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Living within your proper stage of life

Updated on August 14, 2010
My Dad was so angry after WW2, until he found his place in life some 20 years later.
My Dad was so angry after WW2, until he found his place in life some 20 years later.


Most of you that have read any of my blogs realize that I've taken you through a portal into my life. As we grow mentally and physically or learning capacity seems to slow down some what. It's not that we are getting dumber or lazy It's the bodies way of regulating our known universe as it applies to us and no one else.

Looking back on my own life one of the first and most important traits that seem to diminish is your sex drive. Just place yourself in a 4dr sedan instead of that Corvette. We do just fine at the speed we go if we grow into it peacefully and remember were not following behind were were springing ahead into a more proper state of being.

Now your asking yourself right about know where did I get all this crap from. Its yours when your ready to see it and only you. For every person moves through this worldly position as an individual to our own sole. The view from your eyes changes constantly as you grow personally. The neat part is that your not supposed to know that your going through this change until your ready and old enough to handle the change. Being young gives you all the tools you need to fight off wars against what ever your demons are and where ever you are in life.

Now here's the fun part, one day you slowly wake up and start seeing things just a little different. Pretty slow at first and I'm sure you didn't tell anyone about it. As you grow into your maturity Kids start to aggravate you because there so me me, your own parents come closer to thinking like you that your younger brother or sister .Most of all those jobs that you have been breaking your bake at for 30 years just don't seem that important anymore. Are your fellow workers starting to really piss you off now and your friends don't invite you to parties anymore. Get used to it, you will meet new and more exciting friends and although they may not ,be going through the same stuff as you because its different for each and every one of us.

Do you find one of your friends that sounds like he's lost his rice picking mind and is doing the most stupid things as of late. Well keep an eye on him,and watch for a glimpse of happiness that you never seen before.The working force is geared around young people highly educated and super motivated. What happens when everyone is the same, some day way into the future when all personalities are standard SOP for those in the know.

Is this starting to ring any bells yet, where are you in the time continuum just starting your new carrier, or wishing you could just quit. Well relax and smell the roses all things come to you when its supposed to and not before. Don't get frustrated with your station in life because it simply belongs to you and nobody else. Not moving up that chain fast enough, or someone else with less experience is moving at light speed and is going to be your boss, don't get pissed you can't do a damn thing about it.

Your time is just that and no one else can do the special job that your supposed to have it just takes time and it may not be in the carrier you picked, your destination will choose you my friend you have no control over it. There may not be a gold Cadillac in your future but listen God has a plan for you and you just have to quit fighting so hard and accept it.

Getting sick at retirement age is not my cup of tea, but it has helped me open up the proper pathway to the rest of my life. I know there is a lot of people that are sick and think that I'm full of crap, but if you have the will to see it through you will be where your supposed to be not every job is here on earth. Your faith belongs to you and no mortal can criticize it or refuse it to be.


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    hump 7 years ago

    you are right Mickey. Mike thinks that way about his job. Give him a pep talk. tell him it will come to him. thanks for watching out for Jr.