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Is Time as We Experience It an Illusion?

Updated on April 4, 2018
Nadine May profile image

Nadine’s research for her futuristic novel series about discovering the truth or lies, has led her to insights she shares in her articles.


Are We Trapped into a Mental Hologram?

If physical laws are subject to time, then there must be other dimensions where energy does not run on 'Time' as we know is. Therefore Time is indeed only real in this physical dimension, but an illusion on an energy level.

This for me means that in this physical reality we need to learn how to manipulate the material reality, which also means that we need to explore our understanding of human consciousness and free will.

What is Human Consciousness?

If we would speculate that today humanity on a global scale is almost 95% information gathering entities from the moment of waking up until night time and the other 5% still holds the DNA our psychic abilities, then it’s clear to me that humanity is totally out of balance.We might have been manipulated to shut down our psychic senses of clairvoyance,telepathy,remote viewing,clairvoyance and empathy, by replacing these natural abilities by just giving our five physical senses total control, therefore this article is about:

How can we all awaken away from this hold of physical time?

How to think beyond time is what I want to speculate in this article, not why this descend has happened. It's clear to me that our mental perspective about the world around us has prevented us all from recognizing our true potential.
This must now be dealt with!

At birth we get onto this River-of-Time raft... For some it is a journey on a tidal wave, for some many obstacles are in the way. Many fall off into a whirlpool while hanging on to the raft. Some souls drown and climb ashore and wait for another opportunity. Having established that idea, what then is Time?

“Time perception matters because it is the experience of time that roots us in our physical reality.”

Our clock time is the most inescapable force we feel, because it seems to drive us every moment.

  • Do we experience time from within our minds and bodies or from the outside?
  • Are we meant to awaken from this obsession about following time?
  • Are we all trapped in a dream, the nightmare, and the illusion of TIME?
  • Are we living in the End of Times?

This Happened to Me in 1999

Suddenly my world collapsed into a sea of pulsating colors and spirals. The walls, buildings, shops and kiosks with hundreds of people who were passing me by, changed into a colorful frenzy, so inconceivable to my mind that I froze. In a split second everything around me had transformed into a merging twirling mass of color while I was resting on my suitcase waiting for my flight. Everything that was familiar to me had changed...

The Qualities of Time

While waiting in the jam-packed Los Angeles airport to get on the plane to Auckland as a standby passenger, my mind must have gone into a timeless state....

...Then, with a jolt, I was back into my hideaway corner again with the noise of the renovations above and around me pounding my eardrums.

This uncanny experience was a graphic vision that confirmed for me that we are all energy beings. Years later when I experienced my Computer screen's image suddenly scrambling up, and then my photo appeared back to normal again, this reminded me of how at that time years back the reality around me in that airport had turned into a scrambling of moving colors. No forms, just color movements.My screen was not like that, but it triggered my memory.

What are the Five qualities of time?

The Five Gualities of Time
One Planet Earth
Clock Time (which is linear)
Physical time is public time, the time that clocks are designed to measure.
Automatic time
(where things run in the background) which feels like a mental activity that is both linear and spatial.
(where Time seems to expand, or where there is No-time) because then time contracts.
Through physical exhaustion and mentally turning off to slip into a meditative state I was able to access an experience of No-time by being in the present.
Biological time
An organism’s circadian rhythm or body clock. We experience this through aging.

Do Our Eyes Only See What Our Minds Can Comprehend?


Was tiredness the trigger that had tumbled me into a foreign world where there was no form, only seas of colors moving in many directions? When everything was back to what I perceived as being normal, what I had seen and experienced in that split second seemed like a timeless moment.

It had made such an impression on me that for the rest of the journey I pondered in awe. The time it took to arrive in Auckland seemed very short. Had I, even after the experience, entered into a different time zone during the flight?
It reminded me of Carlos Castaneda who introduces readers what it is like to truly “stop the world” and perceive reality on his own terms.

I read almost all his books. He was one of the best authors I have come across that managed to make the reader truly contemplate the illusion of Time

‘Time’ is like a string of beads.


‘Time’ also seems like a string of beads. Each bead is followed by the next. But then if time were like a string of beads, there would be no beginning or end. Could it be that our past is also our future?

Straight lines and Circles.

Does the riddle of time change when we explore Linear and spatial thinking? To me linear thinking means that there’s always a beginning and an end to everything. When we think in circles this concept does not apply. Is the riddle hidden in the way we think, use language, and the level of our Intelligence?


Is There a Cosmic Code?

I loved the writings Zecharia Sitchin, especially his translation of the Sumerian texts.

The main plot that runs through the series of my novels had to do with “the seed of life" - the genetic alphabet - that was imparted to Earth by Nibiru during the Celestial Battle, some four billion years ago.

