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Joy Vs Bliss and the mysterious creation!

Updated on July 13, 2016

The source of Joy is you!

Joy is temporary and Bliss is Eternal.

Two things distinguish joy from bliss. While joy is a worldly term, Bliss belongs to the Supreme! While joy is of temporary nature like the streaks of lightening, bliss is everlasting and hence eternal. Only God is Bliss and not the creation. Why creation does not enjoy everlasting bliss like god? This is a pertinent question. The creation itself is the outcome of mind and ego principles. Naturally the pure aspect of god gets thwarted due to the involvement of the mind. Hence bliss is not within the reach of creation. I can give one simple example here. Pure gold cannot be made into any jewels. A little percent of copper or cadmium is always mixed so that the gold can be melted and made into wires and plates. In a similar way, God is pure gold, not amenable to any modification or alteration. Only the mind acts like the dross so that creation is perceived in human mind through the senses and brain.

The above aspect of creation cannot be proved by any scientific experiments. Science is like the letter “C” which cannot be connected, since many assumptions go into each experiment. Hence it is only inference. Even the “Big Bang theory” is an inference of scientists. They are not definite about the theory but put forth many outcomes from the theory. Those who observed the sky in ancient days thought that the earth is static and other planets go around the earth. Only in later years, it was felt that the Sun is fixed and around it all planets rotate. Also, the earth rotates around its axis, in a slightly inclined position. Only afterwards, they could explain day and night, change of monsoons, eclipses, and full moon and new moon days. Who enabled all the orbits in a systematic way? The scientists who examined the above theories found that the earth, moon and Sun have some close connection. The planets mercury, mars, Jupiter and Saturn, though orbit the Sun in its own phases, there seems to be no direct link like the moon, earth and Sun. Obviously, the moon gets light from the Sun. While in daylight hours we receive light and heat from the Sun, the cooling rays of moon sooths us during the night. Moon is considered a dead planet by many!

Wisdom from Sathya sai.

Science and god, creation concepts.

Ever since creation commenced, none could solve the riddle about creation, creator and the reasons for creation and the wherewithal of creation. From the beginning, everyone is making some wild guesses. The ancient man wondered at the sky, lightening and thunders and he was a sort bewildered by the furies of nature. He had to perforce seek shelters during rain and thunderstorms. Many of them found, that the protruding rocks offered safety and security and they started dwelling inside the shelters of caves. Those who lived in open constructed their own shelters to escape from the vagaries of weather as well as for escaping the hunt of wild animals during the night. During winter, they started fire and slept around it to ward off cold as well as to drive the beasts.

Science examines each element in nature and try to ascertain their fundamental properties. No scientist can construct a simple leaf of a plant. Of course, Doctors are able to grow test tube babies only after fertilizing the sperm and egg and embedding into the womb of a barren mother. They could replicate goats only from the cells of a goat and not otherwise. Hence, with the aid of available resources, they try to copy something which already exists. The building of ships and aero planes sprouted from the imagination after keenly watching whales and birds. Hence man cannot claim any innovation as his original work. Even the advanced computer and communication systems are the result of decades of research on the working of human brains, its memory and retrieval capacities. In ancient days, many demons exhibited supernatural skills in constructing air borne chariots, arrows which act as misallies emitting fire and hiding oneself behind the clouds and showing at different places. All these feats helped the demons to fight wars with the demigods.

Gems from Veda

Atharva Veda contains many lessons for living.

In fact, they used only word power to transport across the sky and shoot fire arrows at enemies. Without advanced leveling instruments and theodolites, they could construct huge temples and palaces very accurately, defying the engineering marvels of today. There were no engineering collages or polytechnics to guide them. By reciting couplets which contain the formulae for construction, they made beautiful temples and towers. The Pyramid is still a great wonder of the world. Though lot of labor and materials went into the constructions of pyramids, they are marvels at those ages.

In every discipline, ancient people excelled, be it medicine, engineering, architecture, agriculture or horticulture. They were experts in calculating the exact time of eclipses of sun and moon, their duration etc. All these were achieved without the aid of modern computing systems. For every subject, they had palm leaves containing couplets as guide. Herbal medicines were given to persons for various kinds of ailments. The sculptures, the painters, the carpenters, each had their own books of formulae in couplets.

Mysteriously, these subjects are contained in “Atharva Veda” of ancient India. . Now we are living in digital environments, relying completely on gadgets. We stopped using the power of brain. This is the greatest setback in human evolution. Already, even the most intelligent inventor use only 5% of brain power. By neglecting the use of brain work, we too will become like robots oneday!


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