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Maxims of Spiritual Law: Basic Principles of Metaphysical Reality

Updated on March 8, 2013

If it works in law, it works here as well: learned conclusions that work so well, they're regarded as truisms. In this case, simple tenets indicating various spiritual facts, and used not only as an aide to memory and focus, but a catalyst for more realizations in tough situations. Appearances of these maxims failing are merely the result of a spurious causal experience; although convincing, those experiences are illusiory.

1) All is love.

2) Lovelessness (suckage, suffering, darkness) does not exist. Dress accordingly.

3) We are extensions of the Divine.

4) Love is our intrinsic nature.

5) We are unified consciousness. There are no exceptions.

6) All of Creation is perfect.

7) All of Creation derives from Love as its motivating factor.

8) Fact dispels fiction because the fictions never were.

9) Fiction and suffering are the same thing.

10) A choice for something (factual or otherwise) affirms it in our own perception.

11) Like begets like. Love begets positive things, and fictions would beget fictions if they existed.

12) Love increases; that is its nature.

13) Space and time are fictional, as they are arbitrary with regard to Love and therefore meaningless.

14) Fictions are assertions of meaningless contexts. As such, they have no meaning themselves.

15) The only real state, Eternity, is changeless. Its perfect love increases, but that is love's nature.

16) Spacetime never existed, and cannot last. Its total meaninglessness will become apparent to all.

17) Any explanation for suffering becomes meaningless by taking into account that which is unreal.

18) That which is unworthy of us does not exist, and vice-versa. (See also Maxim 7.)

19) Creation as it is truly (the perfect grace of Eternity) is the only thing that is worthy of us.

20) Our illusory choice for fiction will never satisfy us; that isn't our nature.

21) A choice within the context of a given level of fiction is a choice to exist at that level of fiction. (Neither answer to, "Have you stopped beating your spouse?" is useful.)

22) A choice for fiction is, itself, a fictional choice.

23) Fictional choices seem to make sense until evaluated in the context of a greater level of fact. (See also Maxim 8.)

24) The manifestations of a fictional choice are exactly as strong as the choice made for it. (We were Created because, beyond Spacetime, the Divine was/is "wholely desirous" of us.)

25) A choice to reject the Divine, and the choice to accept nonexistent things (lovelessness, scarcity, dissatisfaction, etc.) into our experiences are the very same choice. (A rejection of Divine Will does not lead to suffering, it's the choice for suffering.)

26) Fictional choices are inherently destructive, and the one thing they are ultimately destructive to is themselves. Thus does their unreality manifest itself ab initio.

27) Love being greater than the illusions of Space and Time, a choice for Love can manifest outside of Spacetime and alter it, seemingly retroactively.

Antaeus was famed in Greek mythology for his tremendous strength.  When lifted away from his Mother Earth, the source of his power, he was weak as water.
Antaeus was famed in Greek mythology for his tremendous strength. When lifted away from his Mother Earth, the source of his power, he was weak as water.

28) The Antaeus Principle: Morphic fields are as strong as the degree of fact from which they spring. Since fiction can only be chosen halfheartedly at best, this results in a natural ordering of supremacy, with Divine Love being strongest and loveless fiction being intrinsically weakest.

29) When we use our Divinely-given co-creative abilities to spawn fictions, we magickally create a "What If" scenario branching off from whatever point we had been at, and opt into them (like the terms of a contract). We "stretch" ourselves, literally deviating from our truer nature. The "branches" are formed of our own consciousness itself. (See also Maxim 21.) As such, as "individuals" we are really a united consciousness, extruded into branches. We are, quite literally, each other (with nods to The Beautiful South).

Some commentary, by no means comprehensive:

Forget Maxim 7 and you have idolatry. Reason and logic are prevalent forms of idolatry, positing a basis whereby solutions occur as the result of something other than Love. Spacetime's particular favorite, causality (the myth that Event A causes Event B, which then causes Event C) is buck-passing at its most absurd.

Maxim 1 is really all one needs, provided one can stick to it.

Maxim 2 includes all problems; scarcity, fear, sadness, illness, death. The last was demonstrated by the Christian Resurrection, a Divine object lesson of Maxim 8 as an example to all.

