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Learn to Slide your Awareness

Updated on March 14, 2015

Reality is a Bubble

Dream on
Dream on | Source

Sliding thru inner space

Blood vessels is the name of this picture
Blood vessels is the name of this picture | Source

Star Meditation

Star Meditation - Breath Light

  1. Inhale slowly and deeply for a count of five.
  2. Hold your breath for a count of five.
  3. Exhale slowly for a count of five.
  4. No breath for a count of five.
  5. Repeat for several minutes until calm.

In Motion

Moving fast
Moving fast | Source

Slide into your gap

Slide into your inner gap.
Slide into your inner gap. | Source

Sliding Awareness

Sliding across the ice of your imagination you find a gaping hole in the center ... calling to you. No matter how carefully you skirt around this black hole you know you will eventually fall in. Before you take the plunge and drown in your sea of potential, you need to learn to swim.

Before I say anything more I want you to know a few things.

  1. Sliding is extremely fun to do.
  2. Sliding can distract you and trap you.
  3. There are several levels to this skill.
  4. You can do a mild form of this without knowing Empty Bliss or how to See.
  5. This is just another tool along the path to self realization, another side effect.

Sliding is an extension of Empty Bliss

  1. Finding empty bliss we learn to See ourselves and the world without description.
  2. Using focused imagination (visualization) imagine yourself as energy or light.
  3. Notice that your awareness is a point of light and moves free or at will.
  4. First See this in mind, now feel the sensation of the movement.
  5. Feels like sliding on ice.
  6. Allow yourself to Slide free and just experience this.
  7. Learn to control this movement with your imagination.

You will find you can slide your point of awareness to any point of your body.

Play with this and learn how these different positions feel.

Find the position that feels best and allows you to function best, both mentally and physically.

This is your lock-in spot, remember it.

Every dimension of reality has this best lock-in position and you want to find it and use when traveling there.

You will find that sliding different directions has different results.

We have created a rough map, you should create your own.

Sliding into other dimensions is actually easier than sliding in the physical world.

Sliding your point of awareness out of your body and around the world is a form of astral projection.

Instructions to Slide

  • Use Star Meditation / Breathing Light or another technique to find empty bliss.
  • See without descriptions.
  • See yourself as a single point of awareness and Slide.
  • Feel yourself sliding.
  • It is that easy.

This is great for people who study silent mind and have experience with it.

But, there is another way to Slide that is a little less potent, but still fun and useful.

Using imagination only we can learn to Slide without even going into empty bliss.

Using Day Dreams to Slide.

  1. Use deep breathing to calm yourself as much as possible.
  2. Imagine yourself as a ball or point of light.
  3. Move this ball of light around your body and feel it.
  4. Allow yourself to slide freely and just experience it.
  5. Now use your focus to move your ball of light in the direction you desire.

This is the same thing without the clear focus of silent mind.

You are a point of awareness of the creator and you can move this point with your free will.

As you can imagine this leads to much more.

You can slide and ride on sound vibrations to make it a bit easier.

There are at least seven ways we can use this concept. Below are three, the others can be learned as you go.

  1. Travel in dreams and also in the world.
  2. Sliding polarities and concepts as a form of self therapy.
  3. Sliding desires into your life.

Moving different directions has different effects and can be used to alter awareness in many ways. Drugs effect people because the body has these drugs within it. Sliding you can experience this state of mind without taking the drugs. This can be used for pain relief and stress or to simply to feel high. This is just the beginning and the easiest way to use Sliding.

This spread like wild fire in my local area because many want to get high without taking drugs. This is the most unproductive way to use this, but can be much fun. As you play with it you will find these positions for yourself.

Someone once told me that the ultimate high would be one that its effects could be turned on and off at will and without ill health effects and also legal. This is it my friends. Truth is you can get much higher without drugs than you can using them.

Another way to use this is to Slide into an REM dream while remaining awake. Slide into a lucid dream and explore, you may or may not fall asleep.

Sliding becomes more powerful when we travel to other dimensions and meet others or even other versions of ourselves. There is a popular technique being marketed that we all have heard of that teaches a technique to reach other dimensions. I do not know this technique and have no idea of the method they use to achieve it, but I would guess there are common points to both. Does not matter how you get to the garden, its the fact that you have arrived that is most important.

Sliding polarities and concepts is using triads to cause effects in yourself and in life. This is an exercise in self control.

Sliding polarities and making them into triads leads to sliding desires into your life.

