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Knowing Mikel G Roberts...A Piece in God's Puzzle

Updated on June 28, 2013

...Pieces of the Puzzle...

Knowing Me... I want you to know me. I want you to know what I stand for, what I believe in. I believe in God PROFOUNDLY but not like most or maybe any of the ancient/modern religions. I believe that God is everything, all inclusive, the total package and if that is true... There is no possible way I will ever understand the "whole" of God. Which means I will have to do my best with the small pieces I can comprehend. Simply trust that GOD knows what God is doing, even when I don't... even when it's not what I want.

I believe that there is a purpose for everyone and everything, but that sometimes what a person is meant to do isn't for here and now. Some of our purposes are for somewhere and some-time else. Getting ready for ones purpose, may mean that they have to go through their entire life to develop, or season, to a point where they have the ability to fulfill that purpose.

Mug Shots

I believe we are all many small pieces of the puzzle which is God. Each piece fits into the puzzle, some are oddly shaped, some aren't. Some are dark some are light. The only way they are all the same is in that they are all different, every piece. Every piece serves it's purpose, some are at the very center of the puzzle, some are on the edge... but "the puzzle" can't be complete without all of them, every last piece...

I believe we are not alone in the universe. I believe that there are other "peoples" who are also pieces of the puzzle. They too have their place in the puzzle. One day I think we will interact with these others and find more common ground than differences. To prepare humankind for the later encounters with "peoples" that may have forms vastly different from our own, I believe God created the races of Earth. Races with differences so small, so microscopic that truly they are differences in just a few chromosomes. Funny how something so small, so insignificant, could lead to drastic events like the United States Civil War.

I believe it is the destiny of humanity to branch out from Earth and live in space, find and colonize other planets, find and befriend these "other peoples", maybe this is what was meant by "kingdom without end?"

I believe that the ancient writings of the Bibles are outdated at best. In some cases these writings are just plain wrong. I think of the Bibles like the very first wheel, the ancient stone circle. A great way to understand where we come from and how we understood God, but it is not the all inclusive guide that the ancient/modern churches have tried to make it. When I say Bibles, I'm not talking about just the "christian" Bible, but all the bibles of all the religious organizations on earth. I think we will find other very similar "bibles" in the possession of these other peoples we meet, once we start exploring "the Never-ending Kingdom".

All the ancient/modern religions have truths in their doctrines, even if they contradict each other. None of them have all the answers, how could they?

Each religion is a piece of the puzzle, which serves it's purpose, some have the purpose of comforting and enriching peoples lives, some don't. Some are purely deceitful, maybe their purpose is to make us question our beliefs, maybe not.

Some religions started out good and have been corrupted. Some started out corrupt. They ALL contain "pieces" that I can mesh with, others I can't. So I mesh with (accept), those I find acceptable. I reject what doesn't fit. I judge each "piece" on it's own individual merits, it's strengths and weaknesses.

I am comforted knowing that those that I reject may only be two or ten pieces from me before they mesh, before they find where they fit in the puzzle.

 I don't hate those pieces that don't mesh with me, they are just different from me. God intended for them to be in the puzzle as well, even if they are not understandable to me.

I believe the ancient/modern religions are stuck in the past and have become ineffectual.

I think the ancient/modern religions have decided that they are in competition with each other for members.

They have somehow lost the base truth that started them, in their own bureaucracy, or maybe in their own self importance.

WE need to re-invent the wheel, make a steel belted all terrain, go anywhere, accomplish anything, kind of wheel.

That is a hard thing to do when you have dedicated your entire life to the study of every tiny insignificant detail, every ridge, every crease in the stone circles.

Especially if you had even counted up each and every instance of a left curving crease and a right curving crease.

That was the beginning,

God intended us to learn from and improve the stone circles and make them better, as God intends us to do in all things.

We need something new.

We need to find a way to open our minds to new ideas and the new ways we can understand God, ways the ancient writers of the "Bibles" couldn't.

Humanity needs to understand that there isn't a right and a wrong way to believe in God. There isn't a right and a wrong way to pray.

However you feel comfortable praying, is the way YOU should pray. God WILL understand your prayers, no matter which "Religious Language" you pray in.

I believe that is how God sees religions, like different languages. God is fluent in them all. God LOVES them all, equally.

They may be better described as different flavors: some days God prefers a good meatloaf and others a banana split. But God does not want the banana split to kill the meatloaf because "they" are different. God wants them to compliment each other, to challenge, and test each other, so that they may both become better. In so doing they will enrich and enlighten us all.

