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Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 6

Updated on June 19, 2013

Riddles within riddles or so you might be thinking by now; a message on a bridge, a voice in middle of the night, and awaiting two answers that bind them all. Events were far from finished and the mysteries were only to become enshrouded in further riddles that defied explanation. As we read in Journey Unto Shiloh Part 5, 1998 was destined to be a very busy period in my life. I often wonder in my article on genetic memories, did all my Kahana ancestors suffer this same fate. I purposely use the word suffer, because that is exactly how it felt at the time. It is one thing for religious leaders of both Karaites and Rabbanites to expound on how we should emulate the lives of the prophets but it is completely another thing when you actually have to endure these events that make you question your own sanity. In the days of Moses right through to the time of Daniel, it may have even been a respected vocation to be seen as a messenger of God, but for the past few centuries, the world has invented electro-shock therapy, lobotomies, and chemical depressants to replace any respect that may have been afforded in the past. Divine Revelation has a new categorization under a label called psychosis. It is one of the reasons that most of us refuse to reveal having any such experiences, often preferring the downward spiral of our lives that always seems to be associated with keeping our little secrets (divine punishment I presume), rather than stand on our soapboxes and proclaim to all that we carry a message from the Almighty. How much easier our lives would be if we could contain these messages and bury them within the hidden recesses of our minds but alas, that is not possible, and like a balloon about to burst, I am releasing the events of my past now. The Kahana as hereditary high priests should not have to hide their genetically inherited capabilities. After all, no one accused our ancestor Aaron of being crazy. The fact that the Kahana, Katz and Goldenthal families all had a tradition of marrying first cousins (keeping the blood-line pure) as they used to say, certainly didn’t help in slowing the transfer of any genetic capabilities or traits. You merely have to look at individuals from these families and you can see how the genes have preserved many physical characteristics common to all three even until this day. Thankfully, the practice stopped within my family with my great-grandfather. But the ‘epiphanies’ as you will read below never stopped!

August 27th, 1998

I remember the next few revelations quite clearly. It was the evening of August 27th, 1998 and as I was confirming the date of some future event based on the chronograph built into my watch, I stated to my partner that the 3rd of September would be on a Tuesday and not the Wednesday as my partner as she had indicated. She checked the program and reaffirmed that Wednesday was definitely the third. I began to argue that it couldn't possibly be, because my watch said that it was currently the 28th of August and my watch had never been wrong.

We began to argue over what was in reality an insignificant issue, and neither of us would let the matter drop. Finally, she proved her point by showing me the date from that day's newspaper. It was the 27th. It ended the argument but did not alleviate my confusion or my subsequent feeling of foolishness and embarrassment. Why was I even fighting over some non-issue like a date? For some inexplicable reason, my watch, which has been remarkably reliable and accurate for seven years, had switched the date entirely of its own accord. It is eerie to think how such a simple malfunction made me at first argumentative, then confused and eventually embarrassed but most of all feeling unable to control my own reactions. It was as if I had become a puppet on a string, and I realized how dependent we have become on the very instruments and devices we have created. When they fail, we are lost, bewildered and confounded. Our inability to function without them is a disaster waiting to happen.

Committing the Cardinal Sin

Like most evenings, especially on those nights where I needed to clear my head, I went out jogging along my normal route. I should have anticipated it, as once again, the voice of the Lord spoke to me in its soft yet stirring tones.

"How terrible is the feeling of losing one's sense of time! Not knowing whether today is tomorrow, or even yesterday. How befuddled you became, betrayed by your own senses. And how easy it was to stir the anger within you. Time is crucial for you to anchor yourself with reality. What you have experienced this day is but a solitary grain of sand, that you will try to uncover from amongst the sands on a beach. All of mankind will suffer this fate, feeling lost within the sands of time.

Remember this date well, for it is the day upon which mankind performed a most contemptible act. This is the day that I have cursed mankind for reaching beyond its grasp. Once I punished you for wanting to see God, but now I will punish you for wanting to be Gods. Mourn the coming day, the 28th of August, as it is the day that mankind has started upon its downfall.

Is all that I have given to you to be dealt with contempt? You have become a soulless lot. Did I not give you measurements of the span, foot and cubit? All these were designed to demonstrate the limitations of your bodies. When you measured in terms directly related to your own limitations, you appreciated your true insignificance within this word and the workings of the universe. Did I not create the lizard, fish, bird, insect and worm, before I created man? Did this not demonstrate that you were merely an afterthought of my inclination? Man was to be humbled by his being the last of all my creations but instead you have chosen to try to dominate all of creation.