Maxim 17 saves a lot of time when it comes to evaluating philosophies and religions. It merely expounds upon Maxim 2.

One application of Maxim 27 is to set up a feedback loop of Love that transcends Time, causing successively more worthwhile manifestations of our temporal experience past, present and future. These more successful timelines allow for more of a choice for Love, which again improves the temporal sequence of events, until eventually Space and Time are dispelled for the chooser. (This often referred to as Enlightenment, or Ascension into Heaven.) That is our ultimate goal, because ultimately the only true state of reality is the eternal Perfect Grace of Creation. Everything else is a perceptual illusion to some extent.


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    • Satori profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago from California

      Hi Phoenix,

      Love is a universal constant. It's this world that's unreal, because its underlying purpose is to obscure love. People may become increasingly blind to it, but that only makes this world all the more ephemeral. Imagine how well a plant would fare if it turned its leaves away from the sunlight rather than towards it.

      Yes, your experience sounds like a Kundalini Awakening. I'm no expert in them, but understand that it can be akin to squeezing the bud of a flower before it's ready to blossom - all that energy shooting up the chakras unprepared can blow them out, so to speak. It's not permanent, and you may want to seek a Reiki treatment to bring them back into alignment.

      Since my experience, I've been able to run Reiki energy most of the time. Today, as it happens, I'm both getting over a cold and recovering from a hangover. At times like this reaching for that Reiki energy is hindered - it feels energy-wise like all the air around me is made of styrofoam, and it's tougher to reach past it and access that energy. It can be scary, for someone used to being able to sense it all the time - like temporary blindness would throw the average person. But it's nice to know that it's still there, and it's just my ability to feel it that's being temporarily hampered.

      There have been times when I've been in a strong enough alignment with that Divine energy that it's literally dispelled hangovers and minor things like colds and flus outright. It's not that feeling empty is so much more powerful than Love, it's just a matter of... well, say you have two DJs on opposite sides of a dance hall. Which one sounds louder to you depends on where you're standing.

      There's nothing particularly worthy about the earth, or about Space or Time for that matter. One illusion's about as good as another, no? The constants, your inner consciousness and the Divine that's indelibly connected to it, are the real things. Try to find it and you're just resserting that you don't already have it - instead, just calmly know that it's there, and give it out to others in your thoughts, words and deeds as best you can. You'll pick up the tune again, because it's impossible to lose it entirely. Don't let the apparent absence of that Divine energy scare you - that's what the experience is trying to do, and that experience is just a manufactured illusion. (And it's one that I'm feeling to a certain extent as I write this too, so don't think I'm talking down to you.) It will pass - and it's possible to save time and celebrate its passing even before it's gone. That usually helps. =)

      Be well,

      - Satori

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      I experienced something similar to what you guys have experienced at the beginning of 2008, late January. There had been a question that I had always wanted answered. It was about my family situation and the pain and awkward detachment that it had caused me throughout my entire 18 years. My question was about how someone can be your flesh and blood and yet mistreat you like it was their divine right, and then still say that they loved you. About how is it that my mother can break away from the cycle of pain that was her life growing up, but yet my father cannot, and would rather I and my brother suffer as he did. My big question was how can my family say that they love when their behavior says to me otherwise? Do they in fact love?

      The night this happened, I was reading a book that elaborated on the ideas of Edgar Cayce. I had been reading the chapter on compassion. He was describing Jesus Christ, about how he cried with others and laughed with others. I had never experienced this with the bulk of my family and it made me realize something that I would never allow myself to grasp. . . they did not love. How could they? And as soon as I realized this my body began to vibrate and hum and shake like a live wire. I didn’t truly know what was happening to me. The energy I felt vibrating throughout my body was similar to the feeling I had started to get while meditating during 2007 but way more intense. Then I felt a wave of energy trying to force its way up my spinal column and it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. To be frank it was painful, like my nervous system was being fried. Throughout this entire process I was hyperventilating and my hands would form into fists. I wanted so desperately to tear down the walls around me, the walls in me and others that blinded us from each other and who we truly are. I thought I was having some sort of psychotic break. I began thinking about all of the pain that I have witnessed myself and through other people and began to cry uncontrollably. I saw for the first time, truly saw, that it was sorrow that united us all; I saw that the earth itself sung a song of sorrow, but it didn’t have to, it could be a song of joy. I felt that I was crying with and for the world so that it could come to its senses. I also saw that there were cords that linked us to each other that caused us pain and sorrow and I wanted to sever them, to release us, but I also knew that the burden was on those people to sever the cord, not on me. And this caused me sadness, because I knew that many weren’t willing, that my blood relatives weren’t willing. And I found myself cutting the cords that bound me to them. This energy forcing itself past all of the blockages that I had been harboring felt to me like it was never going to stop. So I woke up my mom and then in her presence it slowly subsided and my body calmed. I later found out that the experience is termed a Kundalini Awakening.

