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Jesus Christ is A New Beginning!! (7/22/2016, Message#26)

Updated on May 21, 2020

Our hope is In The Lord Jesus Christ!!

There's No Hope Anywhere Else!
There's No Hope Anywhere Else! | Source

There is No Hope in Any Other!

As the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) states: “I (Jesus) am the Way, the Truth and the Life” and “none can come to the Father but by Me (Jesus).” For this Reason, Jesus Christ is the Only Hope for Humanity to come unto the Father, which is in Heaven! Jesus Christ is our Mediator, Lord, Savior, Humanity's Go to Person on behave of Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty)! Jesus Christ is everything in which we need, there is no one else we need or must have. We can’t save ourselves, nor do we have this power; only Jesus Christ can by who He is and what He did at the Cross! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus and Now, “Today” Is The Day For Redemption!!

Why Jesus Christ is "Our" Answer and Only Hope!!!

Make Your Choice!

Freely You Can Choose!
Freely You Can Choose! | Source

Which Eternity Do I Want? Yes You Can Choose!

The Lord God of Heaven Elohim (I Am That I Am) has given Humanity Free Will; this means we can freely choose the life we want to live, how we want to live it and who we want to live it for. Father God never forces us to choose or make a choice. However, Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) may guide or stir us in a direction which may lead us to get to know Him but it is still our choice to choose Him or reject Him. If you reject the Lord God and continue to reject Him over and over, at some point, the invitation to meet Him will end and death will claim you at the end of your life. It is best to meet Father God El Shaddai, when He sends an invitation; unlike Earthly invitations, there is something special with an invitation from the Lord God of Heaven! Don’t reject it; the price is far too high and very costly. However, it is still your choice and your price to pay as well.

Simply confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord," believe in your Heart that the Lord God Raised Him from the dead and you will be Saved!

To the Right or To the Left?

A Choice You Must Make?
A Choice You Must Make? | Source

Eternal Life, or Death?

By accepting an invitation from the Lord God of Heaven, El Shaddai (God Almighty) and coming to Jesus Christ, making Him Lord and Savior. You are permitted to enter Heaven, into the Domain of God the Father and spend Eternal Life with Him! This will be Eternity, the End of Time As We Know It because we will no longer have fleshly bodies, nor the need to keep track of “Time” like we do now. It is always in your best interest to accept an invitation from Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) to come to Him. We are not promised our very next breath, nor is tomorrow promised. If the Lord God gives you an invitation to come to the Lord Jesus, take it, your very next moment could be your last!

If you reject these invitations, when you die, you would have died without Jesus as your Lord and Savior. You chose to serve the god of this world and to his domain will you go and spend Eternity. You never allowed the Lord Jesus to clean your Soul of your sin, nor have allowed Him to write your name into the Lamb’s Book of Life. With the weight or burdens of sin upon your soul, when your body died, your soul will go down toward Hell. Sin is a burden or a weight and it weighs down the soul. Your soul will fall from your died body and be pulled to the heart of the Earth. There you will meet others, like you who rejected Jesus or ignored Him. All are going to a place of total separation from El Shaddai (God Almighty)! There will be no Light, Love, Peace, Hope, Joy or any type of Goodness in this place. Once you are there, escape is impossible and you will also know the Lord God and Heaven are real as well. Plus you will also know you can never escape the horrors which you are about to undertake each day, day-end-day-out, non-stop for all Eternity. This is why Pulling People Out of the Fire and Why Humanity Needs Jesus is so important!!

Only One God, Elohim, El Shaddai!!

Elohim is Only One God!

A Triune God!
A Triune God! | Source

There is Only One God!!

Jehovah, Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty) is His name and He is the only God, there is no other! Father God was not created by any graven image or anything made by the hands of men. His divinity is not inspired by the will of men or a cult. Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) is the Creator of All Things and everything was created by Him. There isn’t anything in which the Lord God of Heaven did not create! Father God is Absolute Good and everything He created was good, everything! Some of His Creation may have turned against Him; the Lord God never created nor did He establish any evil, this goes against His very nature. There is Only One God and Jehovah, Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shadda (God Almighty)i, God in the Flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ is It!! There Is No Other!!

God the Father, God the Son (God in the Flesh) and God the Holy Spirit are All One in the Same! Far Greater than anything Humanity can imagine, yet humble enough to save a wretch like you and me, and All of Humanity!!!

Emergency, Emergency... The Urgency is So Strong Now!!!

Let the Truth Be Told!!

Don't Run From It, It Will Always Find You!
Don't Run From It, It Will Always Find You! | Source

Why is Jesus Christ the Only Way?

