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People religious concerns

Updated on September 5, 2016

The main religions of the world

The sketch shows the main religions of the world, there are many religions in the world, but there must be a point where all these religions meet, in these religious writings we are trying to find that point. So that they could agree with each other.
The sketch shows the main religions of the world, there are many religions in the world, but there must be a point where all these religions meet, in these religious writings we are trying to find that point. So that they could agree with each other.

People religious concerns

Welcome to our hub (17), People religious concerns

May God guide and help me to say the right things in these religious writings?

Today, we the religious people of the world, who believe in God and religions, as written in the Bible, or derive from the Bible should be concerned. I don’t know if it is only my personal impression, but there are reasons to believe that religions are not as popular as they used to be in the past. Even the press seems to be a bit slack in reporting religious events, as if, they are not as important as they were before. So, we should ask ourselves, what could be the reasons and what could happen in the future?

These concerns that we are talking about here are real, but what is causing it we are not so sure, perhaps today there are a lot of other things that seem more important to report than religious events, so, religious events being the same old thing is failing to attract attention, as much as it used to do in the past, so, let us talk about what could be the reasons.

Today we know a lot more than we used to know in the past, because of the simple facts that we can easily follow what is happening in the world through the news, therefore we are more concerned about the world happenings than religions. Or perhaps, it is religions themselves that do things that should not do, and so, people are less inclined to follow religions. Whatever is the problem with religions, we should have been able to come up with some solutions to the religious problems that we see around us today, but this does not seem to happen, and if it is happening at all, it is happening in a very small way.

We just have to look at the news, and we will see, that there are many religious problems today, perhaps they are hiding under another name or form, they might not be as extreme as the inquisition, when religions were out of control and they did a lot of harm to those people that were not following them blindly. So, some very good people were burned at stake, just because they believed or said things that did not agree with the religious beliefs, that the clergy believed to be right at the time. Therefore, for that reason, they caused a lot of harm to those non- believers, just because they did not believe what they believed. Today we know that it was a great religious mistake; in fact, it was a terrible mistake that the religious people that took part, should have been ashamed of themselves, if only they would have known, what they were doing; you see, sometimes religious people are completely blind, so to speak.

Today the Christian religions have become more moderate, but some harmful practices might still be there, we have to admit that today religions seem to be arguing still with each other, but perhaps to a lesser degree than when they used to hate each other; say more than fifty years ago, when most people were trying to avoid people of different religions, if they could. However, today religions still don’t trust each other much, when they should be trying to live in peace with each other. So, the question is what we need to do to make religions friendlier with each other?

If we think about it, religions must first of all fulfil the role of being merciful and friendly; because if they cannot do that, then they become almost useless, since they would not help us very much, to live our lives peacefully. So, it is time that religious leader work on this issue, in the hope that one day, they can reach some sort of agreement and become completely tolerant to each other. We would like to suggest that all religions should be looking for a starting point, where all religions have the same religious beliefs in common. We believe that we would be able to suggest how this could be achieved, when we write, reconciliation of the universe.

Anyhow, we the people of this world should be concerned, because the way religious people behave is shocking sometimes. Take for example the Muslim religious extremist, how can it be explained that somebody kills somebody else in the name of God and religions. This is worse than the Cristian inquisition; at least in the Christian inquisition there was a sort of kangaroo court, were the accused might have been able to defend themselves, if they were able to prove they were innocent. But the Muslim terrorist can kill people just because you belong to another religion.

But there is more, how can we explain that in the Roman Catholic Church, the priests are supposed to be pure as a virgin, but they are not, and then, not only we find that they might have a sexual partner in life, but worst still we find that they are pedophiles, which is the lowest of the sexual crimes, and there are many other things that don’t add up properly in religions the way they should.

All, or part of these happenings might be due to the fact that there are many religions in this world, their beliefs are not the same, and therefore, some of them hate each other, they also promise many things but deliver very little in this world, and if there is anything to be delivered is going to happen after one dies, which is going to be impossible to prove, no matter how hard we try. So, what religions are promising us is very likely an empty promise. But, we like this promise that might give us the chance to live forever, because nobody likes to die, so, we accept this promise with open arms, even when we know that it is only a dream that might never become true.