And did I not show you how to measure time in the framework of generations? This was so you would always know and respect all those that have come before you. But instead you have chosen to measure time in lengths beyond your reach and comprehension. So know this, by the measurement of your century, before you reach the half century of your life, I will begin to plunge your world into chaos. All this because the sin that was committed on the 28th of August, I shall not forgive and your world will bear bitter fruit within the next ten years.

But the people will be hardened against me and the soulless masses will choose to believe in gods of their own creation. From flesh and steel, you will seek redemption for these have become your playthings. My wrath shall be set against you, and you will know that your power is as nothing against mine. You claim that you are now masters of your own destiny and I say to you, you are nothing but the pebbles beneath my feet. Mine are the forces of the universe. Earth, air, fire and water shall bend to my will. Of what good will be your power against mine. Remember this, by your own hand you have brought about your downfall.

Yours shall be a time without time. When day is no different from night and night from day. And just as you have seen for yourself, without a reference of time, you will become confused and bewildered. In your confusion you will argue and each man will set himself as an enemy against the other.

I will bring down the fire upon them, and the earth shall tremble at my command. The waters shall rise and beat against your cities. The air shall be hot like a furnace and it will singe the flesh from your bones. Your world will be like a child's spinning top to me and I will tear it from its axis. I shall line up the universe against you and you will suffer in my wake. All these things I will do over the span of three and a half generations for that is the time of my choosing. And they will not know that it was the hand of God. And each will accuse the other of the crime and they will set their weapons against one another, destroying all that I have left untouched.

But be not surprised, they will not heed your words, because the soulless cannot see the hand of God. Those that have forsaken me I shall set against those that have pursued me wrongly. Those that serve themselves, I shall set against those that serve me. Those that wield power, I shall set against My power. And those that proclaim to be my voice, I will set against those that hear my voice. Like sheep you will be fodder to the wolves and my shepherd will be nowhere to be found.

And only when the abomination of your sin is finally recognized, and the immorality of your lost souls is finally seen, then you will all hear the small frail voice in the wilderness. And they will hearken unto your words which have been passed down to those that followed. From all that once was, there will only be a third that I will gather back to Me.

Remember, all this shall come to pass in the time that I have shown you. And when it is all done, they shall know that I am God, and the Way of Life is through Me. And I shall bring a peace upon this earth, the likes that you have never known."

Spreading the Prophecy

I have no doubt that which the Lord has said to me is going to happen. Every event I see occurring in the world now, points towards it. At the time, two things surprised me. One was the wordiness of this conversation since it far exceeded any other exchange that I had experienced in 1972 or 1986. And where I had always been sceptical in the past of the quotations in the books of the prophets passed down to us within the Tanakh, always doubting who they could have a dream or a vision and then expound page after page of what the Lord had said, I now know that it was entirely possible. As soon as I returned from my run, I sat down with pen and hand and I could recall exactly every word that had been spoken. It flowed from my fingertips into that pen like a river flows across the land. It was as if I was emptying myself because once the words had been put to paper, I could not really recall the entirety of the conversation any longer.

I don't know what specifically transpired on the 28th of August of 1998, but I do know that it was the ultimate blasphemy. I’ve searched through news columns and old papers and I cannot uncover any great event or announcement that would appear to challenge God’s authority. Perhaps one of you, the readers of this article are aware of some events that took place that were never publicly announced as I’m still in the dark. The Lord indicated, that we will all know what had occurred in the next ten years. I do not know if that means per se we will know of the event or of its effects downstream. The year 2008 came and past and I still had no knowledge of this horrific event that took place. But 2008 was also a year of high “epiphany” activity for me as we will see in later articles.

Whatever happened, whatever this accursed event, it was of such significance that we are all going to pay the ultimate price collectively for it, and that payment will be spread out over 140 years. We will pay through war, pestilence, famine, floods and the destructive forces of the earth, to a degree never experienced in our recorded history. Two thirds of mankind is to be lost if the revelation is to be taken literally. From amongst the remaining third there be those who will come to understand and will follow "God’s Way."

In Conclusion

I don’t have all the answers as to what these revelations mean, though some of the events mentioned are self-evident. That is why we must circulate these articles as much as possible, with the hope that they will reach the one that they are intended for. From my earlier Journey Unto Shiloh articles you are aware that in 1986 I was told that person is out there. We can only hope it is someone that is reading this. They may not even know they have been selected until in some manner my words trigger the desired response. My job in all this was just beginning, as the Lord was certainly not finished with me for 1998. As I mentioned earlier, this inherited position that would appear to exist within High Priests was not one you volunteered for. It was merely thrust upon you whether you wanted it or not. There was still much more to come. But that I will reserve for the next few articles while you all have the opportunity to digest what I have said today.

The Journey Continues

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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