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Why Do Mormons Go to the Temple?

Updated on January 19, 2014
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Kathryn Skaggs is the founder of Latter-day Saint Women Stand, a community of over 50K faithful Latter-day Saint women who love their faith!

The House Of The Lord

The Salt Lake Mormon Temple, is the most famous of all LDS Temples.
The Salt Lake Mormon Temple, is the most famous of all LDS Temples.
Each temple is dedicated as a house of the Lord Jesus Christ, a place of holiness and peace, set apart from the world.
Each temple is dedicated as a house of the Lord Jesus Christ, a place of holiness and peace, set apart from the world.
The Holy Temples are where heaven and earth, touch.
The Holy Temples are where heaven and earth, touch.

The Mormon Temple Ceremony

The Mormon temple ceremony continually receives attention by the mainstream media. Not too long ago you may have seen a re-enactment on HBO's "Big Love" depicting a portion of an LDS temple ceremony. For most people outside of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - what goes on inside a Mormon temple has been shrouded with what many feel to be a cloud of secrecy.

There arecurrently 141 operating temples around the world, with others announced or under construction. With such a rapid increase of temples being built around the globe, over the last decade, it only makes sense that people would become more and more curious about: Why Mormons Go to the Temple?

There are some who believe that by exposing the physical aspects of the temple rituals, that an understanding of the ceremony can be gained. From the earliest days of temple worship, symbolism has ever been the path through which God is able to teach his faithful sons and daughters a deeper understanding of spiritual truths.

"Mormons feel that few outsiders have a full sense of what temple worship means to the faithful, or why they hold it so sacred. That's because the ceremony is richer and more powerful, they believe, than the architecture, the special clothing or even the ritual re-enactments. -- It has to be experienced to be understood." Strib

The Blessings Of The Temple - Teachings Of Mormonism

Temple Worship is at the Very Center of the Mormon Life

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are a temple building, and a temple loving people. Mormons are committed to temple worship as the very center of their spiritual lives. In fact, as a member of the LDS Church, it is believed that true worship of God, comes by attending the temple regularly. Through regular attendance to the temple members draw closer to God, and renew their commitment to live a Christ centered life.

Setting aside the things of the world, and instead - going to the temple to do the Lord's work, is to Mormons considered sacrifice -- as in the days of ancient Christianity. It is a universal understanding to most every Christian, that "sacrifice" brings forth the blessings of heaven. To a member of the LDS Church, there is no greater blessing, than to come to know God - learn His will, and strive daily to keep His commandments.

"And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou has sent." John 17:3

(note: there are brief pauses throughout this video)

A Mormon Temple - What Happens Inside?

What Happens Inside a Mormon Temple?

With so many more LDS Temples being built, you might even have one in your own city, and wonder exactly what is going on inside of these beautiful buildings that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, have erected?

You may also have heard, that what goes on inside of a Mormon Temple, is not secret - but that it is sacred. That's actually, very true. Members of the LDS Church, who are able to go inside a temple themselves, actually make a promise to leave what happens in the temple, at the door when they leave. However, the effect on individual members of their temple experience, stays with them each and everyday of their lives.

The LDS Temple experience is intended to help us become a better people. Inside of the temple, members are taught more about the blessings that God desires to bestow upon those who are faithful to His commandments. LDS members make sacred covenants inside of the temple, which are solemnly regarded.

The LDS Church teaches, that Families Can Be Together Forever. There is no better place that this is taught, than inside a Mormon Temple.



What Happens Inside A Mormon Temple, Strengthens The Family

Mormonism teaches that our families, can be together forever...
Mormonism teaches that our families, can be together forever...

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