Just like it is known, there is only One God. The Lord Jesus is the Only begotten Son of Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty)! Better yet, God the Son Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh! For even Jesus stated: “I and the Father are One.” Jesus Christ, the Son of God does the Will of Father God and the Will of El Shaddai is for all to be saved by accepting His Son, God in the Flesh! So there is One God and Only One Way to come to Him. This is through Jesus Christ, God the Son and accepting Him as your Lord and Savior! Oh you mean those invitations the Lord God has been giving me? Yes exactly, those invitations!

Father God strongly desires All of Humanity to come to Him; He doesn’t want any of His Babies to perish! Wait Babies, what Babies? We are created by Father God, to Him; we are His precious Children or Babies! Father God Love us all, even those who reject Him when He calls for them. Even those who turn away from the Lord God and live your life for this World, He still Loves them. Not just those of us who accept Him and show our Love for Him, for what Jesus has done for us. Father God Loves All of Humanity!!

God the Son Jesus Christ, Loves Muslims!!! All Humanity Can Come to Him!

Elohim (I Am That I Am) Can't Lie!!

The devil is the father of lies!
The devil is the father of lies! | Source

God is Not the author of confusion.

In Whether You Know It or Not, This is Elohim’s Story, the traits of Father God are better explained. Because of these traits, the Lord God cannot create nor can He establish any kind of confusion. There is only one author of confusion and father of lies; this is none other than the devil (Lucifer, Satan). Why Humanity Needs Jesus explains this fact in greater detail. Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) would never contradict the Word of God, the Bible. Whatever Father God shares with you, trust and believe, you will find the entire passage in the Bible. This will not be like when the devil speaks, where parts of the passage will be missing or not at all. This is how you can clearly test who is speaking to you.

Open The Word!

Come to Know It Is True!
Come to Know It Is True! | Source

The Word of God is Truth?

The Bible is the Word of God and the Word of God is the Bible! God is Truth, Light and Love; there is no darkness in Him. If you read any passage in the Bible where God says He will do something, this means He will do what He said and it will happen just as He said it will!! The Bible is a book like no other, unlike so many other books; the Bible can be tested and proven. In fact, Noah’s Ark has been found; the Skull of Golgotha, the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ has been found; the Ark of the Covenant has been found, as well as all of the items of the first two Temples have been found and the blood of Jesus has also been found, and analyzed. The Bible is and has proven itself to be the Written Word of God!

The Lord Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Soon!!!

The Best Message There Is!

Jesus is Life!
Jesus is Life! | Source

Need Hope, You Found It In Jesus!!

God the Son, Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh is the only way to get to Father God. That’s right, One God and One Way! To allow Jesus Christ to write your name into the Lamb’s Book of Life, you must confess with your mouth “Jesus is Lord,” believe in your heart Father God raised Him from the dead and you will be saved! You will make Heaven your Home and Meet Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

You Don't want to be Left Behind After the Rapture of the Bride(The Pre-Tribulation Rapture), Lifting of The Veil of Protection and you will have to face the True darkness of this "World!!" Don't Wait or Delay Now, “Today” Is The Day For Redemption! If you haven't already figured this out, Jesus Christ is the Answer! For the Bible Says: "I (Jesus) the Way, the Truth and the Life."

Always Fulfils His Promise!

His Word is His Bond!
His Word is His Bond! | Source

Trust God’s Precious Promises!

If Father God said it, it will be and this is a promise! This means the promises of Jesus are also a guarantee and anyone who believes in Him, will have everlasting Life! This is one of the many promises God has given us, won’t take the next invitation a little more seriously. You may not get another one and this one could be your last? God promises He will never fail you and through Jesus Christ, the Will of Father God will begin in your New Life with Him! This is also a promise; there is Life in Jesus and Life with Jesus. Choose Life today!!

Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

God Can Still Be Trusted!!

Jesus is Eternal!

The World is Temporary!
The World is Temporary! | Source

Let Go of This World, Jesus is the Answer!!

For the Bible says: “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but My words shall never pass away!” Meaning this world will fade away and one day, come to an end. Do not put your stock or faith in this world, nothing here is guaranteed and I mean nothing! Just like the Bible also says: “tomorrow isn’t promised, don’t put off tomorrow, what you can do today.” Meaning, we can’t or shouldn’t make light of today or right now. If something needs to be done do it, no one knows what tomorrow may bring.

This is why Jesus Christ is so important, for if you have Him today, why worry about tomorrow? He is already there, Jesus just like Father God, is outside or beyond of “Time!” Come to Jesus and cast all of your cares, worries, fears, doubts and concerns onto Him, He has the power to deal with your situation! Jesus Christ is the answer, which is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!!

Because of Jesus Christ, We Have Eternal Hope!!

The Way, the Truth and the Life!
The Way, the Truth and the Life! | Source

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