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Murder, and a Spirit From Beyond

Updated on October 6, 2011

My Father, The Spirit That Tried To Prevent Murder

My father, the spirit that tried to stop a murder.
My father, the spirit that tried to stop a murder.

Warning from the dead

My father passed away as a result of a stroke he had while attending my 42nd birthday party in January of 2002. I was always very close to him and it took a long time to come to terms with his passing.

In November, just before Thanksgiving of the same year is where this story really begins.

Generally I would sleep in my bedroom with my wife, but this particular night I fell asleep on our couch in the living room while watching television.

Around 5:00 a.m. or few minutes after I heard my name being called. I jumped up because I thought I over slept for work, but after seeing the time I realized that I had another hour before I needed to get up. I walked toward the bathroom when just then I heard my father yelling and ranting. I stopped dead in my tracks and as I turned around back toward the living room, I saw my father pass through the mirror on the wall and he was coming toward me very angry. I could not believe my eyes as he was approaching me. The top part of him looked like I always knew him to look except that there was a hazy glow around him. It wasn't bright or like a light or anything like that, it was just cloudy like. He had no legs. His body just sort of faded away just below his waist line.

As he was coming toward me, he had his fist clenched and he was yelling, "They got the kids". As quickly as he passed through the living room, he disappeared through the wall toward the outside of the house heading South East. As he was going away from me, I yelled to him, "What? What are you talking about?" and again he said, "They got the kids". He disappeared and that was the last I heard from him.

I was stunned and just stood in the Living Room for a moment to try and figure out what just happened. I went to the bedrooms of both of my kids and they were sound asleep. I could not for the life of me figure out what he was talking about. When my wife woke up I told her what happened and then I left for work.

On my way to work, I heard a news brief that two people, a male and a female were found dead along a river in a park. I didn't think anything of it until I received a telephone call from my mother the next day to inform me that my nephew and his pregnant wife were murdered. She said they were found by the river in the park. I was later told that the time of the both deaths were between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. of the same morning that my father came to me to tell me "They got the kids". By the way, the park where they were found is South East of where I live.

After that experience, I had to rethink my views on death and life after, and or life on the other side.

Before my mother called me to tell me about the murders, I had already told my wife about my experience. Once I found out what happened, I didn't tell anyone else in the family about what happened to me including my own kids for over a year afterward because I felt guilty that I was warned and could do nothing to stop what was taking place. I did not want my sister, the mother of my nephew to know that I had that warning. I doubt that I could have changed the events that happened but my father came to me because I believe that he thought I might be able to stop it. I live with that everyday and try to deal with it. I often think about if I was warned sooner, I might have had time to figure out what was going on and could have done something to prevent it from happening. At least the murderers have been caught a short time after the murders and they are serving time, a long time.

A few years went by before I finally told other members of the family about what happened to me when my father came to warn me. It turned out that another family member had the same experience the same night at around the same time. The only difference was that only the sound of my father's voice was heard but he was not seen.


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    • profile image

      Alla 2 years ago

      This piece was cogent, wetltwril-en, and pithy.

    • The RV Guy profile image

      The RV Guy 6 years ago from Somewhere In America

      You paint a very vivid picture with words.

    • Allen Williams profile image

      Allen Williams 6 years ago from Pennsylvania


      There are many things in the afterlife or spirit world that I don't believe we will ever fully understand. Sometimes when things happen it can be very eerie, but then sometimes you know there is nothing eerie or scarey about it; it actually warms your heart to know that a loved one past is giving you signs of things to come.

      I appreciate that you read my hub and responded. Thank you.

    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 6 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      Wow...I have some experiences like what you dad passed away when I was 11 and I feel that he has always been with me in all of the important events in my life...when my grandmother passed away, I had a call minutes after her death from her number...her voice was on the phone saying "See you later...I love you!" The moment my mother passed, her favorite bird - a turkey buzzard - appeared out of nowhere and flew heavenward...

      I am sorry for you losses - great writing...voted up