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Learn to See as a Seer

Updated on February 13, 2015
Fractal of the Mind
Fractal of the Mind | Source

Eye Candy

Eye Rays
Eye Rays | Source

Senses and Feeling

All of our senses are rooted in touch allowing us to Feel and reflected outward in 6 different ways.

  1. Sight = light touches our eyes and we can see.
  2. Hearing = sound vibrations touch our ears and we hear.
  3. Smell = vapors touch our nose and we smell.
  4. Taste = food touches our tongue and we taste.
  5. Touch = we touch something and feel it with the body.
  6. Ambiance Feeling = energy patterns touch our energy field and we feel it (aware of it or not).
  7. Vril = combination of the senses into one force or action of Will (Pennsylvania Dutch mysticism). Vril is a form of focused life energy. Vril is not good or evil, it is neutral until you decide how to use it.

The five senses each have two aspects we can work with, physical and mental (male & female aspects). This becomes a powerful tool to increase the senses and visualization.

Finding new ways to view the same old things changes everything and nothing at the same time. Collapse the duality just for a moment.

Learn to combine the senses into one action and use it as a force of will. Step back into pristine silence to practice. To begin it may take a leap of faith? This life force is already inside of you, but sleeping. Use tricks of awareness to wake up dormant potential. Find the gifts you already possess, build and use them in your own special ways. It all begins with calming the mind.

Urban Shaman video

Hawaiian Shamanism

Urban Shaman is one of my favorite books

5 stars for Urban Shaman

Do you see stairs or bats?

By changing perspectives you can see either stairs or bats.
By changing perspectives you can see either stairs or bats. | Source

What is it?

It's what ever you want it to be.
It's what ever you want it to be. | Source

Seeing is a basic skill

Learning to See is a similar skill to skrying and crystal gazing. When skrying one uses a reflective object to gain information from their intuitive subconscious mind. To See simply skry the world to gain information from it. Using the same basic skill in another way.

Seeing will allow you to witness the energy patterns everything is made from and so you can See auras. People may look like walking, talking intertwined strands of glowing DNA. Its the glowing colors from this energy circuit that create the aura and cause people to look egg shaped. Practicing this will also increase your ability with telepathy, as they are linked.

If you can See auras, you are using this same skill in a slightly different way. Do it with quiet mind and See what I mean. Auras may be one of the first thing noticed when you begin to See. Everyone Sees slightly differently.

Find your natural gifts and build them into skills, then build those skills into more advanced skills. After learning to See we can add motion and begin Sliding Awareness.

If you are naturally telepathic you have a jump start on this. If you believe you are not telepathic but want to be, Seeing can help you find this within yourself. What ever skills you naturally possess you can advance and use in new ways.

Love is the Way

Love lives in the center of heart.
Love lives in the center of heart. | Source

See a new view of Reality

See through social conditioning to See things in their natural state of potential.

Some experience in quieting the mind through meditation or a self control technique is required to See in this way.

Seeing verse Looking – To see something we first look at it, but seeing it and looking at it are two different things.

  1. To look is to focus attention on something with the eyes.

  2. To see is the sense experience of viewing through your eyes.

We then define it with mind and relate it back to ourselves to decide what it is and how we feel about it. We all do this instantly and barely even notice. Awareness is incredible!

To "See" is a word we can use to describe the experience of viewing the world while in a calm meditative state of silent mind. Let's name this state of silent mind, "empty bliss" for our discussion.

If you notice, to look at anything and think about it, you actually split it into two extremes and then relate these extremes back to yourself to define it. This is a core pattern we all share.

Seeing beyond merely looking at something is experienced by relaxing the focus of your eyes and the focus (inner dialog) of your mind at the same time.

Internal dialog naturally describes what we are looking at and acts as a filter that we view ourselves and the world through.

Breath deep and slow, ignore internal descriptions (it helps to detach from them as much as possible) until your mind calms and slows. Then relax the focus in your eyes to view the world without description. This is the art of Seeing.

Similar to a child viewing the world before learning to speak.

To See is to feel – Seeing is more than visual, it's also a feeling. Sensing the world with both sides of mind from a deeper perspective.

Senses have a limited range and we can only sense beyond that range with mind. Plus, socially conditioned filters limit this range even smaller. To See is to dim these filters allowing one to use mind and eyes together to sense a broader range of reality than normal. Let go of your focus and sense where it goes.

To See you will also feel it inside yourself as part of yourself, allowing a kind of telepathy experience. The instant you try to understand why and question it, your focus and thoughts will end the experience. If this happens simply begin again.

