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Magical Words And Virtual Images

Updated on July 12, 2011

magical words and virtual images

When I came across the law of attraction, they said, your own thoughts are responsible for your life. But then I thought, language is created by man and it's not natural. So how nature can understand that language? So I came across the conclusion that not thoughts but actually the feelings because of those thoughts are creating our future. They said, as long as you stay within that happy feelings, you will attract more happy events and situations that will keep you within that same state of emotions. But practically it is not possible to stay happy all the time. Sometimes there is no any reason to be happy. Then how we can smile and stay happy? Sometimes it looks like fool! We are laughing purposely within a sad situation. I was afraid. I thought that if I can't stay happy, then I will attract more bad situations towards me. But finally I know that, its totally wrong that feeling creates the more situations of same feeling in future. It's look like feelings are manifesting but no it's not.

Actually Yes! Virtual images manifest all the things. Sometimes bad things happen even when we are happy. Why? Answer is because of virtual images. Virtual images within our faith are actually the true language of God. And its very important when you are asking something to the universe that you must ask it with the language of God. Repetition of that virtual image is very important, and then we can consider that virtual image as a faith. The proof of the true faith is a manifestation.

Now, we know that the virtual images are important more than anything. But, you know what do you really want? I mean your virtual image must be so specific that, God or universe can understand it. For example when you are talking with your teacher on biology, you don't talk one line immediately on chemistry and then next line again on biology and then again on chemistry and then on mathematics. Your teacher can never understand you and then he/she will not be able give you a proper guidance. So first take your time. Think over your life and the things that you want in your life. Make the list of your subjects that you want to change in your life. God or universe will give you a proper guidance, if you tell him what you want in clear and specific words.

Magical words are very very important regarding this. The perfect virtual image gets created by the perfect thoughts. The perfect thought created with specific assertive positive words in a present tense and is called as magical words. Repetition of these magical words is responsible for the magic. If you want something to happen so precisely, magical words are the perfect option for it. So create magical words, repeat them. The energy required to manifest something, gains required amount because of the repetition of the magical words. So this is the quickest way to manifest something. Another benefit of this method is there is no any need to stay within a happy state of emotions to do this. You can do this in your bad mood and emotions. You are sad at the same time you want to change something like magic. Then don't be afraid. Start taking the name of God. Repeat magical words for 1 to 2 hours or 2000-2500 times. Within that period of time the thing that you want to be manifest gains the required amount of energy.

Do the real magic with me. Read my hubs regarding this. Have a nice day, keep smiling, and take care.


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    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      I want to learn magic

    • profile image

      Law of Attraction Expert 8 years ago

      True, the law of attraction responds to feeling and not words. It is ok to feel bad occasionally, luckly for us we live in a universe that takes a little time to manifest our thoughts. The Law of attraction will still bring us what we need. Even if it is bad, it is the bad things that might be for our best good. Surrender and positively looking at a bad experience is where the true power comes from.