God doesn't need us, God is already complete. It is us... WE need God and we need each other. Even the "each other" we don't particularly like.

Remember always: God made them too.

God LOVES diversity.

The more variations there are in creation the more God likes it. God also created the Racists however and I believe that is so we don't, as a species, become so mixed that we lose the diversity.

God wants some pure whites, some pure blacks, some pure forms of each race. God also wants every possible combination of mixed races to exist. That is why God joins, in the bond of love, people from different races, and why some cannot stand the thought of mixing races. Racists are in every race, as God intended, they just need to lose the hate and accept that God knows what God is doing.

Some of the hate might be a result of confusing the strong feelings God puts in people as a directive from God to stop other people from doing what you have such strong feelings about. Feeling strongly about something is a reflection of how much God wants you to do or not do this thing, but only you. It is not God's desire to remove from creation whatever it is that you're having strong feelings about. Nor is it God's way to tell you to take away the choice of another human being. Their strong feelings (which may be the exact opposite of yours) are again God communicating to them how God wishes them to be.

God LOVES diversity, and not just in people, God has created every single tree to be unique. Every leaf on every tree has something different about it when compared to the leaf right next to it. Every rock, every blade of grass, every person, every sunset... They are all diverse.

Yes, God LOVES diversity.

The Duality of God

I want you to understand God and what God is. I want you to know what God is to me. I have previously stated, God is everything. That seems like such a simple statement. Taken in it's simplest meaning, it is. The trouble starts when you look closely at the meaning of the word everything.

Everything: All inclusive, leaving out nothing at all, complete... Everything minus anything at all is no longer everything, it is something else.

Again...What is God? The most difficult thing I have ever attempted to do is describe God. The problem I run into is that the words we use to describe things also limit the things we are describing. By calling something "a man" I am subtracting everything that isn't a man, a woman for example. God, is not a man. God is not a woman, God is both and more, in earlier text I call God an alien, and to a certain degree from a certain perspective God is an alien. But God is also from earth and also not an alien... Or not?

God is God's own opposite.

Scary thought huh? If you don't see the scary part of that thought, let me spell it out for you.

IF God is Everything, and

IF everything minus anything at all isn't everything

then either God isn't everything, or God is also Satan.

Terrifying, huh, it scared me. I have come to think about the names we(humanity) have used to name God. I have thought about Pagans and what they believe. I put this together, God is so enormous, so complex that pieces of God could be mistaken for a whole separate entity. For example "the hand of God" naming the qualities and characteristics of God's hand and mistakenly leaving out the rest of God's body may have led people to create a religion entirely about worshipping only God's hand.

God being God's own opposite: If God is anything like humanity, God may have good and bad points. Perhaps the Identity of God's bad side, is Satan. That's confusing, let me try to clarify, If we named a man, Guy when he was in a good mood and doing nice things, and named him Dude when he was in a bad mood and was doing not nice things. The names themselves would take on new meanings, new identities if you will. The simple use of the name would also describe actions and possible consequences to actions. If Guy/Dude was a powerful Lord, when people mentioned "Dude" it would strike fear in the hearts of the people. Because it would mean a powerful Lord was in a bad mood and was doing not nice things, and if the message was "Dude" is on his way here to talk to you... Oh My! Perhaps in time just the name itself would become terrifying.

Another side to this good and bad thing, we believe that a person's capacity to love is only equaled by their capacity to hate. So an unlimited being would have an unlimited capacity to love. Which means that same being would also have an unlimited capacity to hate. Yet another terrifying thought.

These thoughts are where my capacity to understand God so far end. Every time I get to this point the twists and turns of this path scare me away.

I am comforted knowing that in my experience of God, God has only really ever been "Guy" with me, and "Dude" God either keeps locked away to protect me, or "Dude" truly is a separate entity. If that is true, then God isn't complete, God isn't everything. The truth is, we just don't know, we don't yet have the capacity to know or understand the total package, that God is.

I have stated that I believe that God is everything and therefore also Satan. As scary as that thought is, I find comfort in the thought of myself and my kids. I have the ability to hurt and kill. I can hate. I choose to not hate, I choose to not hurt, if I can avoid it. I believe God also makes this choice, to not hurt if it can be avoided, but we need to understand that God can and does hurt when it is necessary. Our understanding of when and why it is necessary is severely limited, because we know so little. We don't even know how to leave our planet yet, we don't even know how to live in peace on our planet.

