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Language a meduim of communication amongst human beings.

Updated on May 28, 2016

Language and communication amongst humans.

Language a medium of communication amongst human beings.

Language a medium of communication amongst human beings.

With the accumulation of knowledge, mankind has evolved and is able to extensively express his feelings and desires.

Emotions weather one is happy or sad, fearful, confused, paranoid perhaps manic.

Where do our feeling stem from?Past experiences.


Dreams ( Our sub conscious mind and being).

When we wake up in the morning, when we meet some one from our house hold we say how did sleep?

When we are about to rest and go to sleep we say good night and sweet dreams.

When we are about to part ways we say good bye and be good bye till I see you again.

When we are angry we raise our voices and shout, hoping to threaten or convey our dismay.

When our spouse or partner has cheated on us, we feel betrayed, that is when we are really venerable and may retaliate and cause harm to someone we once loved.

Chaos and unhappiness stems from when we have been disappointed by those we love most. We are disgruntled, and in anguish.

The day we start plotting against we foes our innocence and thoughts will be contaminated by the disgust and resentment we harbour against someone we despise. With time our peace of mind is troubled, with time we lose sleep, leading to psychosis, mania, depression and God forbid suicide.

The art of making love.

Our appearance may charm someone we want to engage with intimately.Should we be well groomed and have striking features such as light brown eyes, husky legs even a soothing smile, before we even utter a word ‎we may have won the attention of our potential mate, all you have to do now is sell them a dream of adventure laced with comfort.

Should we be shabby, perhaps a little loud or over emphasising we could repel our potential mate before the conversation gets juicy.

Appearance, posture and dialogue content which is engaging, will help you win many hearts.

Yet if we are sincere with our commitment to one other, despair is rooted in deceit and ulterior motives.

For we may get what ever we want for that monumental pleasure. Our greed and mischief could scar your partner eternally, crippling their sense of trust, making it hard for them to love whole hearted again. Even worse when you start having sex without emotion, your perception of loyalty, faithfulness and true love becomes a faint emotion, all innocence is lost.

When someone has something to hide they lie.

When someone truly loves you, by all means, they will do what ever it takes to protect what lies in your heart, your loved ones and dreams.

When someone curses, they are filled with rage and anger.

When someone just wants to get get into bed with you, they are overwhelmed with lust and know no better.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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