the sanctuary. Cheaper accommodations but with excellent locations deep inside the wildlife sanctuary are available in the form of Government forest lodges. However, most of these lodges are heavily booked and always in demand, hence prior reservation is a must.

Trident Hotel Towers- Mumbai


Trident Towers- Mumbai

History: Try calling the Trident Towers in Mumbai and ask for a room reservation on the 13th floor. Well! You would be disappointed since the hotel doesn't have a 13th Floor!!!! The floor succeeding the 12th is that of 14th.The Trident towers or most commonly referred to as the 'Oberoi Hotel' is one of the landmarks of the bustling Mumbai city. This start hotel is popular with locals and tourists alike. The omission of the 13th floor is not an uncommon phenomenon. Many real estate developers and hoteliers alike have had the habit of omitting the 13th floor of their respective buildings. And this habit is not localized to India alone but the world-over. Many renowned hotels such as Ritz-Carlton and Marriott too follow this tradition. Call it fear on the part of the owners or sensitivity towards the guests' perception of the number 13, many apartment buildings and hotels the world-over have a sublime fear of the number 13. Regardless, stories surrounding the decision to omit a 13th floor of a building are rampant. Some say paranormal activities hampering the construction of the 13th floor as the main cause of omission while others point to death of engineers and workers under mysterious circumstances. Either ways, next time you are in Mumbai, do not forget to check out the Trident towers in Mumbai. If not for the supernatural experience, at-least for the grand hospitality offered by the hotel staff:)

How to get there: Mumbai is well connected by Air from all the major cities of the world. This metropolitan is well connected by road and rail to all the cities of India. Taxis are the one of the best ways to get around Mumbai. Nariman Point, where the Trident Towers are located, is one of the most iconic locations of Mumbai.

Accommodation: Need I say more? Of course, the Trident towers :) However, numerous other hotels, lodges, guest-houses are available for all, suiting everyone's taste and budget! Google for accommodations in Mumbai and you will be flooded with accommodations of various kinds.

Kundanbagh haunted house- Hyderabad


Kundanbagh Haunted House- Hyderabad

History: This is straight out of a Bollywood flick. You have a happy family of a husband and wife with 2 teenage daughters. Life is good. Then, out of the blues comes a sudden transformation in the lives of the mother and her 2 daughters. The happy atmosphere of the house is replaced with a stark change in the ritualistic behavior of its members. The mother and her daughters start performing bizarre satanic rituals in the house. The changes in their personality does not escape the eyes of the neighbors as well. A waste disposal dump situated at a walking distance to the house is used by the mother and her daughters to dispose the house trash. That's common isn't it? Not so when you see the 3 of them dressed in their finest attires and using the car to do so. Innumerable medical treatments by the hapless father yields no result. With the situation getting worse, the father abandons the 3 of them and disappears. That's when the satanic activity in the house intensifies further. The mother and her daughters are often seen walking with candles in their hand and with what passersby described as glass filled with blood fueled with creepy sounds. The inhabitants never ventured out other than the customary disposal of house trash every night as described above. The house lacked any modernization apart from the electricity- the bill of which was paid for a tenure of 3 years in advance. None the less, the inhabitants seldom used the electricity of the house.

A local thief seeing the opportunity and assuming the gullible disposition of its inhabitants, try to break into the house one night. On entering the main bedroom, the sights almost freezes him to death. The mother and her daughters are found dead with their throat slit and the blades used for the purpose clutched in their hands. The thief runs out and informs the police.

Autopsy reveals that the bodies were dead for more than 6 months!!! In that case who were the ones seen walking around the house with candles and bottles of blood??? Well! the obvious conclusion would give creeps to even the strongest of hearts. Ever since, shrieks and other paranormal activity are rampant as has been voiced by the neighborhood. Police have disclaimed the rumors but the poignant fact remains that the house still remains vacant in one of the posh localities of Hyderabad. So for the thrill seekers, next time you are in Hyderabad, do take a glimpse at one of its most famous haunted house!

Accommodation: Numerous hotels, lodges and guest-houses ranging from the 5 star to the budgetary travelers are available. Prior reservation is advised though.

How to get there: Hyderabad is well connected by air to almost all major cities of the world. Rail and road network connects this metropolitan to almost all major cities of India. Auto rickshaws, Taxis and buses are available for local commute.

