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Easy techniques to find Empty Bliss

Updated on March 14, 2015
state of potential
state of potential | Source

Hold Attention in the Presence

Rotating Snakes

Web link for all Akiyoshi Kitaoka's artwork below.
Web link for all Akiyoshi Kitaoka's artwork below. | Source

Rest in Natural Great Peace

Illusion art
Illusion art | Source

Never Read another book like this.

5 stars for Self-Liberation Through Seeing with Naked Awareness

Triad of Creation

Triad concept is a focus tool that has many uses, here are a few examples.
Triad concept is a focus tool that has many uses, here are a few examples. | Source

Triad of Creation / Triad of Perception

The Triad of Creation is a concept we can use as a powerful tool in several ways. This system of self realization is based on the act of creation by the divine (god).

All magic exists only in mind and nowhere else. Your mind is a reflection of the divine and nothing less.

We live in the mind of the divine (god). Divine is a word that means undivided and complete or whole (holy). You and I are reflections (dream) of this divine mind. Are we and this world an unconscious part of the divine mind that is in the process of awakening? We can be sure that our perceptions, thoughts and actions cause ripples for all, either directly or indirectly. This would explain why love is so very important, as we are all the same core awareness.

Divine splits into two aspects, female and male creating a triad (symbol) of life as we know it. To perceive anything we first split it into two aspects (polarity) and then relate to it, making it into a triad. All in creation works in this way. The act of creation is a reflection of the act of perception, which is a reflection of the act of creation ... and is happening always and forever (two different views of the very same act). As you can plainly see this is a bit beyond socially conditioned linear patterns of logic, more of a spiral pattern of logic. If you will?

To learn to be effective with any of these skills you will need to be able to push your mind beyond socially conditioned logic, or this will just be non-sense and hold no meaning for you. It is quite normal to use a leap of faith when we first begin this type training. But blind faith can be harmful and should be avoided.

To learn to become one with the breath we can use the triad key of See & Feel to Become as one with.

Expanding a triad is to split something into two extremes and then relate to it. Collapsing a triad is doing the exact opposite. We want to learn both ways of using triads to increase self awareness. Empty Bliss is collapsing triads as compared to building them. The gap (vacuum) you find from this collapse is the empty bliss experience and with practice will slowly build a gentle inner power. Using triad symbols to represent concepts gives you a powerful tool of focus. You can use triads to focus Will in any way you can imagine.

The triad tool is just a method, it has only the power you give it. We can learn to use it to help us become more self aware. It is also a method that can be used to focus will on desires to cause effects, if you so choose. Before we can understand how to use this tool effectively we will need to advance our skills of self control and purification (unblock life energy). I only include this here to give you an idea of where this is leading.

Great book about Tantra Buddhism

Mind is like a feather in the wind

Feather in the wind
Feather in the wind | Source

Empty Bliss (inner silence)

Empty Bliss is not a meditation technique, it's a goal of meditation. It's just a name I am using to describe the experience, there are many different names for it. I borrowed the name "Empty Bliss" from Padmasambhava (lotus born) who lived in ancient Tibet.

Empty of thoughts and feeling Bliss. The natural state of mind of an infant before they learn to speak. Something we have all experienced, but do not remember. Learning it is only as difficult as we make it on ourselves. Meditation is a tool we can use to help us find this state of awareness, but we do not need to meditate to experience it.

Let's examine:

The concept of empty bliss is a paradox and this is the obstacle. Even if I do succeed in turning off my thoughts, the instant I check to see if they are turned off I am thinking again. This took me a very long time to figure out and overcome. But now I can share it with you.

The solution is:

  1. Empty Bliss is a feeling that you can learn to recognize so that the instant you feel it you will know it and not need to check.
  2. Simply ignore your thoughts and let them pass you by. Empty Bliss is NOT turning off your mind, its only ignoring and detaching from your thoughts (descriptions). Using force of will to silence inner dialog does not work.
  3. Do not try so hard. Detach from the whole idea and do not care one way or the other if you are doing it. Empty bliss is the result of letting go of focus, a release. Allow your thoughts to go by and do not follow them or care about them. If and when you do have a thought it's okay, just simply begin again. It's all for joy anyhow. With practice it will happen naturally. It cannot be rushed.

