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It’s fun to be Innocent

Updated on November 13, 2013

My Story First

While attending any conference, I used to switch my cell-phone on a silent mode. You might think that I do this act, so that I can concentrate better? You are so innocent! I just can’t stop my smile when my cell phone is vibrating on my thigh. You just think that I made a joke to attract your attention towards my article? You are just so innocent! This is an old methodology of writers, now the world is relying on facts. They have wikipedia now, you know? “The Free Encyclopedia!” My personal story is not for the reason that I am a big celebrity! (Yes I am! except for the ‘big’ part) I just want you to concentrate on my writing; you think that I want you to switch your cell-phone on silent mode? You are just so innocent man!

"All things truly wicked start from innocence."
(Ernest Hemingway)

Innocence Begins With...

The beginning of innocence starts from where the life starts. Some nations in the past were extremely innocent. Adam & eve were innocent, Satan trapped them easily. Innocence defines the quality of life. The more innocent we are, the more life we have. I mean the more human we are. Our life started with innocence, it should end with innocence as well. Otherwise, changing the nature would definitely change the consequences.

"Innocence most often is a good fortune and not a virtue."
(Anatole France)

Types & Types of Innocence

Innocence is of two types. The one that is from inside, I mean congenital innocence! The other type is the acquired one. This type is generally the fake one, influenced by the environmental conditions. My face turns more childish in front of my papa, that’s acquired one. Truly speaking, our innocence is picked easily by experts who know us more than we know ourselves. So, this fake innocence doesn’t work well sometimes. Although, most of the time this act of ours is life savior, and mostly works better when the other person is congenitally innocent.

Who is Innocent on Earth?

Everyone is innocent until proved. I am proved to be innocent because there is no way out. The world is full of these innocent people. You don’t need to find them. The living example is in front of your eyes, I mean, the writer himself! Yes, he is innocent, like the rest of the world. He doesn’t like hard working, the first sign of innocence. The lazier you are, the more innocent you would be. True that! You want to make a note on it? Yes please! Go on, I can wait for you. Just tell me when you done with it. But wait! There are some more wisdom points as well. So, leave it now! Make all those notes at the end. Understand? Now read the rest of my article.

"Innocence is thought charming because it offers delightful possibilities for exploitation."
(Mason Cooley)

But Sometimes it Works!

You know when your innocence works? First of all, in front of your medical physician, when he wants to make a look on you for his diagnosis. When you are found to be innocent, you are diagnosed with “severe pain” at-least. You would get the fantastic prescription. Don’t think that your doctor’s sympathy increased by this! Doctors are doctors, they are trained as professionals. Sometimes they forget that their brain is releasing “oxytocin” the so-called “Love Hormone”. You can also categorize that hormone as “sympathy hormone” (Love is a big word, isn’t it?) because I think you are among those funny creatures who say love happens once & logically, doctors cannot fall in love with ALL of his patients. Whatever the reason, doctors forget their level of sympathy for their patients. They think it as the part of their training, but actually God doesn’t make them like this. They modulate the nature, it’s another story man!

Price of Being Innocent...!

You know, innocence is sometimes painful. When the child comes out of his mother’s womb, he is supposed to be innocent. You must remember when you came in this selfish World; you received some slaps on your back. The good news is, your mom & dad allowed that silly nurse to hit you! It might be painful for you but thanks God, you don’t remember that moment. The pains you remember are more painful than those you forget. Oh God! I am philosopher! I just noticed my wisdom tone here. You are lucky! You are reading such a nice piece of art, thanks me later.

Innocence is the face-quality that is natural and pure. If we mutilate it, it’s just like mutilating the nature.

Something Personal. Don't Read if you don't know ABC

My personal experience is the faces that reflects innocence, are uglier inside. You might hear from somewhere that the face is the index of personality. This is true! For personality, this goes exactly true. But, as for innocence, it is just inversely related. Innocence is not the part of personality; it’s the part of nature. Like the air contains Oxygen, it’s the personality of air. But the air is warm or cool; it’s the nature of air. Personality has nothing to do with innocence.

Innocence is an instinct of human-kind. Be human, be innocent!


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