Visuals of the Kundanbagh Haunted house

Church of 3 Kings- Goa


Church of 3 Kings- Goa

History: Located at a distance of 15 kms from Velsao in South Goa, is a village named Cansaulim. In this village stands a centuries old church called the 'Church of 3 kings' or simply the '3 Kings Church'. A church being haunted? Sounds unbelievable, right? Well! The locals wouldn't settle for the otherwise. According to them, the paranormal activities in the vicinity of the Church compound have been far too many to ignore. This is how the legend goes. 3 Portuguese Kings (Goa, till 1961 was ruled by the Portuguese) were constantly at war for possession of this village and the church. Fed up with the constant bickering and tussles, one of the kings named 'Holgar' invited the remaining 2 for a grand luncheon at the church. This feast was not organised for a peace treaty but to eliminate the remaining 2 kings. And this was effectively achieved by mixing poison in the royal treat. Once the purpose was served, Holgar felt relaxed. However when the locals got a sniff of the happenings, a large crowd marched towards the church with the intention of slaying King Holgar. Sensing the violent mood of the crowd and with no way out, Holgar ended his life by committing suicide. All the bodies of the 3 kings were later buried in the church compound. And since then, sightings of the kings' spirits as well as other spooky paranormal activities have been a regular occurrence. Of course no bodily harm has ever been committed to anyone, since the church being an abode of God, nevertheless the eerie encounters are something that the locals vouch for with their lives. Next time, when you are in Goa, and when you are done making merry at the beaches, do take a little time off to visit this picturesque yet thrilling place complete with centuries old mystery.

Accommodation: The Cansaulim beach is a popular tourist destination and has its fair share of Resorts and lodges. If one prefers, numerous accommodations are also available at Goa. Prior reservation is recommended though.

How to get there: Goa is well connected by Air to all major cities. One can also land at Mumbai and travel to Goa by bus or car. Goa is well connected by rail and road to all major cities of India. Once there, reaching Cansaulim is easy with the numerous Taxis and buses available during the day. One can also hire motorbikes to travel within Goa.

Kuldhara- Rajasthan


Kuldhara- Rajasthan

History: Located at a distance of 17 kms from Jaisalmer, Kuldhara is a small village now lying in ruins. A refurbished temple is all that now stands tall in this once prosperous village. The story dates back to 300 years when this village was a thriving community of the Paliwal Brahmins. The origin of these brahmins remains shrouded in mystery. Some say there are from a place called called Pali in Jodhpur. Others disagree. Getting back to our story- this village and its corresponding province was ruled by a ruthless prime minister called Salim Singh. The villagers were made to partake a huge burden of paying surreal amount of taxes. Still, the community accepted their fate and carried on with their lives. But the patience and submission of the community reached its zenith when the prime minister cast his eyes on the daughter of the village's head. He put forward the proposal of marrying this girl and gave the community a day's time to revert positively or face dire consequences including marrying the girl by force. Bludgeoned by the oppressive nature of the ruler combined with the latest act of forced tyranny, the entire occupants of Kuldhara and the neighboring 83 villages left the province in a single night. No one has ever known about their intended destination since. During the rapid exodus the villagers cursed their ruler and the village declaring that no human being would ever be able to inhabit this once prosperous village. Looks like the curse has withstood the times, as no human community has ever been able to re-establish in this village. Kuldhara along with Bhangarh remain the most haunted locations of Rajasthan. Numerous paranormal societies have researched in this location and have recorded paranormal experiences during their limited stay. If you are a thrill seeker and if the paranormal occurrences excite you, then Kuldhara is the place to be!

Accommodation: Jaisalmer is the nearest city that boasts of hotels, lodges, resorts and budget accommodations of various kinds.

How to get there: Jaisalmer does not have an airport. The nearest airport is at Jodhpur, some 300 kms away. From Jodhpur one can hire taxis and avail the bus services to reach Jaisalmer or Kuldhara. Jaisalmer is also connected to all major cities of India by rail and road. Auto-rickshaws are a good way to navigate within Jaisalmer.

Short film with visuals of Kuldhara village

Haunted locations on Map

Metro station Kolkata:
Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700033,

get directions

Location of Rabindra Sarobar Metro station

Sathyamangalam, Tamil Nadu, India

get directions

Location of Sathyamangalam wildlife sanctuary

Oberoi hotel, mumbai:
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

get directions

Location of Trident Towers, Mumbai

Kundanbagh, Hyderabad:
Kundanbagh, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016, India

get directions

Location of Kundanbagh haunted house

Velsao, Goa 403712, India

get directions

Location of 3 Kings church

Kuldhara, Rajasthan:
Kuldhar, Rajasthan 345001, India

get directions

Location of Kuldhara village

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      Souvik Mukherjee 

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      Thanks Peter. Am glad you liked it :)

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      Peter Geekie 

      2 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Excellent and well researched article. Thanks for the little fun quiz at the start.

      kind regards Peter


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