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How To Do Real Magic?

Updated on November 23, 2011
How to do real magic?
How to do real magic? | Source

A wish upon a star!!!

I remember myself in a situation where I need a real magic!!! n that’s how I came across it. So in fact magic is everywhere in our life. But we don't consider it as a magic because we think it's obvious or we think anything can happen in this world soooo..... But what I want to say with the word ‘magic’ is …’’consciously creating the virtual situation within your mind to make it happen into reality, when there is no any reason or logic behind that situation to come into reality ’’. Impossible becomes possible. And from my own experience, remember!!! Believe it or not magic 100% works. And if you don’t believe it, then you will miss the magic of life.

It’s difficult if you are ‘emotional’ kind of person or if you are thought addict. First of all decide ‘WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT???’ in clear words and images. Then when anything opposite to that words and images comes in your mind “SAY NO TO IT…and say IT’S NOT WHAT I WANT…’’ and then leave that thought. Again come to the images and words that THAT YOU REALLY WANT.

WAIT…WAIT for some time. The vibrational energy will increase within that period. My own experience says it took maximum 30-40 days and minimum 1 day to happen magic. Soooooo don’t get disappointed if you can’t see the results. If you disappoint, magic will not happen. It’s a perfect balance of mind. There are so many things n ways to achieve this perfect balance. But the simplest method is, ‘Just ask yourself, what you really want???’ and always think about what you want, focus on the things that you do want.

In simple words just hold on to the thought what you want, making absolute clear in your mind want you want.

I also want to say

Life is not easy. Magic is the hope. Someday everything will be there what you want. It's not easy at first to control your mind. But you can do it. Make magical mind your nature. Practice makes man perfect. So what kind of practice you have to do for making your mind magical? First of all relax. If we say then everything is easy or then everything is difficult. So relax it's so easy. Say your mind, doing magic is so easy and you are free to do everything on this earth. Now, you are magician and everything is on your fingertips. So you can relax. Just give some time to your magical mind to think positively and do magic. Think for some minutes about life. You will find life is so mysterious. You have no any answers for some basic questions of the life. You can feel this life and its events as virtual. Virtual images are everything. You don't need to be happy now to make something good to happen in reality. Just there is a need to watch proper virtual images in front of your virtual eye sight. Visualization is everything. Make efforts to always watch the virtual images that you want to happen with you in reality. Real magic is the visualization and the visualization is the real magic. The most exciting thing is that there is no any need to control your emotions while doing that. Just hold on that virtual image what you want with any emotions. In the secret movie they say you must happy now to make something good in future. But if you are in such a situation that you can't be happy, then also don't worry. Just visualize what you want in front of your virtual eye sight. You can do it. If you can do it, it will happen. If you can't, it is not going to happen. So think about the mystery of life and make the determination of your mind. If you seen it in front of your virtual eye sight, then you are going to hold it in your reality. Every magic whatever is the method basically based upon this law. So remember virtual images are everything. Always think and watch "what do you really want". I you can't make proper virtual image in front of your eyes then use the magical words. These are the words saying what you want. Create magical words and repeat them over and over in your mind. You will find taking these words in your mind is difficult. If such thing is not going to happen, but remember you want to do magic. And magic means the making impossible possible. Take your magical words, even if you will find taking them is difficult or not logical. Nothing is logical in this world except the truth of God. Remember the logic behind the magic is just a magic and nothing else. Magic word itself reflects something beyond your logic. If you changed your life with my magic tips then it will make me so happy. You can do it. Life is magical.

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    • profile image

      Rhonda lou Devitt 2 years ago

      I want too be happy forever hows that happen

    • profile image

      greenwoman 4 years ago

      Okay, I know that magic is real, I have experienced it myself, and I know it takes practice to be good at it. But what I don't know, and I was hoping someone could tell me, is what is actually possible? What are the outer limits of what can be acheived using magic? I know people can read minds, find lost objects, get jobs, heal, become 'invisible' (not actually dissapear, just kind of fade into the background), etc, but what else? Can we move physical objects with magic? Can we influence major world events? Make plants grow really quickly? Regrow limbs etc?

    • profile image

      ferreolla 5 years ago

      This story is about magic. There was a magic man that was good at magic.He had a wand on his hand.And he said magic words.

    • profile image

      nahla 6 years ago

      please help me i need do magic

    • profile image

      seun 6 years ago


    • ForgedWarrior profile image

      ForgedWarrior 6 years ago from Earth

      Cool post. Magick is something that I'm just learning about. I've had experiences though that make me KNOW it is real.

    • profile image

      mohamed aasil 6 years ago

      i want to do magic

    • profile image

      Rath 6 years ago

      truth is magic my belief is that once you break the ties of what we was raised to believe was reality a whole new world arises a magical world full of otherworldly beings some good others not so much but its the truth and people today choose not to believe because the world of magic is frightning if your not truely ready to accept it

    • Shahid Bukhari profile image

      Shahid Bukhari 7 years ago from My Awareness in Being.

      Follow the Path of Truth ... its much more Powerful than any Magic ...

    • profile image

      brittany 7 years ago

      sooo i free my mind and then do..its like im in a box but need to be on the outside of this box..humm idk