For me it is quite plausible that an advanced super-human race, the Anunnaki, were capable of space travel half a million years ago. It is also plausible that when they came here, they found on Earth the parallel intelligent beings still at the hominid stage. In his book the Cosmic Code he explains about The Fabric of the Cosmos: that we have all been deceived. Our perceptions of time and space have led us astray.

I've done my own research about the hidden history of Planet Earth when I was writing my visionary fiction novels about the Babylonian creation myth, but was it truly a myth?

We all know that any thought that is powerful enough will become reality or that our future is created by a past memory that influences our behavior now. In terms of the string of beads theory that there is no past or future, it starts to make sense that only the present is of value.


As a personality I know that when I wake up my physical body could be dead before the day is out. But that body is just a vehicle, a spacecraft, or a raft that rides on a River-of-Time


Have You Ever Felt That You Are Racing against Time?

See results

Our River of Time

While we as spiritual beings journey on this River-of-Time, external activities from both shores (our 3D world) distract our focus as to why we were born, why we are on this raft and where are we heading for.

Others call us to get off our own raft and join their voyage.
We are attracted to some people we meet on our journey, which can make us ignore our inner guidance, but we still join them, only to discover that their journey is not ours.

Time is now speeding up and the raft gets more difficult to navigate because of the baggage we have collected on the way.

We experience that everything that comes into existence as we go with the flow, also passes away. This means that everything that is traveling on this ‘River-of-Time’ is perishable.
We are locked into an illusion of Time. But…If we start to question why we are on this River-of-Time, does that mean that some of us have chosen to journey beyond ‘Time’ in order to consciously experience immortality?

(The Other Side", homage to the movie "STARGATE")
(The Other Side", homage to the movie "STARGATE") | Source
The Physics of Star Trek
The Physics of Star Trek
This book was incredibly interesting and insightful. The Physics of Star Trek takes a critical view of the science, specifically well physics as they exist in the Star Trek universe. It's interesting to think that a man who would rather send robots to space than men would pursue writing a book about Star Trek. Warp speed space travels a possibility thanks to Einstein's theory of relativity sop some astrophysicist says. What is the difference between a wormhole and a black hole? A wormhole is a shortcut from one part of the universe to another, while a black hole is a giant suction device. Are time loops really possible, and can choice a different grandmother before I am born? Anyone who has ever wondered “could this really happen?” Lawrence M. Krauss boldly goes where Star Trek has gone-and beyond.

Awakening Beyond Time

I think that is where the clue to our awakening lies. We are all immortal spiritual beings searching for a way to bring the enormous library of our soul knowledge into a physical expression, thereby ultimately achieving physical immortality. When I write the word immortality I do not mean that I now want to experience that I can live forever in this physical body. That would be utterly boring.

I want to find out if we could heighten our vibrations to such an extent that we can fully perceive the many multidimensional worlds and journey wherever we aspire to and travel to many other universes while having full control over our physical cellular/molecular structure in order to keep it in top condition.
There would be no more illness, no more pain, no more aging!

Could Star-Trek be a projection of our future…or are those memories from our past? Are they not journeying in the River of Time?


Our Dreams Don’t Seem to Be Limited by Time

If we are living in a holographic world could there perhaps be many different layers of realities occupying the same space? As in our dream world, time is irrelevant. Could angels and fairies be just as real as we think we are?
My article on The Hidden histories of our planet goes deeper into the mysteries of our past, or is it our future? I believe it is both. I feel that every soul want to fully awake into this physical world in order to ascend.

If our personality cannot understand the inner dream world of our higher self, does it mean that our rational personality mind only belongs to the outer perishable world?

Is Our Time Speeding up or Slowing Down?

At present I feel more in control of my river raft. Now and then I throw off more baggage I have no more need for and I meet others in the River-of-Time who follow the same journey as me. We help each other with obstacles while staying in full control of our own raft. The River-of-Time now becomes like the breath. My body feels younger because I now feel a passion for life. I pass many whirlpools but it is in those difficult moments, as I manoeuvre my raft into the strong current, that I can feel the love force of All that Is merging its creation through the acceleration in Time.


Could We Travel to Our Own Future and Come Back Again?

The T.V Series 4400 Story Goes as Follows
Thousands of returned abductees are left with no memory of their otherworldly experiences. Each has been gone anywhere from a few months to several decades, but haven't aged a day. These are the stories of the 4400 abductees after they are returned to Earth.

I was glued to this series because it merged science fiction with reality in a very meaningful way. It gives great foresight in what can really become truth if not already possible of what is yet to come. Maybe sooner than one can think?

Maybe something is stopping time travelers from changing our present. Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, and other visionaries (ME) believe they know what it is – Parallel Universes.

No human being can ever truly understand the concept of ‘Time’ by reason or sense or even through the mystical experience I had, but in the core of my being I know that we are all part of a total utter single Presence of the love force off All That Is. There is nothing separate from this oneness.

Thank you for reading my adventure on TIME



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