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Is Christianity The Only Way To God?

Updated on March 3, 2013

This video series is to presented as a kind of companion series to my "Regular, Normal Christianity" text series, which examines the theology behind the essential ideas of Christianity (God, The Trinity, redemption, etc). My intention with publishing this video hub series on the kind of topical concerns that frequently come-up in discussions about religion and/or Christianity, as video rather than text hubs, is to offer a more conversational approach to these questions and issues that are commonly introduced when friends, co-workers, family, etc talk about religion and their own beliefs, and dis-beliefs.

This is the 3rd entry in this video series. The first hub in the series looked at the oft heard question "Does the Bible contradict itself?"and the 2nd considered the also frequent question of "Why Are There So Many Different Denominations?" - in this 3rd hub of the series I want to look at why Christians assert that their's is the one true faith, that Jesus is the only way, etc.

coming soon ~

If God is good and loving why are so many people suffering?
Hasn't the Bible obviously been altered and even intentionally changed through the centuries of copying and translating?
Isn't being good sufficient, why do people need to 'get saved'?
Isn't religion just a crutch for frail people trying to explain a scary universe?
And etc.

. . . and, suggested topics are welcome.

The Text Series ~

Preface. "Regular, Normal Christianity ~ The Premise And Definitions"

1. Regular, Normal Christianity ~ "The Bible"

2. Regular, Normal Christianity ~ "God"

3. Regular, Normal Christianity ~"Jesus of Nazareth"

4. Regular, Normal Christianity ~ "The Trinity"

5. Regular, Normal Christianity ~ "Man, Sin, And Spiritual Death"

6. Regular, Normal Christianity ~ "The Covenant, The Promise, The Covenants, And The Gospel"

The Christian & Private Study - A 'How To' Guide


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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      My belief basically is that God is loving and good but I don't try to form any sort of image of Him because an image is not the main concern. I think that as time goes on my belief and my faith take me to different levels by themselves. I used to have a habit of reading Bible passages each morning and each evening and then after awhile I just continued saying a morning prayer and the Lord's prayer at night. Just recently my hand reached out for the Bible that I've had since my grade school days and I just knew that it was time to start reading the Bible passages again. And I am doing that and I think that goes along with what I mean when I say that I let God guide me each day. Faith, belief and love of God always. God bless.

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 5 years ago from South Africa

      Mickey, firstly, I agree with you - I hear all the thoughts I once pondered in this video of yours, and I like the peaceable and orderly manner of your presentation.

      Personally I've stopped musing on religion and in particular on Christianity about a decade ago. There is just no end to it - it is like focusing on a fascinating, hypnotizing, addictive gem of a kind. I've decided to stop trying to find God's head and tail, to accept the power in the universe that was here from the 'Beginning', the Creator still maintaining this awesomeness we have the privilege to experience, and to love/RESPECT/trust it with all my heart. We humans gave a name to this power - God - and being superstitious creatures we had invented Religion. It is such a tiresome 'topic', or let me rather say 'essence of humanity', totally consuming, keeping us frantically rigid in a specific position - like a dog chasing his one tail until he drops dead. And in the meantime Life happens, and not religion and what it's all about, and not even God who certainly don't even need our attention, but people - our fellow-humans, and animals, and everything living on this planet and elsewhere, NEED our love and care. You know the saying - being too busy with the God of Things to love and care about the Things of God.

      This medium you are now using - videos - does have a market out there and you should try to find it in order to obtain a significant audience. As a writer (and reader) I personally find videos - except music - too time-consuming. Also frustrating, because my computers don't have enough memory to play videos - while they are online - smoothly - it keeps on buffing. So I have to download a video in order to enjoy it. I just don't have the time on my hands to do this - I can read so much faster. But as I've said, their are many-many-many people out there who prefer 'hearing' above 'reading'.... I dare to say that readers are the minority. In HubPages, though, readers are the majority...

      Did you know in YouTube and other Sound-sites, we can 'function' the same way we - as readers and writers - do in HubPages. There we are 'listeners' and 'speakers'. You are a brilliant writer - you CAN write - I don't think you like reading that much. But you are also a brilliant speaker.

      Mickey, so many fields are open for you, having the talent to speak your thoughts, having attractive physical appearance as well as a beautiful voice...

      I am not charming you, I simply stress my thoughts and view on this hub.

      Have a lovely day, Mickey!

    • MickeySr profile image

      MickeySr 5 years ago from Hershey, Pa.

      JSChams ~ we agree. Thanks for the visit and the comment.