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The Next Three Years

Updated on September 2, 2014

Perception - Illusion

Pic from Prof. Akiyoshi Kitaoka  visual perception - visual illusion
Pic from Prof. Akiyoshi Kitaoka visual perception - visual illusion

The next three years ...............

Channelled from Higher Beings

We live in evolving times and very interesting times. As part of my blueprint I have been enabled to channel information from off planet beings - or Higher beings as I like to describe them.

The majority of these channellings which have been received since 1994 have been made into two books both of which are still available on the net or from my website. But from time to time I have channelled information in question and answer sessions for colleagues. This particular information below was given to me October 09 and will be particularly interesting for anyone who has already researched or found the information about the Planet Nibiru which is on a 3,600 year spherical orbit and is due in our vicinity some time soon. Many are connecting this event in with the Mayan Calendar that gives warning of a different cycle for our planet or rather the old present one ending then.

Question - Who are you and where are you from?

Answer - We are here to assist you break through all of the barriers that are preventing you from being who you truly are. We are from your outer regions of space time. We do not originate from the same quarters of the galaxy as yourselves. We are known as the Watchers, we have been called The Keepers of the Peace. We do not carry an agenda which does not warrant your being in touch with ourselves. We are aware that the reason that you are asking is that recently you have been researching many other contactees and people who have been abducted. We do not abduct. We have never abducted. We do not consider that a way of finding peace for all of our races.

We come in peace, we have always come in peace, we do not adulterate our words so that you believe us. We know that you know us, you do not need to believe us.

Question - When you are telling us to become who we truly are, meditate, operate on our highest vibration - is this because we can change the outcome of the events that are being prophesised and talked about the time of now ?

Answer - The reason that we ask you to become who you truly are is that by doing so you will also connect with your pasts and know that the outcome is ordained. When we say "become who you truly are" we are expecting of you what you know. You already have in your blueprints all of the answers. When you speak to us through your masks and the mouths of your shadow selves then we know that you are asking all of the wrong questions. We are at liberty to be here as a sounding board which means that we can not lead you to all of your questions. We have said many times that it is not the answers that are important but that you are aware of the questions that indeed require asking.

Question - I read recently of someone who came forward from what he/she said was one of the bloodline families that are given the task to set the rules of the game on planet earth so that we can find the truth. Is this true. Was he/she a true source of information for us?

Answer - The person who came forward did know some of the truth but as always he/she did not have all of the answers himself/herself. This is because through the leading families in the game, there has also been a truth told. This truth has been told and re told many times and it is as is the game of chinese whispers manipulated through personalities. Not necessarily through not being adept at hearing but through a need to manipulate to adjust the truth to a more acceptable level. This has happened many times and the truth now is not the truth at all but it does have a resemblance of some sort of truth.

Question - Can you give me some of the pieces that were either left out or now need re adjusting so that we understand the real truth?

Answer - The real truth does not come from others, it will come as you unravel your own blueprints. They are coiled up inside of your own subconscious minds, all ready to uncoil and play out their parts in this end game. It is indeed an end game. Part of the priorities that are required is that there begins to be a more level playing field. For some this means getting off their high horses so to speak and beginning to realise that all are equal and this end game will give no one a priority ticket. There are no priority tickets. There are many folk who are relying on getting out of the main firing line before the fireworks begin. This will not be what will happen. The fireworks will begin much before they see the writing on the wall. This writing on the wall will be there for all to see. There will be no fixed seating or penalties.

At the moment many of your hierarchies seek to give a penalty to those who at the moment have not got any of the information. This will not work for anybody can be manipulated by extreme energetic performance to know everything in an instant. This will indeed upset the applecart of the deadlines that your so called master families have given themselves. They have much planned, some above ground, some below but they will not find salvation there.

