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How to Know your Passion in Life

Updated on January 3, 2014

I am someone who prefers to watch inspirational movies over the other kinds because I want to pick up something that I can apply in real life situations. After watching this movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, I was inspired to write something about pursuing one’s passion in life as the movie presented me how sheer will & determination in pursuing what you desire in life can make you one successful person no matter what the odds are.

To be a successful person is to be passionate about what you do. How do you know then what you are passionate about?

There are many ways to know your passion in life but it all boils down to the very basic thing - by assessing yourself. You will get to know your passion in life as you get to know yourself better.

Try to answer these questions to help you assess yourself;

  • What is it that makes you feel restless when you’re not able to do it?
  • What makes you feel unfulfilled when you have not done it?
  • Do you tend to forget time when you’re doing it?
  • Are you happy doing it?
  • Are you happy sharing it with others?
  • Are you happier when somebody else is happy about it?
  • Are you willing to do it even without reward or remuneration?
  • Do you miss doing it when you have not done it for a while?
  • Are you willing to do everything/anything just to be able to do it?
  • Do you believe you’ll regret not doing it?

By answering the above questions, does it helped you realized now what you are passionate about? It doesn’t have to be just one cause me I have two. My first passion is writing. I started to write since I was 15 yrs old. I just realized it when I’m already 32 that it was my passion all along. I understand now why I cannot sleep until I have put my thoughts into writing. Why I feel sad & unfulfilled with my previous jobs and become happy now by pursuing this passion on the side. My migraine attacks greatly diminished too, from an average of 10 times a month, its' down to one or two now.

My second passion is dancing. I’d been on stage dancing since I was 11. I had been doing dance choreography since high school and I am still able to do it during company parties. Whenever I rehearsed even I physically get exhausted, I do not get tired of dancing. Just like writing, dancing is my way of self-expression and both were forms of art.

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You’re passion in life may mean to you in many different ways. It may be a pure diversion that can turn into a profession, a skill you want to enhance and be known for, or a goal that you set for yourself at a certain age. All of these though can also be a good source of living.

For instance, you may love golf as a hobby. If you are passionate about golf, you would want to practice more to improve your maneuver skills, learn professional skills and later join several tournaments.

If you have artistic skills, assess yourself first which form of art you want to be uniquely known for. Then go practice and practice until you have mastered and perfected your craft. Try to sell your artwork first to your social circle. If it sells like a hotcake, then save up and try to open an art gallery.

If you already have build up a satisfying career that has been giving you a stable source of income, you can still pursue your passion. You may do it during your off and vacation time. You can still be successful pursuing your passion even on the side as long as you put your heart into it. If the time comes that you are earning more out of your passion than from your regular job, then it might be a good time to switch. You can turn your life’s passion as a business or a full-time career, just be patient though because success doesn’t happen overnight. It could take one little step at a time but you could go far as where your passion take you.


Do your best in pursuing your passion then recognition, fame & rewards will come after it. Most importantly, you’ll earn happiness from fulfilling it. You cannot buy happiness in a grocery store nor demand somebody else to make you happy. You should know what will make you happy and do it now. For you only live once and there is no second chance. Life is short and before you know it, your time is already up. So know your passion then do and live with it passionately.


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