Sliding begins as a fun daydream that builds over time into a powerful tool of self control.

Effortless Silence

Concept bubbles

Sliding Polarities
Sliding Polarities | Source

Sliding Polarities

What I mean by sliding polarities is simply to use imagination to slide a desire to yourself. For example say it is a hot day and you want to feel cooler. You could use the triad of See/Feel/Be to first see or visualize a symbol of cool like an ice cube within your mind (See it). Next imagine how ice feels to you, cool and soothing (Feel it). Finally pretend you are experiencing the feeling of cool .. be cool within your mind (Be it).

Now using the concept of the triad imagine you are sliding your desire to yourself. Always focus on what you desire rather than the negative you are trying to overcome. Because what you focus on is what you will attract. Focus on the positive, not the negative.

With practice and clear focus you will begin to experience it. I realize on the surface this sounds silly and too easy, but with time and practice it begins to work. This is the magic of your mind. All magic is really just your own mind. Any object used to achieve this is only a symbol you are using to help you experience it within your own mind. All is mind and patterns of mind. Our belief is the cement that solidifies it for us. This concept of sliding polarities can be used with anything we desire. And symbols can help us focus, as does strong emotion (feel). The magic is truly mind - more to the point self control of your own mind. And this is what I mean by Triads of Creation, using them in different ways to achieve different results. The true mystery of magic is the mystery of your own mind.

Strange thing is this is also a goal setting formula and sounds a bit like the law of attraction. Hmm, funny how it all begins to click together and make sense in a new light. Or we could call it sorcery of light, as it's all just different words to express the same basic skills being practiced and perceived in different ways.

In a way we are just building on the same skills a child uses to pretend. Pretend it is real until it becomes real for us. The clearer we can focus the faster we can learn to slide it into our lives. As I said, belief is the cement that makes it real for us. Within the arena potent mind.

Rotred Snakes Pack

Illusion art in motion
Illusion art in motion | Source

7 Gates of advanced Sliding

Ray of empty bliss
1. Perceptions
Slide to new perception
Detached Focus
towards yourself
2. Polarities
Slide polarity or concept
Detached focus
towards yourself
3. Location
Slide imagination to new location of any reality
Detached focus / becoming
slide yourself / movement
4. Self Control
Slide emotions or thoughts
Detached focus
towards yourself
5. Vital Energy
slide both female & male energy on DNA tree
Now in moment
up & down, click on chakras
6. Link
Slide point of awareness into another
outwards & inwards together
7. Detach
Slide concepts or emotions
Detached focus / Now
away from yourself

Advanced Sliding Techniques

As you can see from the chart above there is much more that can be done with this tool. There is even more than those seven, the only limitation is imagination when you begin learning it. I realize several of these are very similar, but there are important differences in them. This is a subject that can not truly be explained. Sliding must be practiced to learn and understand, as words do not do it justice. The table above is just a glimpse of where this is going. I will say it is always best to slide positive goals towards yourself, but there are a few instances when that is not enough. That I why I saved the Gate of Detachment for last, as if not done correctly it can cause the opposite of what you seek. There is much power in this skill, but only as much as you allow and give to it. Once again, the magic is You and your mind.

Flower of your mind

Flower and butterfly
Flower and butterfly | Source

An experience of sliding polarities.

The other night I was at work and I went outside to take a break. It was very cold, 14 degrees and I was alone. I was wearing only a thin sweat shirt. So I decided to warm myself up by sliding heat. I unfocused my eyes and mind and imagined a fire burning far in the distance. As I slowly slid the fire towards myself I felt its heat warming my body. I felt the heat growing in intensity as it moved closer and closer to me and then I imagined that I was on fire. I let it burn for a few minutes until my break was over. When I went inside and got back to work, forgetting about the experience and focusing on my work, I notice that I still felt hot for a long while. The secret is to slowly slide the object to yourself and feel it grow in intensity as it comes near. I have been playing with this for over twenty years and so its very easy for me, but when I began I could only do it while I was meditating. I also cannot do this when I am talking with others, as I am focused on them and what we are talking about. But as simple as this is, it does work with clear focus and practice.

Sliding down the walls of my mind

Randy on Wall of China Beijing.
Randy on Wall of China Beijing. | Source

© 2015 Randy Hirneisen


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    • Randy Horizon profile imageAUTHOR

      Randy Hirneisen 

      3 years ago from Philadelphia

      Hi people. There is more I can write about this subject. Please post any questions or suggestions and I may include them in the article. Thanks for reading my hubs.


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