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Into The Word

Updated on December 31, 2015

Leviticus 14

Angel and Frog
Angel and Frog | Source

December 31, 2015

I got up early in an attempt to hubpage my devotions. I'm 73 years old and it's dawning on me that my flesh is too powerful for me. "To will is present with me but how to perform that which I will, I know not." It seems that the universe has set about to thwart my will. There's no point in kicking against the pricks so I pray, Lord, that Your will, will be done, in my life today.

The year has ended and I am still battling stuffing myself with carbs. Sometime skipping meals and then bingeing my lights out. It's hard to accept that I am powerless over food.

Sometimes I can turn the Devil over to You, Lord because I know he is more powerful than me. Sometimes I can turn the world over to you. I live among a lot of strongwilled people who are more strong willed then me.

But turning myself and my own flesh over to You is another matter. I always think I can do it myself. I surely should be able to stop my own self from pigging out.. I take a slice of cake and, next thing I know, the whole cake is gone.

Who am I that You should be mindful of me?

Wooden Chimes
Wooden Chimes | Source

Jesus' Name

"All hail the power for Jesus Name, let angels prostrate fall." You are Omnipotent. You are Sovereign. You are King of all kings; Ruler of the Universe. Omniscient. Is anyone else like You? You have all the Power needed to solve the problem and you have the answers.

Into Leviticus

As I read Your Word I have to ask the Holy Spirit to help me understand. The Old Testamen seems strange to me. But I read it because it is fascinating. I don't want to be a hearer of the Word and not a doer, deceiving my own self.

It always strikes me that you spoke to Moses. I believe You speak to us also. Your sheep hear Your Voice and they will not follow another. As I listen for Your Voice I can hear it better. Like, right now, I recently heard Your Voice and You have given me a specific person to intercede for. You said of this person that Satan has desired to have him to sift him as wheat but that You, Yourself, the Great Intercessor, are praying for him that his faith will not fail.

You spoke to Moses and you gave him all these awesome instructions. I think Leviticus 14 is about being a health care professional. I know that is stretching it way out there but it's what makes sense to me right now.

Here we have a person who has leprosy. What happens when he goes to the priest to be cleansed seems really beyond my frame of reference but here is what I imagine. I don't speak ex cathedra on anything so please don't take my ramblings to be anything but my thoughts soring out of control a lot of tiem.

But, who's to know that this hyssop has some medicinal purposes and this cedar wood and the blood of this particular type of blood has some medicine that cures leprosy? It seems reasonable if a house has leprosy to remove the leprose stones and scrape the other stonesw and try to cleanse it first. And, if the leprosy remains, to tear the house down and dispose of all of it.

It seems that God is practical and knows precisely what to do. So who am I to question what was happening with these rituals that are strange to me.

I've often thought, when I draw my blood for blood glucose tests 5 times a day, that future generations might look on this practice as barbaric.

Thank You Lord that even this strange passage in Leiviticus 14 is worthy to be read. Some day I may need this information and the ability to do as You instruct me to do.

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