Angles Prayers for reconciliation

This poem for Prayers for reconciliation. Angels of the realm of glory, you tell forever the eternal story, you tell about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation
This poem for Prayers for reconciliation. Angels of the realm of glory, you tell forever the eternal story, you tell about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation

Today main religious problem

We have said above, that the Christian religions have changed for the better lately, because they have a more tolerant view of everything put together, as they only preach religious things and how we would look in the eyes of God, if and when we sin. But what about the other religions, to see part of what we are saying, you just look at the sketch on this page and you will see what we mean when we say that there are many religions in the world, therefore we are concerned.

I would like to say that today we should be very concerned, because while I am editing this article what is happening in the religious world is shocking; this time it is not the Roman Catholic clergy that goes out to kill people, but it is the Islamic State that kills people just because they are not Muslims like themselves and for many other reasons, they don’t even try to put them on trial, they just kill them, even the most innocent people could be killed this way. So this is another main reason why we should find a way that makes religions more tolerant and friendly to each other, and above all, we should be tolerant if people do not believe what we believe, therefore this is what we are trying to put forward in these religious writings.

So, we should be concerned about the many existing religions and what needs to be done, to make them more friendly to each other and to all humanity; for this reason, I am personally concerned, because even though I know that mankind needs to believe in God and religions; it would still concern me, if or when I want to start talking against the present religious trend in case I get it wrong. But then again I am thinking that we have to make a start sometimes, so, I am trying to review mentally what we already know, and then try to fit all religions in a way that could make them friendlier, and therefore, be able to serve humanity better.

For instance, we know that man needs God, and perhaps God needs man also; we know that there are already all these existing religious beliefs, which in a way fulfil most of those needs which mankind really needs. But for me those existing religious beliefs are not enough, and they need to be more consistent with each other, because as we have said, there are many things that don’t work the way they should, so, I believe that we need to try to upgrade religions in a way that they will still be accepted from most believers, and at the same time, they would become more friendly with each other’s, and again, at the same time might help to control better the priests that are pedophile, and above all suggest a way that even the Muslims and the atheist might accept, but all this is not going to be easy; so, it concerns me even how to start, but we need to start somehow; so, what we would like to achieve, one may ask? And here I will try to answer that.


We are going to set the stage for the entire world to see,

And when you read these pages you might have to agree,

That this could be the golden door of golden opportunities,

That God would be willing to give to us and to all humanity.

Therefore, I am praying God to help and guide me.

So here, I pray God to help me,

My Lord God, I pray you to guide and help me, since I am really concerned about what I am going to write here, I am concerned in case I make mistakes, but at the same time I know that something needs to be done, so I pray you Father to help me,

Father, hear my prayer, amen.

People pray to God, when they need help

Religious beliefs is hope for those who need it most. So people turn to prayers when they are not able to solve their personal problems. Here I mean any sort of problems, and it does not matter if they are religious or personal, people just turn to G
Religious beliefs is hope for those who need it most. So people turn to prayers when they are not able to solve their personal problems. Here I mean any sort of problems, and it does not matter if they are religious or personal, people just turn to G

We are studying religions

You see, what we are doing here is a sort of study of religions; and then, what could be done about religions to make them work the way we believe they should. For this reason, I am praying God to guide me, because, just by thinking about what we would like to write, in these religious writings ,and also, try to achieve what we would like to achieve, I feel very concerned. Because in order to say and achieve what we want to say and achieve, we have to break free from some very old religious traditions, which for centuries and even thousands of years, have been observed very closely from most religious leaders and believers. So, for me/us to come out suddenly and break free from the old religious traditions, it would be shocking to everybody that knows these religious things to say the least. Therefore, for this very reason, I am also concerned that the whole world may hate me for writing what I am writing here, and also, what I am going to write next, and for this same reason they may not accept these new religious views easily, until they will realize that in the future religions have to change, as there might be no other way out.

Now, this does not mean that they have to accept what I am writing here, since the future generations may have their own ways of dealing with this religious problem, but the fact remains that religious changes are needed, in order to achieve full religious cooperation in the religious world of tomorrow.

