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Kundalini He and She- Spiritual Erotica

Updated on September 5, 2011


Kundalini is an ancient Sanskrit word derived from the root word kundala meaning coiled or spiraling with "ini" added indicating it is feminine. Referring to a female energy that remains coiled like a snake at the base of the spine until it awakens.

According to ancient Hindu religious teachings and yoga science, it is the force in the human organism responsible for sexual activity and is the path to higher consciousness. In Hindu mythology the Kundalini is often described as a serpent that sleeps at the base of the spine and, when aroused, darts upward, bringing enlightenment or sorrow. Kundalini is also believed to be connected with certain psychic powers, known to yogis as Siddhis.

Kundalini is the dominant spiritual energy in all human beings, that is awakened through spiritual development. After awakening, this energy is the dynamic force behind meditation.

The male and female forces are represented in the balanced Ida and Pingala subtle channels.

Everyone uses Kundalini power to think with and to maintain consciousness, but it very seldom rises up the central spinal channel of Sushumna beyond the first center.

According to Joseph Campbell the Hindu Mythology equates the male with the moon and female with the sun. It is opposite of the Western point of view. If you go back to the Greeks and beyond the female as Sophia was the Goddess of all forms. The male god was born from the mother of all. We held on to this a tiny bit with the Mother and child as depicted in the Madonna imagery of the Roman Catholic Religion. Essentially what I am trying to convey is that there are two aspects of life. There is a feminine power and a masculine power. Each one is significant and essential to gain spiritual understanding.

The knower and the known...

The Hindu moon is he and she the sun. Every shining moment of the moon is because of the sun. He is born from her, dies into her and is resurrected again from her. It is the dance- man and time and space. Yes he is the god, but she is the field that provides form. They are each equal. His desire is to know, her nature is the known. He must pursue her because his duty is to journey into the known- to awaken to the nature of forms- her journey comes naturally forth from her nature- she is nature, the cycle of birth and death is in her- life and death happen each full moon- the egg of life flows from her as all possibility of life flows from the source. Mystery bleeds out of her and she desires the he to find her, to seek her, to enter her, and be one, the knower and the known.


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    • Weinz Belardo profile image

      Weinz Belardo 5 years ago from Marikina City,Philippines

      'September 21, 1993'

    • Weinz Belardo profile image

      Weinz Belardo 5 years ago from Marikina City,Philippines

      The Kundalini is not a myth or metaphor, it is a real Life Force within everyone although in a dormant state. I have experience the awakening of the Kundalini since September 21, 2012 when I was 22 years old. The experience was extremely blissful, wonderful and enlightening. It is so profound, no words could perfectly describe the cosmic experience.