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The Feminine Principle Uncovered- Mary Magdalene's Gospel

Updated on June 7, 2010

Mary and Jesus

Buddha & Shakti

Shiva and Shakti in the sacred sexual union and position called Yab-Yum (literally Father-Mother) denoting the perfect balance between physical and spiritual,   male and female.
Shiva and Shakti in the sacred sexual union and position called Yab-Yum (literally Father-Mother) denoting the perfect balance between physical and spiritual, male and female.

The Gnostic View of Mary M. and Jesus

The Gospel according to Mary seems radical to a Christian. The Gospel is blasphemy at its best. The problem with the modern era is that we are discovering the truth. This writing is not to address whether or not Jesus was real, the son of god, or just a myth. The idea here is that whatever happened long ago, it still shapes our perspective or world view. My issue is that at the minimum we need to recognize that the myth of Jesus is only half told. The part with Mary Magdalene or the female aspect has been left out. I am concerned with providing evidence that a female was spiritually evolved in 30 B.C. The writings that will provide proof are the scriptures that were found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945. These are considered Gnostic writings.

Here is a tiny bit of information about Gnostic gospels and their expulsion from the canonical Gospels. Canonical means the bible as it is today with the four main disciples, John, Luke, Mark, Matthew. The other gospels were not included when the Emperor Constantine of Rome made it a point to exclude all other teachings. In 325, Constantine held the Council of Nicaea. [1] This was the beginning of the attack against any teaching that were not aligned with this one Emperor's idea of Christianity.

On a basic level we know some points about Mary Magdalene from the canonical gospels. She was the one who anointed Jesus with sacred oils. The Bible says it was Mary of Bethany- there is a question of who this really is.  Either way Mary Magdalene or Mary of Bethany-it was a female annointing Jesus.  If Mary was anointing the future king of Israel then she held a power of some kind. Mary was the only one to witness the resurrection of Christ. Maybe she was the only advanced disciple to believe and be able to witness such an event. The most radical gospel found in 1945 is the Gospel according to MaryMagdelene. This is outrageous because a female wrote it. The second reason is important is because it is far more esoteric than the simple ramblings of John, Luke and Marks account of Jesus’ teaching, which are mostly parables. It is almost insulting the simpleton explanation of Jesus in the canonical scriptures. Mary’s gospel include teachings, questions and philosophies not stories of Jesus. So one may assume that she was also well practiced disciple. So much so that she actually understood the secret knowledge that Jesus shared with his inner group of disciples. We must assume that when Jesus taught directly to the disciples it was on a higher level than when he presented his teachings to the masses that were uneducated and under a foreign rule.

The Gospel of Mary starts from Page 7, 1-6 are missing. It starts with a question.

“What is Matter?

Will it last forever?

The Teacher answered: All that is born, all that is created, all the elements of nature are interwoven and united with each other.

Peter said to him: Since you have become the interpreter of the elements and the events of the world, tell us: What is the sin of the world?

The Teacher answered: There is no sin. It is you who make sin exist, when you act according to the habits of your corrupted nature; this is where sin lies. …

This is why you become sick, and why you die: it is the result of your actions; what you do takes you further away.” [2]

The tone in this gospel is so different than the canonical gospels. The concepts of action and sin are so non-Christian that is it sounds Buddha-like. There is no sin only your action which finally creates the wheel of life and death. This is an Eastern idea of the Karmic wheel of life. We must also consider the most advance religions of the day, 22 B.C. When Jesus was 22 years old the popular religions were Hinduism, Buddhism and Egyptian teachings. Where was he between 12 and 30? Maybe he was sitting under a Bodhi Tree.

Mary is not only a woman writing the story of Jesus and the other disciples from her point of view, but asking some deep metaphysical questions about the nature of the universe. I was a philosophy student and received my Bachelors Degree in the subject. I asked some serious questions just as a half interested student.  The Bible makers-Romans wanted to portray Jesus and his disciples as simple minded, but they were not.  They were disiciples of a Teacher of esoteric knowledge that led him to englighten state of consciousness-at the least.  If someone devoted their life to finding the truth then their questions would be very complex, more complex than a college student in America. The canonical gospels do not present Jesus as a well advanced master but just the son of god beamed down to save us. And to say that Jesus, Thomas, Philip and Mary were not on the ultimate quest to find the answers to the life, and the divine is just silly and insulting. Jesus was a western Teacher of esoteric knowledge that bordered on the deep secret mysteries of all time. The East is the origin of all religious mysteries of the world. We can do scientific method all day long and deny that India and the mystics have been devoted to experimentation of the spirit for centuries. I think western culture wants to down play the cultures of antiquity so that they can say we are more evolved, but it does not work this way.

It is not hard to fathom that if Mary was very advance metaphysical student of Jesus and understood the teachings that Jesus might become attracted to her. Some Gnostics believe for the enlighten one to complete his advancement to mastery that he must incorporate the female energy into his initiation. Both Buddha and Jesus went through a stage of experiencing the female energy on a deep level; it is part of the process. Buddha had a female consort for a period of time that taught him about female energy. Jesus had Mary to help him awaken his female energy. How do they do this? Usually it requires being intimate with an advanced female disciple. It is not random relations, but highly disciplined and  advance practices. We have denied our female attributes for so long in the west that we are neurotic with our thoughts when female and male relations must be considered.  (The natural western reaction will be to deny, feel guilty or ashamed at the possibility of sex being a gateway to the divine. Check your feelings they will reveal your assumptions and thoughts towards sex as you read this idea.)

Psychology has already proven that the human psyche is made of two aspects male and female. We can either address our neurosis or we can live in dark ignorance. It is a question of uncovering our values, conditioning and realizing that we are living in a world of opposites. To advance our consciousness we must include all of our attributes and female energy is missing in our equation.

People should research the feminine principal in religions around the world and incorporate these ideas into their world view. A good place to start is to read the Gospel according to Mary Magdalene.

[1] The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Jean-Yves Leloup, preface xi

[2] The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Jean-Yves Leloup, Page 25 Lines 1-28


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      The little Buddhist thangka depicts Kuntuzangpo, the primordial Buddha in father/mother form. It symbolizes the nature of ultimate reality: unity/nonduality of consciousness (male) and its source-the infinite space (female). I guess it represents/symbolizes the same thing as Shiva/Shakti union, but the nomenclature isn't adequate. Otherwise keep up the good work.

    • Jerami profile image


      9 years ago from Houston tx

      Great hub. Well written and informative. I agree with denno and will go a step farther; The sacrifices of truth that were made at the council of Nicaea was a travesty.

      This, I believe was fulfillment of prophesy.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      It's a crime what the Catholic Church has done to denigrate women and their role in history. Great hub.


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