I am comforted knowing we are trying, and we are learning, seasoning.

Believing in the "Duality of God" does not mean we must worship evil.

It is more about accepting the "bad" with the "good". About awareness of both or all sides of a dispute, or argument.

The Duality of God is about the freedom to be different and the same, all at the same time. The acceptance of a different point of view, a different perspective, other ways of seeing God.

Religious Languages (religious organizations/churches) are about addressing the needs of the people, not about "doing something for God". God does not need us, nor does God need anything from us.

Everything we have, God has given to us. Prayers are about making people feel better, prayers are about the need of people to feel connected to God.

God doesn't need prayers, God doesn't need support, God plain and simply NEEDS NOTHING.

People need.

a Mobius circle flattened into the sign of infinity.
a Mobius circle flattened into the sign of infinity.

The best symbol I can come up with to represent God is a simple circle, or perhaps a mobius circle.

It has many beginnings and many endings but no beginning and no end. It is complete, changing and yet un-changing, it is useful and beautiful.

It symbolizes connection, belonging, as in "my circle of friends". It is stable but not stagnant, it blends well with others and works well in teams. It has many forms, sizes, and purposes. It is an ancient symbol, as in the very first "stone circle", the very first wheel.

It can be improved, it can be molded into gears, but it can't really ever be changed. It is a shield, a "circle of wagons". It has a center but is very fair and balanced. People sitting on a circle are all equal in position from the center. It is a symbol of everything, and of nothing at all. It is precious to us, but it is also common. Our understanding of it has increased over time just as our understanding of God has.

To me it is the right choice to symbolize God. Thinking of God as a circle is a better option than thinking of God as a man, or a woman. It isn't perfect, no symbol ever can be, but I like it and it comforts me.

What is God?

Maybe I should start with what God is not....

God is not a man. God is not a woman. God is not human nor human-like.

God is not angry. God is not hateful. God is not vengeful. God is not a psychopath...

God is not imaginary. God is not stagnant. God is not pretend. God is not jealous.

God is not needy. God is not stupid. God is not scared...

God is not a tyrant nor is God a control freak.

God is not anything humanity can point to and say, that is God.

God is beyond what humanity could ever imagine.


God is Everything... God is Omni-thing.

-Creation: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> -Evolution: Nothing transformed into Everything. Everything creating everything else.


What I believe God was:

I believe that God started out at a point lower than what God is now. God, I believe, evolved much like the rest of us. God to me is the 'Original' form of life. The very first thing to exist, and the thing that created existing.

I believe that at some point in history there was absolutely NOTHING...and then at some point there was EVERYTHING, now since this new thing was also the only thing, it was the pinnacle of evolution, the supreme being. This new thing may have only been a microbe...but it was everything.

As things progressed this thing evolved, it was always the most highly evolved thing in existence, because it was the only thing in existence. Eventually 'it' evolved to a point where 'it' had the power of creation and the power of magic.

At some point 'it' created something else, this something else was less than God. Humanity has named this new thing... 'Light'.

God is not a stagnant being, God continues to evolve and grow, but God is always reaching heights never before attained because God creates the new heights, that is why there is no life form greater than God.

"If there are more than one forms of life, and they are not the same. Then one must be the lesser. If there is a lowest form of life, Then there has to be a highest form of life. God is the title of that highest form of life, the supreme-being."

This is NOT God.
This is NOT God.

The Lefty-Righty Duality

Limits humanity has do not necessarily translate as limits to another form of life. By that I mean logic gates are a requirement for us (because of the way we are), that does not prove something we don't know of or understand can't accomplish the same thing for a different kind of life form in a completely different way. (airplanes and hot air balloons both accomplish 'flying' in completely different ways). We cannot self-create, this does not prove that another type of life form shares our limits. I believe that God is God because God is the one and only entity in existence that can and did self-create (transmuted/transformed from nothing).

The reason I believe that is because it seems rational to me to think at some point in time there was absolutely nothing in existence. The nature of light (particle-wave duality) seems to reinforce this rational to me. Particle-wave duality, having the ability to go back and forth between the two states of existence (mass, no mass) or being both something with mass and without mass at the same time as current theories hold, shows me things we thought of as impossible are plainly possible.