      In your experiences you guys described feeling connected to joy and happiness but all I felt connected to was pain and sorrow; darkness instead of light. I tell myself that I tasted the nature of the world, but I did not taste the divine. And I haven’t been the same again. I have periodically been going in and out of dark nights of the soul, described by St. John of the Cross. I have also felt isolated and at a distance from everything around me. I have been feeling that I am no longer rooted to the earth anymore, like I’m just floating through space. And I find it very disconcerting.

    • Satori profile imageAUTHOR


      13 years ago from California

      Keeping this stuff, the big stuff, hidden has led to the world we see around us. We talk more about McDonalds than we do about the nature of reality. As a result, people have more unhealthy choices than they do worthwhile situations. If people started talking about this, it would soon be accepted as commonplace. It worked for terrorism, didn't it? Now we can hear about casualty reports and swaths of destruction and hardly bat an eye. It's something like the near-future as described in the Terminator movies, isn't it?

      I'd love it if we'd make a conscious Choice for dealing with Creation as it actually is, and not in terms of a spurious, unsatisfying, and irrelevant model that has become "accepted". The Divine Facts of Creation don't change - people can only live apart from them, individually and collectively, at their own detriment. This is why dysfunctional Choices break down - because they're at odds with the laws of Creation. They don't work. I'd rather support something that does, and I believe you would, too. A little encouragement is just good for some people. I can do it. You can do it. Start a trend, a healthy trend. Instead of people rushing to scam money out of the internet, for example, they can be rushing to learn things that will allow them to improve their lives, even their finances, overall. The world will be better off for it... and you will find yourself in a position of sharing information that is in high demand, because few have it and are sharing it.

      There is a lot of value in that, and much of that can carry over into money precisely because it IS valuable, and because it IS in demand. Doing what everyone else does not only doesn't work, it's in high supply and low demand. That's of comparatively little value. What people need is solutions that work, and as things get worse they'll want them enough to invest themselves in more than just quick-fixes. That's a good equation, I think. Remember the Nazis? The whole world had to shut that stuff down, because it was hideous and untenable. Nobody wanted it, and they were willing to invest a lot to making sure that it wouldn't destroy everything. That is Divine Will asserting itself once more, through people making Choices in favor of it because anything less would be unworthy, and untenable. The closer things move to totalitarianism, the less people want it and the more they're willing to invest in something that's better.

      Think of the various levels of perception for a moment. We have our True State as Divine Spirit. We have our moment-to-moment concepts and ideas about ourselves. Then there's the even more-scattered self-perception that the average person has, thinking they're "about" TV, movies and games when really they just haven't discovered anything that actually engages them, and are reaching for the nearest convenient thing that claims to offer them value. The deeper stuff is worth more, like gold. The more peripheral stuff is worth less, like an inflated paper currency. Offer the world your gold. It will eventually pay you in tons of inflated currency, like material wealth, if you do it right by being flexible in how you offer it, so it's appropriate in your given situation. It will do that because it's simply worth more. You'll get wheelbarrows full of pesos, quite a few dollars, and once in a while someone will offer you gold and silver in return. Meanwhile, people will stop using pesos in favor of dollars, because you're allowing them to see that they're worth more. And the people who use dollars will start using gold. Eventually, people will be valuing gold for what it's worth, and valuing dollars and pesos for what they're worth - which is usually scratch paper. That perceptual bubble about spiritual value is going to burst anyway, so you might as well make use of your early market knowledge about it. Besides, you want people to be able to pay you metaphorical gold instead, not worthless paper money. It will be a world that works, as the world gives way to Divine Will and dissolves into the Perfect Creation of Eternity.

