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My Belief About 2012

Updated on August 4, 2011

What About 2012

I believe that the year 2012 will be a most interesting time in the history of our present civilization.With more than four separate ancient civilizations predicting great calamities and change on this earth, I have to give that an awful lot of credibility. The ancient Mayans, Chinese,People of India, and native Americans in our own country have all made a concentrated effort to leave warnings on a grand scale about the big changes that are to occur on this planet at that time, in the month of December. One reason to understand that the time schedule is accurate is to observe each race and society of the people who made up each one. All had recorded events at precise times around the globe. The keeping of time and accurate schedules was of utmost importance to all the civilizations known to man. The coinciding of all of these peoples in separate areas of the world with limited means of travel and lack of communication has been provided as a significant form of proof that these times of the predictions are accurate. These records have been kept on stone tablets, walls of rock, and ancient forms of paper in several languages. There have been symbols and etchings on pottery in many ancient groups of people. How could it be coincidence that all have pinpointed the time that there is to be a great calamity on our planet? The native people of our American West have called it the great Cleansing by our Mother Earth. This is said to occur about every 50,000 years. Some scientist believe that there is a natural cycle that involves the alignment of our planets in our galaxy and that the sun may have a vital role in the great and sudden changes spoken of in 2012. Another theory speaks of a rogue planet that is on a wide axis and makes near contact with our own during this time. The great magnetic pull of the visiting orb would cause great changes on the arrangement of land masses and some may be left under water for a long time to come.

Some extreme points of view involve some groups to predict that our Maker is unhappy with our self destruction of this planet and ourselves, and will punish us at this time in 2012. I am prone to think along the lines of natural phenomena which occurs on a regular cycle in the constant movement of our planets in our solar system and galaxy. Much attention has been given over the ages as to the alignment of the stars of our galaxy and constellations that are made up of these. Ancient people maintain that when these are in alignment, then great changes will occur on our earth. It is quite amazing that so many spent such attention to mapping out of these star groups and claim that these changes have happened on this planet for many thousands of years in the past.

I suggest that a prudent family acquire a good supply of extra water, basic dry goods as food, and survival tools and equipment, just in case this event is in the works in December of the following year. A good tent and method of fire starting would be a necessity for survival. I say that it is better to be safe and at least make some provision ahead of time for your loved ones.We as a people never can be too sure of our futures in the days ahead. I imagine that at the month or two before the event is to take place, there may be a run on all the food stores and supply sources, so it would be advisable to plan ahead. Do not wait until the last minute.

Our planet may be affected by our land masses being under water or changes in basic areas around the planet at this time. If the event occurs very rapidly, we may suffer great casualties. If the changes occur in a more slow manner, we may not experience a great loss of life The big inconvenience of having to move to safe areas or live in wilderness may well be something faced by many at this time. It may well be like starting all over for our planet's peoples. Technology as we know it may be no longer available to us. At least we will have the knowledge to begin anew and be better prepared to face the challenges of our futures. We want have to learn about diseases the hard way and will have vital knowledge that can help hasten our recovery.

I hope December,2012 is like any other bustling time of the year and full of people shopping for the coming Christmas Season. I hope that we, as a people, don't have to face a great calamity and disasters. If we do, I know that the human spirit is as great as it ever has been and that we will persevere and survive as the human race has done for many thousands of years. May our God bless us all and keep us safe.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      Please read NASA and 2012 predictions on the internet,you will feel very self assured and content when you do.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 years ago from United States

      See "Rethinking 2012" Hub that I wrote, also