God is credited with creating light first. It is rational/reasonable to think God's first creation beyond self-creation would be something most like (very similar to) God, at least to me. God therefore becomes a being that is both existent and Non-existent at the same time, like the duality of light. This ability/characteristic trait I believe is unique to God and makes God a supernatural being (not a being like a Merlin type magician, but a being that has a unique ability, an ability beyond all limits of existence, and all other beings in existence). This ability means God can and does self-create/self un-create and back again at will, again like the Particle-wave duality. We are all made up of pieces smaller than our total selves. There is nothing smaller than nothing, and I believe 'nothing' is a part of the physical make-up of God. God's physicality does not have to be anything like what we are or what we can understand, so pointing out our physical limits does not prove those limits 'must' also apply to another form of existence (God). My belief is that God's physicality is best described/understood by comparing it to the physicality of light. Someone said that Atheists and Theists can be described as Lefties and Righties and I like that analogy. The fact that lefties(Atheists) cannot believe in anything but the Non-existent side of the duality, and righties(Theists) cannot believe in anything but the existent side of the duality leads me to the thought that some of us(me) are ambidextrous and can see and understand both sides of the duality that is (to me) the true nature of the being I call God. Light is a particle-wave duality, God is a nothing/everything duality.(existent/non-existent duality).

Since the nothing side technically is non-existent, the everything side is what God is even though God is also made up of, and cannot exist without, the nothing side of the duality. God depends on nothing. God needs nothing. Even though nothing does not exist.

The creations of God.

Everything humanity can point to is something created by God. God I believe uses evolution in the creative process. God sowed the seeds and then allowed things to grow to fit the circumstances and environments where they found themselves to be. Much like a puddle of water that fills the hole that it finds itself in.

I believe that our reality is one of the beginning stages of creation. A safe and well protected place where very small and fragile creatures could start the evolutionary process of growth and learning. I would compare our reality to a human toddlers playpen. Our entire universe, is a very well protected, and limiting place. A place where the laws of God are absolute and unbreakable by those that God has placed there. Before we can progress to a place that is higher we must evolve to a level in which we can survive what we will find there. Either through evolution of the body, the mortal cocoons that protect our souls, or evolution of the technologies that we have mastered. Which is why we have the drive of curiosity, that pushes us to explore where we have not been, combined with the fear of damage to the bodies that protect the souls that are held within.

We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

God is the spiritual being that we are made in resemblance of. God has progressed beyond where we are, from a place beyond where we started. God has provided us all that we need to get where we are going, including the will to go where we must. God has created a wondrous and beautiful place for the beginning of our existence. A place that allows us to grow and evolve as much as we can, in anyway that we choose. A place that will nurture us and allow us to grow as much as we have the will to do. A place of learning, with secrets and surprises that will delight us with awe and wonder for as long as we are here.

God is a wondrous, delightful being. Magical and loving, patient, caring and understanding...

...If only humanity was too...

We can be, and the first step is looking at our existence here as what it truly is, a stepping stone to a greater reality. The beginning of a long and wondrous journey, one that God has already made...

I have said before if I was God what I would want is a peer...maybe God hopes that one day, one of God's many creations will rise to that level, and create something new, for God.

What is God? God is the animated spark of Life in all living things...infinitely powerful, infinitely loving, infinitely wise, infinitely enduring, infinitely changing, infinitely growing and infinitely indescribable... ...God simply is Omni-thing.

This is what I believe God is.

Seasoning... the meaning of life.

Seasoning is the addition of something that improves or in some way changes the original thing. In cooking it is what flavors the dish being prepared.

In people seasoning is the strengthening and the 'flavoring' of our souls, or our personalities.

I believe we are here to allow our souls the time they need to "season". Much like a caterpillar uses a cocoon to become a butterfly, our souls use the human body to grow strong and whole.

God uses life and the experiences we have during our life to "season" or "flavor" our souls to the unique taste that we will become when we shed our cocoons and move into whatever is next.



If a soul sheds it's cocoon before that soul is strong enough to survive what comes next, I believe that soul returns to where it came from, moving back to start again. Which is why we must live, why we should not kill each other as soon as we are born. Why we strive to stay alive with all the strength we have, to give our souls the time they need to grow and season.

I do not believe that the death of our human body is the finish line. I do not think that the next step in our souls evolution is heavenly retirement. I believe that there is something else, something after our human existence, I call it "next".

More souls mean a stronger and greater God. More people mean more souls. Our relationship with God isn't quite as one sided as I had first thought. We give God nothing, true, but nothing is the one thing God doesn't have. Without "nothing" God cannot exist. As we flow from nothing to everything we bring less and less nothing and more and more everything. Becoming always more everything, more like God.