Salvation can only be found by changing resonance. Changing resonance does not take a lot of effort it can be carried out through a lot of meditation and changing of opinions and attitude. It can also be carried out through being around when the "bell tolls". The bell tolling will be when we are able to send massive waves of energy through to the lines that have been prepared and will receive the gift of God. We call this the gift of God for this is what is coded into your so called Bible. It is well hidden in prose and too much adulteration but the word of God is a resonance. It comes from the Creator. Everything around you and within you is part of the resonance of the Creator but at the moment you have only one or two wirings holding the resonance in place. We will be rewiring and sending a resonance of which you have never heard.

Question - Is this the state of grace, Holy Order of which you speak in the manuscript you gave me as "One and All"?

Answer - This state of grace is what will occur when all are receiving this hum/sound/resonance. It will come all at once in one final moment of hearing the siren call. We have spoken of this. There have been many small resonance upgradings, this is why the energy of the planet earth is changing and becoming more highly frequenced. We have been upgrading the energies for many years. You are now ready for the final siren call. This one will be the final call for those who are willing to take back their proper mantles of peace and energetic balance. At this moment it is possible to fall in line with peace, love, charity and bliss all in one moment. It will come. For some this will be a pleasant sensation of which they have never known the taste. For others it will come as no surprise for they have been hearing the call for many years and know the feel and the clarity of this call. These who have known the call will immerse themselves in this resonance with no resistance. Those who have never known this calling will not resist as such but will not be able to endure this feeling for very long. They will be left with a feeling of having known something special but will not be able to hold this feeling. Those who embrace this feeling will know nothing else and will be able to stay within this vibration. They will be allowed to alter their status and become 5th dimensional beings in there own right. This can happen for anyone who has already opened all of the chakra system and is becoming a light being. It is not impossible to allow this to happen even now in this last chapter of the age.

Question - So are you saying that the ones that control this planet who are not coming from service to others are not able to hold this vibration and so all of there planning will be in vain?

Answer - This is what we are saying, the gist of what we are saying is simple - if you cannot hold a high vibration then your fate is sealed whether you are a bloodline family, a prime minister, a vicar or a prisoner of the system. There are many more prisoners of the system that can hold this vibration than those that hold them prisoners. We have no herarchy. There is no position or place in your system that will protect any one. There are no survivors within the 3D world. You will all be moved on in some way. It is your choice which way you will go. You can choose to be made into the etheric field of your planet which will hold many souls until the end game has played out its worst features. You can choose to be taken to a higher frequency field where you will enjoy your soujourn within the more higher frequency life pursuits. This is one of the best choices for all of you. You can also choose to play a part in the end game healing field which will be present very soon after the earth has been re-birthed. Those who join the healing field will also rest a while until the energies are re-kindled. They will then be able to assist in the re-balancing of the earth planes so that new games can begin at some time in the future. This end game has many scenarios which are yet to occur. Be ready for the journey, enjoy the journey, do not be afraid for fear is the worst enemy of your planet earth planes. We know that many are afraid, just be prepared for your earthly journey as if you know the train is about to crash. You can deal with this when it comes, you just have to be more awake and disconnected from your more earthly journeys. What we are saying here is that you are all just a number on a roll call, your number will be called, this can not be avoided. All will be called and all will be tested as the resonance sweeps through your planet.

Question - This frequency that will sweep through the planet is this after many other events such as a mass sun corola ejection and a pole shift?

Before the final curtain Fall on our 3D World....

Answer - You will have many such events happen before the final curtain will fall on your 3D world. You are moving towards the galactic centre which will pull in many of the planets around you also. You cannot keep moving on this trajectory when your energy is weighted down. The frequency sweeping through your planet is the final curtain call, it is then that you will either hold the frequency or not. Hold on tight for this is a journey of a lifetime if not many lifetimes. You have chosen to be present when the final curtain falls. Do not regret this, it is not good to regret that you are here. If you regret that you are here you will forget why you are here. You have chosen to be part of the final act. The curtain will fall and be applauded. You are all destined for greater things, for greater things than these exist in so many ways for you. You have been subsisting in a body which did not serve you well. It served only the journey through to the higher planes where you are heading now. We can all see that many, many more people are waking up. We have wished and hoped for this. There will be a finale that was never enviisioned. Through more and more information becoming available there will be more and more people who will understand when the final curtain falls. It is important that people know when the play is finished, is that true, otherwise they will be left sitting in the theatre believing that the play will start again or there is more to the story line. There is no more to the story line. This is the final act until this play begins again at the beginning. It does not begin mid-act it begins at the beginning with another storyline and another set of players. Each play will have chosen to begin again, each actor will be there because they have asked to be there.