      I haven't met you offline, so it's tough to get a clear "read" from you completely. You may just need to discover your own inner strength and raw power. You may just need encouragement, to bring out your sense of self-confidence. I don't know. But I do know that you can do great things. You said it yourself, you're "meant for greater things". So true.

      Rocky is adorable! Malamutes have got to be among the cutest creatures ever to roam the earth. Be sure to give him a great big hug for me.

    • profile image


      13 years ago

      Wow. Maybe you are right about sharing these experiences more. My sense is that many people have had experiences of this nature but don't talk about them because they get ridiculed when then do.

      I also spent years trying to share what I experienced in some sort of structured way. I went to graduate school and wrote a thesis on magic and transformation, but it was a thoroughly miserable experience. Looking back, I can see I was very ungrounded and looking for a way to process and normalize my experience, but the whole point of the experience was to shatter what I considered "normal." It had to happen---I had this toxic "reality" that had to go.

      Lots of people from that period of my life who cared about me said, "I'd like to see you write this only as a person, not an academic," and I'm still backing off from that, I'm not sure why.

      Thank you for sharing your own experience. I think I may take you up on this and at least write a hub about mine and see what happens.

      I really do enjoy reading your hubs and hearing about your journey, Thank you for being so open. It is so rare.

      (PS--The dog's name is Rocket but we call him Rocky. He's an Alaskan Malamute, he's huge but the sweetest animal you could ever meet. He takes me for a walk every single day! I love him like crazy.)

    • Satori profile imageAUTHOR


      13 years ago from California

      This Hub is one of my spiritual notes I keep locally on my computer, and add to from time to time as I learn more. A lot of the basic ideas are found in many of the world's religions, and a book called A Course in Miracles brought them together and expounded upon them extremely well. I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out. As I strive to incorporate what I've learned both in books and in my own experience into a better model of spiritual and metaphysical reality, I write down what I'm learning into Notepad and save it. When I found HubPages, I realized that I could share the important things in life with others, by editing them and putting them on Hubs. I'm in the process of adding more of my notes as Hubs in this group, so keep an eye on it.

      The experience you've described is amazing, and it's great to find someone else who has had a similar experience. Many years ago when I was learning low magick, I had an experience that was very like it. I was practicing with visualization, out-of-body experiences, and gating. I found myself out of body in a plane of golden light and pink, fluffy clouds. It was out of time, and beyond space, an eternal golden moment. There was a vast consciousness I could feel there, freely and very intentionally giving out pure love and joy and grace to every bit of consciousness everywhere in existence, filling me up with Love. There were also other consciousnesses there, though I couldn't see them. They were being filled up with this Divine energy they were being blessed with, and essentially "singing" it out to everything else in Creation, giving it back out of love, joy and gratitude, each in their own unique energy pattern. It felt amazing, the emotional equivalent of pure love being sung out by a choir, each in their own note. Together, the harmony was amazing, and it was a very powerful feedback loop that only increased and got better and better, even though there was no time there. It was the best thing I've ever felt then or since, and I kept thinking I wanted to "be more there", and less in-body. That place quickly became more and more real and solid to me, as real as this physical world seems to be to us. I ended up physically disappearing in front of a witness, even though I hadn't told him what I'd be doing. He called out loudly in amazement ("HOLY S__T!") and I snapped back, thinking there was a problem. After he got over it enough to speak, he finally admitted that he had seen me physically disappear.

      This experience has fundamentally shaped what I consider reality to be. I know that that place exists, right now, and that we're just not fully conscious of that state. But I also know that it is the only thing that exists, and that this world is an illusion. Looking for better information about that, that made sense in light of my own unique experience, I did a lot of reading and eventually discovered Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, and A Course in Miracles. And since then, I have learned and formulated a better model for how reality works and what it is, and have gone from practicing results-based magick to high magick, or spiritually-based magick. There is little point to reshaping an illusiory world that is unsatisfying, when there's a perfect Eternity available to us right now, and we're missing it. It's like there's a great late-night HBO skin-flick (like they used to have in the 80's) on, and we're tuned to the Home Shopping Network instead. Useless, and unsatisfying.