Thinking of another religious group like the Muslims as being part of us is hard. That is because 'Christianity' has always been on the other team. The Muslims have been our competition since the time when we were all Jews. God however is God, calling God something else, praying to God in a different way doesn't make God a different God. There is only one God. Muslims believe that, Christians believe that, Jews believe that, and I believe that. That people have decided to pray differently, to call God different things, to believe different things about God, is as God intends. To believe that God is only happy with the way we have decided to pray, is an arrogance of humanity. It is not my God, it is not their God it is OUR God. God loves us all, why don't we love each other? Pride, power, control, the desire to say I'm right your and your wrong. The desire to be the favored of God. Thinking we are the favorite of God. Those are the hurdles we as a species must overcome, overcoming those things is our seasoning.

The tricky thing about seasoning is too much of a good thing is bad, not enough of a good thing is bad. It is the perfect balance of all the spices, all the ingredients, that makes a dish what it should be. Nourishing, good to look at, nice to smell, great to taste and purely an enjoyment of the senses. Our souls should be that enjoyable for God.

Death of the Body...

Death is a natural, normal and inevitable thing. It is something that we all must face and it is scary. Terror of the demise of the body has spurned learning and development of ways to prolong life. Because of this very motivating occurrence we have pushed ourselves to learn everything and anything we possibly can. I believe this is not an accidental happening, this was meant to be. God created the circumstances of our lives here with this looming scary feature to push us to learn and reach for heights that we would not attempt otherwise.

We are not meant to remain in this level of existence, our human bodies were created to live and die so 'we' can move on. But while we are here we are meant to learn and grow. Learning ways to better the body, the souls cocoon, is also the will of God. I believe that one day we will find a way to protect the body so that our lifespans will be thousands or hundreds of thousands of years long. Eventually they will still die, but the longer lives will make our existence, our seasoning, more profound. We will be deeper and more meaningful souls when we go to where and what ever is next.

Humanity's anger at the loss of a loved one is based in a misunderstanding of what death truly is. Prayers used as wishes that a loved one or ones own-self will 'not die' are sorely misplaced. They are the scared expression of an entity that thinks of death of the body as the end instead of an end which is also a new beginning. These people are wishing that reality was something other than what it is, because of that misunderstanding and the fear that it causes. Without death, the knowledge of an ending, to spurn us on... humanity would be a stagnant, uninterested entity that simply existed without purpose or drive. Death pushes us to better ourselves, to reach out for new experiences, knowledge and understanding. It causes us to cherish the moments of our lives and to reach for new and wonderful things. It creates a value for the time we have here, and causes us to push ourselves for the betterment of the experience of living. Death gives us a reason to live. To truly live and not to merely exist.


Aging and the degradation of the body/cocoon that aging is, I believe, is the work or design of a kind and benevolent being. A being that is attempting to soften the blow of change, of dying.

Existing in a cocoon that gets less and less appealing, makes it easier to leave behind, even if it is the only type of existence that one has ever known.

The life of the body, the cocoon of the soul, was created to allow our souls the time they need to evolve to a level where they are strong enough to survive what comes next. Animating those bodies instead of leaving them lifeless and cut off, allows our souls to season in experiences and not just in strength.

Hating God or deciding to believe that God doesn't exist because God didn't grant you the wish of making an exception to something we all know is going to happen is childish. It is only the pain of loss that allows us to ignore the truth of our own childishness. Thinking that God will change the rules of reality for someone merely because they are someone that we love, is an arrogance of humanity. That circumstances sometimes seem to work out in the way you wished in your prayer is not a sign that God loves you more or that is why your loved one did not die. Sometimes our lives and our experiences include 'close calls' with death, perhaps to spur us on to something we would not have otherwise done, perhaps not. The deepest truth however remains that we ALL must die, the only question is when. It is not out of evil or hate, it is out of necessity. The pain that it causes is unfortunate but without loss we could not understand gain.

Because of the great fear that death creates we all spend a lot of time during our lives pondering what happens to us when we die. In fact this one topic is probably the most thought about thing in our existence. The biggest motivator we have, and the scariest thing we will ever be forced to face.

Being the face of Death

The worst thing about death is, no matter how much we think about it, there are no answers to our questions. The fear of this unstoppable event has spawned the creation of countless organizations and philosophies. It has pushed humanity into a frenzied desire to learn everything we can about our reality, our planet, nature and most importantly medical science. We are desperate to discover ways to slow, and yes, to even prevent death. To date not one person has been successful in the attempt to prevent death, and possibly no one ever will. To comfort ourselves and to lessen the fear, humanity has imagined possible scenarios of what happens to us after we die and reasons why dieing might be a good thing. The bitter truth however remains that we may never know if what we hope for is truth, or merely wishful thinking.

