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Is The Tarot Sacrilegious?

Updated on September 22, 2011

sacrilegious-showing disrespect for that which is sacred

sacred-having to do with religion

Is the Tarot Sacrilegious?

Absolutely NOT! Some of the major arcana cards represent spirituality and/or spiritual matters. Religious symbolism is found throughout the cards. Many believe that the Lovers represent the marriage ritual of Adam and Eve being blessed by an Angel. In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Magician stands among roses and lilies, which tarot historian Robert O’Neil believes is derived from the Song of Songs, 2:1 “I am the Rose of Sharon, the lily of the valleys.” The High Priestess often represents religious experience or mystery. The Hierophant (Greek for “high priest) represents religious teachings or moral judgment. Other cards represent a celebration of God’s gifts to man. The Lovers represent God’s gift of emotions and sexuality. Other cards represent our God given gift to make choices (as well as consequences of our actions), seclusion for meditation, spiritual strength, spiritual attainment and the natural cycles of life.

Does It Work?

The tarot is one of the mysteries represented by the High Priestess. Where, in life, we see things only in our perspective, the tarot knows circumstances (surrounding the question) that the querent doesn’t and can be more objective about it. The tarot says “ based on what’s occurring now, this is what can be expected, or this is what you need to do…” The tarot looks at the spiritual aspect of any given situation, as well as the human aspect. It will tell you secrets, help you see what may be really going on, and guide you, but will never give you a definite of what will happen or make your decisions for you, as God gave us humans the freedom of choice.


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