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Leap Castle

Updated on June 14, 2013
Leap Castle
Leap Castle

Leap Castle, Ireland

This is one of those places that I would love to go to, but could quite possibly pee my pants at! Leap Castle in Ireland is said to be one of the most haunted places on the planet. If I remember correctly the show “Ghost Hunters” did an investigation there and someone on their crew got attacked or pushed. Now that’s cool yet scary. Now on to a few of the ghosts that are said to haunt Leap Castle.

In 1532 the head of the O’Carroll family passed away, this then caused a rivalry between two brothers, one of the brothers being a priest. The priest was holding mass for family members when the other brother burst in fatally stabbing the priest, his own brother. It was said that the priest then fell over the altar and bled out in front of his family and all over the altar. The chapel, now commonly referred to as the “Bloody Chapel” is said to be haunted by a strong force, evil or not, it is mad, but which brother is it? No one knows. But supposedly visitors will see a ghostly face floating in the room in a hood. Could this be the priest?

Another cause for concern in the castle is that in the early 1900’s workmen were hired to clean out the dungeon area of the castle and they made a horrible discovery. Large piles of bones were found, human bones; it took three cartloads to remove all the bones from the dungeon areas. Apparently off the chapel (just another reason to call it the Bloody Chapel) there was a small room with a drop floor prisoners were forced into this room where they would fall eight feet to land on spikes in the ground. If they were unlucky enough to not die instantly upon the spikes, then they either died slowly of starvation, or of their injuries. Quite the gruesome way to go, and it is also thought to be the cause for what seems to be an Elemental spirit that wanders through the castle wreaking havoc where ever it goes.

Many strange things have happened in Leap Castle over the years, there have been several fires, it’s been bombed almost completely to the ground. It has even been abandoned for years at a time. (At one point its gates were padlocked for 70 years) But something always draws people back to it. The castle has changed ownership many times in its almost 500 year history. In the 1970’s it was purchased by an Australian who brought in a white witch to exorcise the castle. This witch is reported to have spent many hours alone in the Bloody Chapel and when she emerged said the spirits were still there, but were no longer malevolent, (tell that to the guy on Ghost Hunters!) but wished to remain in their home, the castle.

In 1990 ownership again changed hands; the new owners knew of the castle’s history but began restoration anyway. A freak accident caused the new owner to be left with a broken kneecap and that delayed the restoration by almost a year. After the new owner was healed up and again working on restoring the castle, the ladder he was standing on suddenly tipped back away from the wall causing him to jump or fall and break an ankle, again delaying restoration.

A Young Girl's Dream!!


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