Religion is one of the things originally created by humanity to offer ourselves comfort from this looming fearful event. All religions attempt to offer comfort, they try to assuage the fear of death and they promise us that after death we will receive something better than what we have here, now.

These same religions also incorporate control mechanisms that mold people into benevolent, obedient followers who do as they are told for one of two reasons:

1- if they do they will be rewarded.

2- if they don't they will be punished.


That place where all good boys and girls get to live out eternity in perfect bliss. Where their every desire and whim is law...

A beautiful place filled with wonders and sights that simply defy description.

A place where everything they wanted in life, that was denied to them, will be abundantly available... and theirs... simply for the taking.

A place where they will be the most loved, the most pampered, the smartest most beautiful of beings, adored by all.

A place where they are the absolute masters of everything and everyone.

Simply put... A place where they become... God.


That place where all the bad boys and girls are sent to suffer and pay for their disobedience and disbelief.

A place of terrible endless pain and fear.

A place where not only their every desire is denied them but even their needs are used to torture them.

A hostile and unforgiving place where they will be absolute slaves to the whims of cruel, vindictive creatures that are there to punish them for disappointing God.

A place that will bring deep shame and everlasting regret to all that made the choice to disobey God and God's appointed earthly bosses.

...or simply next...

My realistic tendencies cause me to doubt the concepts of heaven and hell. To me they seem like childish ideologies spawned out of fear and a lack of imagination.

The way they are described and used by the ancient/modern churches make them examples of extreme and everlasting rewards or punishments, designed to control, pacify and enslave a scared population of primitive people. People who if they simply stepped back from their fear would see them for what they are... Manipulation.

In my humble opinion we can be sure one of two things will happen when we die:

1 We will simply cease to exist and have no consciousness or memory of ever having existed.


2 We will continue to exist in some other form.

...Either way...

My faith in the existence of God comforts me. My experiences in life allow me to trust God. My belief in the goodness and intelligence of God lead me to believe that whatever it is that God has in store for us...It will be ok, WE will be ok.

Infinite Concepts...

As I have stated in other text. Infinite Concepts are very tricky, and for me at least, very hard to understand.

The concept of infinite power... A limitless and unending power... the power of an infinite concept and like the concept of infinite love the only way I can begin to understand it is by reverting to fractions.

A 1% share of infinite power is equal to a 50% share, and therefore they are also equal to a 100% share of infinite power... because each share or percentage of infinity is infinite.

So maybe Heaven does exist, and the in-finiteness of that concept when seen this way becomes suddenly plausible, possible... and even logically reasonable.

My inability to comprehend how something unique can be possessed by more than one individual leaves me perplexed as to the how Heaven can exist and function... If there are two (or more) all powerful (infinitey powerful) entities in existence and they disagree???

Which leaves me with the belief that there can be only one "all powerful" entity. I have come to call that entity God. Heaven is a beautiful thought, but I don't see how it is possible...

I guess we will just have to wait and see, but in the mean time...

The Alpha and the Omega

The Completed Circle...

All things in our reality come in pairs, opposites, all things that is except God. Another way of saying that is God's opposite is nothing, nothing at all. Perhaps the story of Noah's Ark wasn't a story that Jesus the Alien was telling about spaceships, perhaps it was about everything coming in pairs, except "The Ark" which symbolized God. That is because God is unique, God is God's own opposite, and the only entity in creation to be so. The beginning and the end, the Christ and the anti-Christ, Satan and anti-Satan, Guy and Dude, Heaven and Hell, life and death... Opposites aren't really opposition, they are what define the other. Playing a game without the other team makes no sense, but don't hate the other team. Play by the rules of the game, whatever those rules might be. Be proud of them when they win, and learn how they won so your team can evolve, learning from their improvements. If to be as good as someone else, you have to make them less, then you never will be as good as them.

Pictures of Rome courtesy of
Pictures of Rome courtesy of

The ancient/modern churches are trying to make God less. The ancient/modern churches say God IS what they want God to be, not what God really is. Anything that doesn't point humanity in the direction that leads to God being what they want God to be, has been labeled bad, or evil. Any proof or logic that goes against what they want to be the truth, is listed as blasphemy, or the work of Satan and/or the Anti-Christ. They are afraid to listen, because if they do they might find proof that the way they define God isn't what God truly is. Humanity prefers to not think that our most revered and most treasured entity is also our most hated and most disdained entity. Someone once asked, "Who then prays for Satan?" My answer is we do, we all do every time we pray for God. Humanity has decided to ignore the fact that God, if God exists(belief and dis-belief), is an entity with a bad side. The good news is God's good side balances out God's bad side, and what we are left with is a being of Benign Neutrality.