Seeing can allow you to witness the energy everything is made from. Watch it moving into patterns and change again, similar to how a dream appears. It does takes some practice, but once you get it and feel it, you will find it comes easy.

Seeing is a calm and beautiful experience of imagination. Doing this helps awaken dormant potential within yourself. The meditative state of awareness used is very healthy for the body and mind. These tools of awareness are an effective form of self therapy.

Seeing is a self awareness tool that is designed to grow into a more advanced skill.

This skill helps to increase the inner gifts and potential that you already possess. Using tools of awareness can help you find these inner skills and build them.

To practice relaxing focus in your eyes, place your focal point on a spot of empty space and relax your focus. Explore this. Feel it. Let yourself fall in. Do the same with your mind to quiet it. It's basically the same action in both the eyes and the mind, making it much easier to do.

Learn to know the feeling of Seeing and you will have it, from that moment your skill begins to grow.

To See:

  1. Put yourself into a state of empty bliss, ignoring mental descriptions (as best you can).
  2. Release focus in your eyes and let it go free.
  3. See things in reverse by viewing the shadows and background as primary and the object or subject as secondary. Mentally spinning the background to the forefront and the fore front to the background. As you would view and switch an optical illusion in your mind. This is a simple tool to counter and dim preconditioned filters, allowing you to view through and beyond them. Use it a few moments to heighten awareness and then move on.
  4. Now let your imagination go free and See. Viewing reality and patterns of mind. You may find it clicks off easy and fast, clicking back again is much easier once you know the feeling.

When you first learn to See it may not appear to be much of a skill. As you play with it and begin to notice patterns in life and mind, you will find many things not normally noticed. Using these patterns is a science unto itself.

What do you See going on out the corner of your eyes while being calm and still?

Become aware of the things you see out the corner of your eyes. You may find that you catch a glimpse of things you cannot hold within your focus, as they exist outside the normal range of focused vision.


As you view yourself and reality through your lens of imagination, you will find that imagination can be used in two basic ways. Imagination can be projected outward for effect, or inward to be used to collect and receive information.

Inward and receptive - imagination is relaxed and allowed to run free for a beautiful experience. Seeing is using imagination to receive information.

Outward and projected - controlled and focused for visualization or to flow along with a force in nature, such as attraction / love, or another of your choice.

We can focus imagination on any concept or desire that we want to attract into our lives. Using the law of attraction concept.

The Magic is Your Awareness.

You do not need to be good at this or some kind of special to use these tools. We are simply learning self control. Ego is insecure and hard to tame as it stands between us and our hidden potential. Play tricks on your ego to help quiet and tame it. Span the gap within yourself. Don't become too serious and attached to these tools and ideas. Just have fun riding on the wings of your imagination. As with learning any new skill, its the applying yourself and doing it that counts. We get what we put into it.

First learn to See for a new view of self and reality. Then learn to focus this skill on a desire to attract and slide it into your life. Attraction is a primary force in nature. The Law of Attraction is a description of this force, a method that allows us to use it. The art of Seeing is a way to witness this in action.

Seeing reality in a pure state of potential may appear as "little white dots" changing to color and in constant motion creating patterns and changing again. Until we look with definition. We define what we look at and then we agree on it. We each can define it any way we choose. Socially we follow along with everyone and mostly agree and this is good, but limits our perceptions and experiences. We each have slightly different descriptions of reality, we simply agree on many points of reference. Reality is our view and description of it right Now, at this very instant. To See happens in the Now.

The concept of time also rests on our descriptions of it. Silence mind to experience the state of awareness known as the Now and See through the concept of time. Add a sense of motion to Seeing and Slide through dimensions. Slide to the core of yourself and witness a beautiful epiphany experience. Our true potential is far beyond our human self description. Infinite mind holds infinite potential and all we need to do is become aware of it. Self Realization is the way home. Awaken to Love.

Everything is a state of awareness and so our true power is learning control of our awareness.

Reality is our perception of it and is cemented into physical existence by our beliefs and convictions. A reflection of unconscious mind that appears to be the exact opposite.

In time your perception of the world becomes your world. Make it a good one.

Learn to See more of reality.

Human beings are multi-dimensional beings, mostly aware of only one dimension. Learn to See other dimensions of reality. Build onto this skill to learn to travel through these dimensions.

Seeing is a secondary skill that we build from empty bliss and leads to a more advanced skill called sliding. This is a door leading into a whole new world of ideas, concepts, skills and other beings.

Illusion to force your perception to slant

Bed wetting dream (if it makes you nauseous do not look).
Bed wetting dream (if it makes you nauseous do not look). | Source

© 2011 Randy Hirneisen


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