If someone ignores me when I am talking, at first I will talk louder and try to get their attention. If they still ignore me I may scream and jump up and down, but eventually I will just stop talking to them. Inner dialog does the very same. The ego seems to first perceive empty bliss as a threat, until you find it is really not. Everyone experiences this from time to time and may not even realize it. First thing in the morning the mind is often calm and it's easy to find yourself in the gap of empty bliss (between your thoughts).

Empty Bliss is a Core Key of magic, meditation and self realization. It is Not possible to experience self realization without finding empty bliss. Empty bliss is the tool that allows one to See through their social conditioning and their self imposed limits. This experience is a beginning that leads to infinitely more.

Small spaces of empty bliss add up to large gaps of empty bliss. 10 seconds here + 20 seconds there add together over time. It's not a contest to see how long you can go without thinking. The experience accumulates and grows similar to rolling a snowball down a hill.

Thoughts and breath have a subtle link. When we slow our breath, inner dialog slows too. When our thoughts become more rapid our breathing pattern does also. This is rather subtle and mostly unconscious, but you will find it is true and so we can use it as a tool.

A meditation technique to help you learn to experience empty bliss. I call it the Star Meditation or Breathing Light.

Star Meditation - Breath Light

  1. Inhale slowly and deeply for a count of five.
  2. Hold your breath for a count of five.
  3. Exhale slowly for a count of five.
  4. No breath for a count of five.
  5. Repeat for several minutes until calm.

Breath deep with your abdomen. As you are breathing follow your breath and imagine it as light. See this in your mind, feel it as if you are the light of your breath. Imagine that You are your breath moving and flowing in and out of your body, as best you can. We can use a concept that I call the Triad of Creation to become one with our breath. In this context, the Triad of Creation is basically using imagination to See / Feel / Become the breath. First see it in your mind, then feel it and slowly become one with it. The counting gives the mind something to focus on while we learn to find the gap between our breaths and thoughts.

As you inhale your light, see it and feel it filling your body. Holding it in, imagine your body glowing and vibrating - See it / Feel it / Become one with it. Exhaling you are moving with your breath. Now as it dissipates into nothing go with it and dissipate into nothing too. As you practice you will find that you dissipate into the joy of empty bliss. Each time you experience this joy your skill grows because many small spaces add up to large gaps.

The Star Meditation is an evolving meditation. With practice, this meditation can help you learn to better control your thoughts and empty bliss. It is a method to learn self control. The Star Meditation is a basic tool which evolves as our skills do. We simply add on to the meditation as we learn. After some practice you can add sound, movement and more visualization to it. This meditation works very well with Tai Chi or Qi Gong.

This meditation has many healthy side effects. I am calling them side effects because we are using it to find inner peace. The inner dialog is not the same thing people are calling their inner voice of intuition. The inner dialog descriptions block out your inner voice of intuition. This deep inner voice has many benefits too and empty bliss will help you to find this. There are more aspects of mind than we have words for and so sometimes the same names are used for different concepts.

Empty bliss and the Triad of Creation are core tools of a system used to achieve self realization. This system is designed around the 7 laws of nature as supposedly written down by Hermes. What people are calling the Law of Attraction is a combination of several of these 7 laws.