Neither good nor evil, but both. God is our Overseer, our witness. God has chosen Benign Neutrality (the middle ground) to protect us from Benign Neutrality's opposite. The more directly involved God is in our existence the stronger we would have to be in order to survive it. If you want a more direct interaction with God you must grow stronger, evolve to a level where that interaction wont destroy you. Someone once said, "be careful what you wish for..."

People ask why God allows Evil to exist, the answer is because evil is necessary, it is what defines goodness. It is also the losing team, so make sure you think carefully before you join it. Evil is on the side of nothing and to grow in Evil is to grow towards nothingness.

The Great Paradox...The Balance of Good and Evil...

I believe the ancient/modern religion's belief in a place called Hell is mistaken. I believe that God by choosing to be a being of Benign Neutrality created a place within God's own self for the evil part of God to reside, and God has eternally locked away that part of God. Though that side of God must exist, God does not have to allow that part to control any part of God. Neither do we. The doing of good is the doing of evil to evil, by doing only good we also create 'Hell' for evil. Hell is not, in my opinion, a place that God sends sinners so they can suffer for eternity, it is the locked room in the psyche of God where the evil parts and tendencies are locked away for all eternity.

People ask why God allows bad things to happen. God doesn't stop the bad things because God has chosen to remain Neutral in our reality. It is up to us to stop the bad things. We have all the tools we need to allow or to prevent bad from happening. Not all bad, that wouldn't be fair, and God is fair, balanced, and neutral. Help when and where you can, remembering that if you give too much you lose the ability to help.

The Clergy of Benign Neutrality: There really aren't ranks in God's house, entities are what and who they are. God doesn't need ranks. People need ranks, to define who is, what is, people need the structure to be able to make sense of the chaos.

Clergy should be of the people, a true part of the people, jobs, kids, spouses...

To truly understand someone, and their condition, you must walk in their shoes. To lead them you MUST, be one of them.

Clergy must live among them, like they live, work beside them, be faced with the same problems, the same challenges that they face.

Lead them by example, show them how it is done, and be good at it.

Teach them how to improve and evolve in all things, including religion.

Clergy should be Female as well, religion is not a Gentleman's club. Women are men's equal and our opposite, we define each other, in all things, including religion.

Do what God says, trust in God, listen to what you hear, what you feel, God will speak in ways that you will want to dismiss as fantasy, as things you didn't really see at that precise moment, things you will try and tell yourself didn't really mean what you think it meant. That is my experience of the voice of God. Scary, exhilarating, joyous, tiring, relentless, pushy, overbearing, gentle, loving, and more than I could ever describe.

It will be all right, you will be all right.

Benign Neutrality,

is a simplification of what God truly is.

For Humanity it is the choosing to be, and then remain, the middle ground, the average. As humanity moves to one side or the other, benign neutrality shifts in the direction of growth. Remaining the middle ground, the average, the open minded, the tepid waters separating the ice from steam.

The closer to pure steam humanity is, the closer the average... the benign neutrality, to steam. But benign neutrality has always as many on the side of ice as it does steam. In other words the only thing changing in the benign neutrality is the temperature of the tepid waters. If humanity chooses to become pure steam and allow ice to die benign neutrality remains the middle ground by being the average steam not the hottest nor the coolest steam. In so doing Clergy emulates the Benign Neutrality of God, and allows growth while providing stability, constancy.

It is not the job of the clergy to discipline the people or to control the people. Clergy are there to inform the people. Tell them if you do that, this will or could be the consequence to your action. Then clergy must stand back and allow the person to choose.

If the situation warrants it call the police. It is up to the lawmakers, the leaders of nations to discipline, to punish law breakers, as the people see fit.

Clergy must understand that in order to be moral, a person must be free to chose to not be moral. Humanity must be free to explore morality, what it is and what it isn't. Humanity must be allowed to change what they believe morality is, as new concepts and ideas are brought to light.

Question Everything, never fear the truth. Free will is an essential aspect of spirituality. Without freewill, the ability to make independent choices, we will be stagnant, and will not grow. God does not fear the truth, and there is nothing we can discover, that God didn't already know. We are here to evolve, in all things, especially religion.

