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The Fairest in the land: Job's Daughters Among Trolls in Kansas

Updated on February 17, 2013

Our Troll Mother

I'm a Troll

My Sister's Face when she finally realized her family was troll.

Kansas -- Not for Dorothy Anymore

When you think of Kansas, you typically think of Wizard of Oz and Dorothy (with little Toto). Perhaps you think of cowboys and Indians. Of course, cowboys and Indians never really happened in Kansas – the Indians were on reservations long before “white man” was allowed to settle in. I will keep you guessing on Dorothy and Oz, but suffice to say, there have been plenty of tornadoes and houses moved into fields.

Western Kansas does have its own history of cowboys, meatpacking plants and Russell Stover Candies! But, I bet you did not know that there are Trolls in Kansas. Yep, at least they were there this past weekend. My sister Marci Lindsay became Grand Guardian of the Job’s Daughters of Kansas and my mom and I went to see her accept this duty in Hays.

Before we get to the Trolls, here is a very brief history of Job’s Daughters:

Job’s Daughters was created Ethel Wead Mick in honor of her late mother, Elizabeth D. Wead. Dr. William Mick, who was her husband, and many other workers assisted.

Mrs. Mick wanted to promote the spiritual training that her mother had given her with all young women who had a Masonic relationship. That training included building character by enhancing moral as well as spiritual development. She also wanted to establish a Scholarship Fund for the young ladies of the organization. The Book of Job is the Biblical foundation of the Order. Mrs. Mick’s mother had many times said that her daughters should try to be like the Daughters of Job: “the Fairest in the Land”. – Job 42:15. However, even with Christian roots, this organization does accept girls of any religion into their membership -- the only requirement, like Masons, is that the member believe in a "supreme being."

There is a very close connection between Omaha and the Bethel in Topeka, where my sister’s Bethel is, but I am unfamiliar with it. Our family however has a rich and traditional history with the Masons and Eastern Star. While I am not part of those organizations, I am proud that my sister was elected Grand Guardian of Job’s Daughters for Kansas. She has worked hard to help raise the girls who are members over the last twelve years she has been involved. So, alas, we drove four hours from Eastern Kansas to the beautiful and flat Western Kansas and Hays, via I-70, the only real western exit out of our lovely state.

My sister had to choose a theme for her year of service. She chose “trolls”. You remember those cute little rubber dolls with poofs of hair going straight up? Her motto is “Job’s Daughters: A Hair Raising Experience.” Job’s Daughters is all about tradition and ritual. Each installation and other meetings have a particular order to follow and particular ways to walk to the front and particular ways to place the Bible for prayer. The family of the upcoming Grand Guardian sits in the front row. Because of modesty and the tradition of wearing dresses, the women in the front row cannot cross their legs, only their feet. I only tell you this to build up my mother’s great idea that she and I would come to the installation dressed as…you guessed it! Trolls.

Job’s Daughters members, while involved in serious ritual and tradition (similar to a high Catholic Mass), still enjoy a good laugh – and my mother (and by force, me) provided a portion of the laughs this weekend. This article today is not a history of Job’s Daughters or Western Kansas. It is simply out of congratulations and pride that I write this to honor my sister, Marci Lindsay. I have provided a couple of pictures for your enjoyment! – Karre.

Our Mother and Her Troll Electronic Nic-free Smoke.

Troll at a Side View


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    • profile image

      Jennifer Angel 

      6 years ago

      Oh Gosh Karre, you crack me up! You are so brave to do that one. xD


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