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Military Ghost of Lakehurst

Updated on April 6, 2011

To Honor The Forgotten Soldier


Ok you are not going to believe this, ready?  Here it goes.  I was walking to my kid’s school today to do conferences, I had some time so as I passed the funeral home, I noticed the door was open.  I walked up on a whim and walked in.  I called out for the owner...  and this 17 year old kid comes around the corner and I smell paint.  It was so big inside, I never imagined.  Beautiful... as I was looking around I noticed metals and a flag incased on a shelf that looked like the type they give to the widow at a military funeral.  I didn’t realize that until just now, but here goes my story.  The kid asked me if he could help me, and I said I would like to speak to the manager, and he went to go get her.  When she entered the room,  I introduced myself and I told her I am starting up a paranormal investigation team and I had always wondered about this building because when I walk passed it I always feel I'm being watched, so I asked if anything strange ever happened there.  She looked at me and said that people have asked her that a lot over the years but her son was very anxious to speak to me and he said that when he was a kid that him and his cousins would play in the 3rd floor bedroom and his cousin went downstairs and he was passing the adjacent room to follow when he saw this man in a uniform standing and looking out the window.  He screamed for his cousin. His cousin came running.  He was screaming  as the man turned slowly on the spot to look at him and then his cousin looked in and saw him too. they both went running downstairs after that.

I asked to see this room.  They brought me to the third floor, and at first I didn’t feel anything but then, I could hear voices.  Like when you are in a crowded room and people are talking and you can’t understand them.  I only heard it for a couple of seconds but I'm sure I heard it., The spirits that are their  for their funerals only stay until their funeral is over.  They see their loved ones and they are satisfied and they could go. They accept that they are dead and either they go to the ones they love the most and wait or watch over them.

But I learned that in that place there is no animosity from the ghost I always feel watching me as I walk by.  He is just a long time resident. 


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