Mediocre?? ...Average???

Humanity chafes at limits, we want everything and we want it now! We want all our dreams to be fulfilled. We strive at excellence, at being the best and brightest. We are jealous of those who are better than us... Those that have more. We want Magic, we want miracles and we want to be extraordinary.

The middle ground must remain, eternally. Without the existence of the middle ground, there can only be nothing. Which is why God created the middle ground as a place that is eternally traveling through a cycle of creation, evolution, and then destruction. The universe is an eternally "breathing" creation not an ever expanding one. In my hub: I explain the science of the universe that I am referencing in more depth, but in a nutshell the universe creates and recreates all matter from "Big Bang" to "Big Bang" and has been doing so for a very very long time. I am using the term "middle ground" to reference creation, the universe, or our reality.

God knows that to be always average, or mediocre isn't fair. So God created the middle ground as a temporary place. A place of growth and learning. A place we are destined to leave. We leave the Middle Ground through death. The shedding of our souls cocoon.

Death of our human form is the end of our mediocre existence. Only by going through Death, God's true son, can we come to the place that is above average. The place that is next.

Leaving behind the prison of mediocrity, that the middle ground is. Eventually arriving at that place and strength where we can interact directly with God.

Even though we don't like it...

We are mediocre.

We are a middle class, we are average. And we are not alone, there are others in this reality.

Some of these others we know of, and believe we are better than.

I believe there are others we do not know of yet, they too are average, even if they are vastly superior to us.

The best of the best of average, are still average.

To leave average behind, we must become something else, something NOT average. Our souls are the entities that truly are evolving, not our human bodies.

Our souls prior to our average existence came from nothing, perhaps not straight from nothing.

It may have taken a long time to get to average, and it may take just as long to get to the opposite of nothing.

God's reality, God's existence , God's substance... is ever growing.

Let me try to explain... Imagine instead of the words nothing,average and everything we substitute the numbers -1 to equal nothing, 0 to equal average, and 1 to equal everything. Humanity, the middle ground, is the zero, our reality is unchanging, it remains constant, but as everything increases to say 10 so does nothing to -10.

So every new soul adds to God and takes from nothing, but that is the nature of nothing, the less it is the bigger it is. So God needs us, nothing needs us, and God needs nothing from us. Which can sound completely crazy, but it is true.

God is a one sided coin.

Someone said to me that God is the coin of good and evil, the coin of yin and yang, and I agree that God is the coin, but I also believe now that God has an opposite, the flip side to God's coin is nothing. Which makes God, God's own opposite, because the opposite to everything doesn't exist, it is nothing...

The last decade or so of my life has been one of deep spiritual growth. God has Forced me to spend countless hours in forced reflection. I have been forced to leave family and friends behind, I have been unemployed for over two years. God has been Yelling at me! God has been slapping me around and forcing me to see that which I did not want to see. That which we all didn't want to see. God can be relentless, believe me I know.

I now feel at peace with God, BUT, if ever again I hear the voice of God asking me if I'd do something for God... I'm going to take a long time making up my mind. The next time I tell God I'll do what you ask, whatever that is, I'm going to make sure I know what I'm getting myself into. I'm going to get some things clarified up front... :)

You too must decide, God allows us the freedom to choose, but once you've chosen, God will hold you to the consequences of your choice. Make sure the price is worth the choice. Make sure they understand the consequences, make sure you understand the consequences.

I know I'm really not saying anything new, everything I have written has been written before. In the re-writing hopefully humanity will take another look at what we are doing and where we are heading.

We are at a turning point, we need some course corrections, and then we need to get back at it, and carry on. Some people will take these words I have written and believe, and some won't, some will be comforted and some won't. That is the nature of Humanity, and of the universe. I accept that.

I Have said what God ordered me to say, in the very best way I am capable of saying it, that to future generations will seem like baby drivel. At least I hope it will, because that will mean that humanity has progressed past my/our current level of understanding and ability to communicate.

When the day comes that God deems it is time for someone else to again speak for God, I pray for that poor/rich soul. I hope whoever you are, that you will read this sentence and remember these words, God Loves you. Not because you are "Jesus come in Glory", not for any better reason than because you heard the voice of God when God called. Don't be hardheaded like I was, it is in my nature, I hope it isn't in yours.

What is God? I still don't know... But I'm convinced that there is a God, that God loves us, that God believes in us, that God is watching over us, that God is proud of us, and that God KNOWS us.


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