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When God speaks to me......I write

Updated on July 31, 2010

when I could not speak my thoughts came thru in type

thoughts are very powerful.......


In the narrow escape of mind embark.......the light has shown thru my soul and my body left have tryst untold....but yet to behold other forms of calculated and skilled communication that is left to bestow ! In the final output my love soars but the less fortunate only see what their eyes allow......with tunnel vision or worse, a dark haze that mask the truth...their truth.....the fear of their own mortality., the unknown waivering in their hearts! With a dual edge sword that shine honor also has the side that cuts and is left with the colore of death. To shine with boastful attempt at honor ...yet harm one that stands in his way! To feel only compassion at ones own doorstep........and to have oversight where there are many left to die or left homeless, without clean water and nutritious food! With Gods help we shall bear witness of him and feel his find and make peace within ourselves and peace on earth ..........until our father shows us the path to eternal life with him!



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