      However much this physical world seems to argue for lovelessness and experiences that are unworthy of us, I know better. And knowing better has allowed me to see just why the flaws in the world exist the way that they do. The problems in the world are just defects caused by lovelessness and a refusal to acknowledge Divine facts, and when they result in flaws as they do they simply demonstrate the spiritual fundamentals I already know more and more in their behavior. They're bugs in the system, because they don't take into account the more fundamental spiritual facts of Creation, and so they don't work. So this is the information that most people need, and need to apply in their daily lives. Spirituality, like philosophy, isn't supposed to be this thing that you learn about, totally separate from "real things" like economics, politics, and commerce. It's important in every aspect of life, because when we set it aside and act apart from it we're doing something that doesn't work because it's built on a false model. Asian philosophy describes the "Will of Heaven", and says that that is the imperative basis for action. Attempting to go against the Will of Heaven can only lead to disaster and misfortune. Of course it can. That's because anything not in accordance with Divine Will is dysfunctional; it doesn't work. It's a cheap gimmick, and it's unworthy of us all.

      I'm attempting to share this information, as part of a Choice for applying it in our lives. I'm also going to be writing quite a few Hubs that take this information and apply it to ordinary situations and contexts that a lot of us encounter, and use it to supply solutions by restoring what's missing in those situations. Those who choose to apply the solution (like patching a bug in someone's programming code) will encounter increased success, and usually increased success in a competative environment like economics. The solutions will then become more widespread as more people notice and apply the new strategies, and the world can change for the better.

      I'm also making sure to provide the basic spiritual concepts I use to formulate these "bugfixes". I don't keep them to myself; anyone can use them freely. I'd love a world where people applied freely-available knowledge to come up with solutions to common problems, rather than have them rely upon me to hand the entire world solutions myself.

      Perhaps we should start Hubs on our spiritual experiences, and get them out there. Nobody talks about them because... well, nobody talks about them. Someone's got to start the social dialogue. There's no sense being on the Hubs and only sharing the stuff we think everyone will be comfortable with, leaving out what really matters to us. If it matters to us, odds are it will matter to a lot of people as well. And we'll be participating in shifting societal focus onto exactly those things that it's been neglecting, with success for all who choose to apply them. Just a thought. Myself, I think it's a great way to achieve success for others as well as myself while I'm writing on the Hubs, and I'd certainly prefer to write about what's important to me than talk about celebrity gossip.

      Thanks again for your great comments. I loved hearing about your experience. Oh, and your wuffie in your picture is adorable! I melt every single time I see him (or her).

    • profile image


      13 years ago

      Wow. What is this? Did you put this together yourself or is it part of a specific spiritual tradition? Which one?

      About 20 years ago I had this REALLY strange and, at the time, unsettling experience in which a state of incredible fear and distress was spontaneously ended by the sensation of rapidly exiting my body by being carried up my spine and out the top of my head very rapidly--it felt like wind, like, "whoosh." Like that. Once I was 'out of my head' (no pun intended!) I experienced myself as a part of a light that was 1) all-love, 2) all-knowing, 3) timeless. I was both in this light and part of it at the same time, and while in it I could clearly, clearly see that time was an illusion caused by limited human understanding. Time was like a thin line running through a sea of limitless love & knowledge that extended infinitely in all directions and was alive.

      I don't think about that experience much anymore, because, seriously, what can you do with a weird experience like that without turning into a pompous pain in the ass? But I have never forgotten it, and it has taken me through some very rough healing by giving me something good to believe. I still pretty much believe that was reality, is reality, 'real' reality, I just don't talk about it, because then people think I'm a nutball. I have found one tradition that talks about this but they say that when that happens spontaneously it can be very damaging. I think in my situation it was like hitting a 'reset' button on a machine--it was an attempt to naturally reverse a very negative process.

      Interestingly, the man I ended up living with for life had a similar experience--he had it while meditating--but we didn't know that about each other for a couple of years because neither of us talks about it! Makes you wonder if it isn't more common that we think. Thanks again. Great hub.


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