Question - Are you talking about the new actors being those who do not hold the resonance?

Answer - The question is within the answer when you do not wish to begin on a new frequency then you will have the choice to start again on the old one.

Question - If you were here now on this planet as part of the human race, what question would you ask?

Answer - My questions would be much the same as yours for to be human means that you do not remember all of the information. We are helping you as much as we can. Do not tarry too long with these questions, you can receive more information in your daily lives by connecting to us and asking us in motion when you are doing almost any task and carrying out any job.

The Final Curtain Call

Question - I have learnt much recently about other beings/ET's being present on our planet in many different forms what do we need to know about these events if anything and are they affecting our personal journeys at all in the larger perspective of the final curtain call?

Answer - When the final curtain falls on the planet Earth in this time and place, the curtain falls for them also. Some are able to survive through a vibrational frequency rise but many will not. You have many beings on your planet who are seeking to control issues and have made friends of your 'enemies' they will not hold a higher frequency. At this moment is when all of your controlling masters will realise they chose the wrong frequency friends. Others who have channelled information and have had direct contact with the higher frequency beings will be well rewarded for their choices. All controlling entities will perish in the final curtain call. We classify this final curtain call as the finale. It will indeed be dramatic.

Question - Is there anything else that you can tell me about my own personal path now for the final three years so that I may be of use to others?

Answer - The final part of the journey for you will be to do with expanding information trails - these information trails have many beginnings and endings they do not travel in a straight line and some are not going anywhere. We must now ask that many of these trails be contained and joined together so that a comprehensive information journey is given to everyone. All of the information can be collated, it will be collated, it is not too late to get some sort of order into the information trail. The trail has many loose ends, these loose ends must be tied into the source journey. There is a source journey. Many of the channelled sources will be plated into the other threads this will give the threads of the journey more strength and more cohesion which is what is needed now. When the truth is allowed to be seen there is no doubt, it is because there are many different threads that there is still confusion. There are three sources of information that will be required to be threaded together. These are the scientific sources who have known the truth of the energy on your planet and within the cosmos but have withheld this information. There is the information that has been withheld from the history side of your planet and the lies of the religious groups. There is also us and other beings like us who have been helping to lay the information trail with direct contact with higher beings.

Question - Is there anything else that can be conveyed to us at this moment that will help us on our journey.

Answer - Be as one. If you always remember this you will be on a straight and narrow path, you will not falter along the way, you cannot.



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    • TheSloneGal profile image


      9 years ago

      Wow, very interesting stuff! I dont know what to think of all the "2012" stuff but this really was a good read that makes you think and wonder about it

    • profile image

      John Paily 

      10 years ago

      Hi Linda.

      There is lot of parallel between what is revealed to me and what you written. let God bless you, keep it up. There is hope for the world from enlightened workers

      wiht love and prayers

      John Paily

    • emohealer profile image

      Sioux Ramos 

      11 years ago from South Carolina


      I missed this when you published...most fitting that I find it now. When these things are channeled, they are still as riddles, yes? The understanding is indeed inside of us and for each we must "tune in" to "hear" what is for our individual selves along the way. The part that is truly for all is, to fear not, prepare now, and become as one. The latter being the hardest as so many fear losing their individuality, I can attest this is not the case at all. It is not a literal "one being" referred to it is "one" in the same truths and vibrations, resonating together. Thank You for sharing your channelings as this one in particular was very personal in it often, it holds your personal answers for your path and resonance. See you there, as we are already souls united as one for the final curtain call! Love and Light, Sue

    • rvsource profile image


      11 years ago

      That's very interesting reading. thanks


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