10 Techniques to help you achieve inner silence without meditating:

  1. Sing the same sequence of notes over and over again in a monotonous entrancing way to bore yourself. After a little time inner silence will come upon you and carry you into your gap. This used to happen to me when I was a child (my singing sucks) and frighten me very much, because I had no clue what was happening. As soon as I got old enough to examine it and decided that I like it, it stopped and I lost it for many years. Strange, but true and I do not know why it happened that way? But I have figured how. Bore your ego enough and it may ignore you. Empty Bliss can come upon you in a sudden flash or ease in gently, either way is fine. Do not be frightened by your own mind, learn to control it.
  2. Balance and walk on a fallen tree. The idea here is that while you maintain inner silence you easily maintain balance, the instant you think you unconsciously re-adjust your balance and momentarily lose balance. With some practice you begin to weave the balance and inner silence together in your mind and find you can do it walking anywhere, anytime.
  3. Bend your fingers into a slightly tense position and hold it. Keep your focus on the feeling of your tense fingers, but do not push it to the point of pain. Your mind will be filled with this and naturally begin to ignore inner dialog. After some practice and time you will weave the feeling in your fingers and inner silence into one in your mind. This also teaches you to achieve inner silence in your daily life.
  4. Playing music. If you play an instrument and become one with the music while you play it, you are already silencing your mind.
  5. Being in the Now - completely focus on the moment as is natural when you experience joy. When riding a roller coaster all of your attention is on the experience as it is happening, this is being completely in the moment. This is Zen - when you pour water focus your attention on only pouring water. For a period of time do not allow yourself to be preoccupied with anything. This is a form of empty bliss. We have five forms or ways to use empty bliss, but before this will make sense you will need to experience it.
  6. Let an ant crawl on your skin or have someone tickle you with a feather. Focus on this feeling to keep your mind busy while you slide into the gap between your thoughts. This is based on one of Shiva's instructions, he has 112 of them written in an ancient book titled Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, in which he answers his wife's questions on self realization.
  7. Look at an optical illusion of motion and let it pull you in. As the image pulls your focus, inner dialog is ignored and slips away. If this technique makes you feel uncomfortable or ill, please do not use it.
  8. Awaken within a dream becoming slightly lucid, stop the dream by focusing on a single point only (spin in circles). Feel the gap this creates and remember to remember this dream when you awaken. This is a way of finding empty bliss within the context of a dream. Bring it back from the dream by practicing it in the lucid dream (same as you would practice spinning in circles while awake to remember it when asleep and dreaming). For naturally gifted lucid dreamers.
  9. Imagine yourself as a body of light. See the energy in two streams flowing through you in a DNA pattern, connecting at seven points in your body. Start at your heart and feel it open, then beginning from the bottom up click on each energy center until you get to the crown, then shoot out of the top of your head. Explode into a shower of light sparkling and dissipate into pure potential. Feel this experience, it is a form of empty bliss. This is also a healing technique when you shower your body rather then dissipate into space. This visualization technique is also borrowed from Shiva. Warning: be careful playing with your Serpent Energy (Kundalini / Shakti energy) before purifying your light (energy circuit) body (a block may cause a burning sensation or pain).
  10. Look at things in reverse. By that I mean, when looking at a flower (or anything) we naturally focus on the petals and leaves the sunlight is shining on, while the shadows are secondary. Just like you would with an optical illusion, mentally switch it in reverse and focus on the shadows as primary while making the sunlit petals and leaves a secondary part of the background. If you understand my meaning, try it and you may be amazed at how powerful something so simple can be? You will find that to click your mental perspective to see this way you will also be clicking off inner dialog. To See in reverse the mental descriptions are automatically stopped. This is the skill used for the ability of Seeing, as in the term Seer. To See things in reverse is a slightly more advanced form of inner silence, but some may have a natural tendency for this and if so can use it to experience the feeling of empty bliss. As you learn to use the different tools you will find that many link and work together to increase self awareness.

Use any of these techniques that work for you. There are many other ways to achieve inner silence. With some experience you can make up your own. I think one of the problems people have achieving empty bliss is that the may not understand what empty bliss / inner silence is and expect something more. Inner silence is a key skill in many religions and systems of magic, but it is also very natural and easy to do. We are socially conditioned to believe that inner silence has no value, but that could not be farther from the truth.

Use your special gifts and talents in the ways that work best for you, there are as many paths as there are people and more. There is no one right way, what ever works best for you. We can use our senses to distract and hold our focus to ignore inner dialog until it slows. It will never cease for long and comes back in a heartbeat or in a breath. Inner silence is always a work in progress, at least its been for me. As you may have noticed I like to work with Light which is a symbol of Awareness. The two major forces employed in this system are Light and Love, for two major reasons.

Love and Light

  1. They are the Way to self realization and ultimately god within.
  2. They are the two most powerful spiritual forces in the universe, bar none.

Forces of nature are studied in more detail with the triads as skills advance.

Empty bliss is a primary skill which will allow one to learn and use several very powerful spiritual (magical) tools. Self realization is a very personal journey. Self realization leads to liberation, as explained by Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal in the study of Tantra.

The Five Spokes of Empty Bliss are five ways to use this skill after we learn it. These more advanced tools are not included here.

This hub page does not support or lean towards any one religion or system of magic. This will work within the context of any belief system that can allow.

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Expbutterfly | Source

© 2011 Randy Hirneisen


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    • Randy Horizon profile imageAUTHOR

      Randy Hirneisen 

      7 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thank you Perfumer

    • perfumer profile image


      7 years ago from California

      Good work! I am sure this hub will help many to achieve inner silence. Voted up and look forward to reading more of your hubs.


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