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The Secret of Growing in the Power and God

Updated on July 28, 2016

God never intended for believers to stop at a certain level of spiritual growth. He also does not expect believers to think that they have arrived at full Christian maturity. Moving from glory to glory is the activity of continually going from one divine dimension of growth to another without expecting to arrive at a final spiritual outcome.

Many believers adopt this mindset once all their personal needs and desires are fulfilled. Christians believe they have arrived when they reach a certain state of a spiritual maturity. For example, once God’s blesses them with a good job, a nice home, a decent car, good health and a large bank account, they become so satisfied with their state and stagnant in their spiritual walk with the Lord. They settle down and spend their efforts maintaining all of what they have accomplished.

No Limitations

However, those Christians who move from glory to glory are aware that no matter what they have already accomplished in this life, there is much more on the pathway to God’s ever expanding riches and glory. Therefore, such Christians accept no limitations when it comes to spiritual growth. They resist every temptation to fall into complacency, particularly because their resistance is going to play a significant role in helping to establish the glory of God’s kingdom within them. God is looking for Christians who are unwilling to be stopped by even the good pleasures of this world.

To move from glory to glory is to eventually move into a dimension of supernatural power that will have a major impact on the kingdom of darkness. Christians who are aware of this fact will possess lives that will significantly affect the attitudes and emotions of those who are in the circle of their influence. For example, their home life will represent joy, peace and security. The presence and power of God keeps order and destroys chaos among family members, including spouses, siblings and in-laws. The kingdom of darkness will have no foot hole in the lives of families who are guided by those who move from glory to glory.

Christian Bible Belt of America

Magnificent Thoughts

Christians who move from one dimension of glory to another have gone through a period of dramatic adjustments in their thought life. Their thought life is drastically different from those of natural minded people. For example, natural thoughts are corrupt with darkness. They bring anger, jealousy, depression and hatred and death. The thoughts of natural minded people always lead them down a deceitful pathway in life. Suddenly, things turn chaotic, bringing confusion and fear. However, those dedicated Christians who desire to grow form glory to glory entertain spiritual thoughts. Their mindset is on the things that are positive and progressive for other people. They are always thinking with great optimism, regardless of what negative circumstances that might be surrounding them in the present. They view such conditions as illusions of darkness, the purpose of which is to deceive and destroy mankind.

Walking in God's Glory

Greater than All Evil

To challenge and over the kingdom of darkness requires a believer to accept no limitations to the glory of God. To think that God has limits is to diminish his power and might to that of the level of mankind. Mankind has always rejected omnipotence, the limitless power of God. But as believers, we cannot destroy the effects of the satanic kingdom on earth until we know that God is greater than all evil, whether this evil is found in people, places or things.

The earth is full of darkness. Rivalry, vengeance, rebellion, abandonment, deception, loss and grief, suspicion and warfare are conditions that rule the world. Each day they grow in intensity. But God is searching for those who will look beyond themselves with a conviction of helping eliminate these dark conditions. These are the one who move from glory to glory. Such believers understand God and His power to transform circumstances. They allow God to use them to deliver the souls of families, friends and neighbors from the clutches of the dark kingdom. They refuse to turn their backs on God when their efforts fall short of pleasing God. Instead, they repent, rise up and renew themselves in the forgiveness and grace of God’s.

Challenging the Stagnation within Your

Are You Stagnant in Your Walk with God?

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Drawing Strength and Power

In order to move from glory to glory in the Christian walk, the believer must engage in a ritual of intense prayer and devotion. The powers of darkness are so powerful and deceptive that without prayer and devotion a Christian cannot stand against the seemingly overwhelming attacks of the enemy on a day to day basis. Therefore, each morning and evening must be a time of drawing strength and power from God. When a believer dedicates himself in this way, he or she is assured that God will continually empower them to move forward and defy the onslaught of evil, eventually overcoming and defeating darkness all together.

Toppling the Kingdom of Darkness

The Christian must also affirm scriptures specifically designed to topple the kingdom of darkness. Biblical scriptures such as “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!” must be affirmed over and over again in order to shatter the walls of darkness. A believer must choose his scriptures wisely after examining the condition of evil that must be destroyed. If the evil is a disease, the Christians must find and affirm scriptures related to healing. If the conditions involve relationship problems, the believer must search the bible for scriptures relating to love and reconciliation and affirm these with power and conviction. The kingdom of darkness crumbles under such spiritual bombardment.

Embracing the Power and the Glory of God

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

Moving from glory to glory requires an in depth knowledge of the inner kingdom instilled within every believer. The wisdom and knowledge found within this book is a Godsend for every Christian believer who desires an ever expanding place in God's kingdom.


Growing in the Glory and Power of God

The believer should surround himself with the most divine materials available, including CDs, DVDs, and all forms of social media that represent God’s truth and power. The more the believer obsesses himself with the wisdom and knowledge of God, the more he grown in the glory and power of God. He grows to the point where his mind becomes God’s mind and God’s thoughts becomes his thoughts. At this point, a believer has grown beyond himself and has become one with God. His naturalness and human hood has no power over him. Such believer is now ready to move from glory to glory.

Every believer must awaken to his or her true calling. Stagnation and sameness must never be the ultimate goal of Christians. Believers everywhere must refuse to limit the power of God to do the impossible. This is the only way that God’s glory and kingdom can be established in the hearts and soul of those who lost in a world of deception and darkness.


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