Therefore, first and foremost we have to be strong in our own beliefs, if we have to write these religious change that we believe are needed. And also, we have to believe that it is God’s will that we have to write these religious writings, since we feel that God has sown in us this seed of wanting to write them. So, I pray God to help me and guide me in this hard task.

In order to give an explanation to the present state of religious things, I am inclined to believe, that the reasons for the present religious traditions for being as they are today, and for being left unchanged for so long, it has been because people have always had a great fear to change them. Of course without a doubt there have been good reasons not to change them until now, and there have been also many reasons of convenience not to change them until nowadays.

But as we all know, there is a right time and a wrong time for doing anything, and even though in the past, it would have been right not to change any of these religious traditions, today it would be wrong not to modify and change or upgrade religions at all, not only to solve the problems that we have mentioned above, but also for other reasons that even today might not be so obvious, so let us talk about the reasons for religious change.


The modern easy computer

Today computer are better than before and they help humanity learn things faster and faster, this knowledge accumulate in our minds and therefore bring change to the ways of living and also religious beliefs, as it would be the only way to make sense
Today computer are better than before and they help humanity learn things faster and faster, this knowledge accumulate in our minds and therefore bring change to the ways of living and also religious beliefs, as it would be the only way to make sense

The reasons for changes

Let us try to review and explain the reasons for these religious changes, that we believe could improve religious acceptance.

Because today old religious traditions start looking a bit strange, because today we start viewing everything different in our mind eyes, the reason why we have this different view it is because we perceive things in a different way, and the reason for perceiving things in a different way it is because in today’s world things are changing very rapidly compared to the old times, and this is also changing our way of thinking and perceiving things, this would also include religious beliefs.

In the past, we the people would go to church on Sundays, we would listen the sermon that was being preached, and then we would go home and think about it for a while, we would also compare it to our own life and if we were doing the right thing. In the past, we really believed everything that was being preached to us, since there was no other source for religious knowledge, that we could compare to what the preacher had said that day.

But today it is different, all sorts of news are readily available to the public, we are able to learn and compare many things, so our views may change because of what we have learned. All these changes that are taking place now are going to change even faster in the future, one of the reasons for these changes happening faster than usual, it has been brought about by the computer; and we know that the computer is here to stay; therefore, changes may happen even faster in the future, we feel sure that these changes are going to take place in the near future, because even today we see the need for these changes.

Therefore, if we think about it and make use of our intelligent minds, by reflecting about what’s really happening around us now, we will begin to understand that with the passing of time everything will change, even those things that for a very long time, we have believed could never change and would never change. Therefore, today we find ourselves in a position that needs adjustment for the future, and this includes also existing religious beliefs and religious orders.

So, in order to make the right adjustments, everything should be reviewed and adjusted to suit the present time to start with, and also for the future times. Otherwise soon or later the existing old religious ways, would not make any real sense to the present world generations; and they would even make less sense to the future generations. Now, if religion does not make good sense to the believers, those believers would not believe in religion any longer, and therefore there is a good chance that they could even abandon religions altogether.

Here again, it is the availability of knowledge that we have today from many sources, and above all from the computer that brings knowledge in our own houses, this knowledge will bring these changes about. In order to explain this situation better let us just imagine how everything was done in the past. You see, in the past not many people could even read, and for those that were able to read it was a good chance that they never had a Bible that they could read, so everything was left to the priests that had to follow their own ways of the church, that is the reason why nothing has happened for centuries.

Today everything is very different and most people can read and write, they can also use the computer to search for anything that they would like to know, so knowledge has changed in favor of the simple people, because now just about anybody can learn how things really are, instead of the few people that in order to control the people, they would go along and use the same ways that their forefathers used to control the people. I hope you see what we mean here. For these reasons we believe that in the future religions are going to be modified, so let us talk about these future religions and how they could be modified and why.

Future religions

Looking for the future of religions; having said and reviewed what we have said above, we have reasons to believe that the time is coming very rapidly when existing religious beliefs cannot stay much longer as they are now, and those persons like me who believe in God and religion have got to do something about it, like suggesting or putting a new religious theory in place, in order to ensure that religious beliefs could last forever if it is possible, as we said in our previous articles Religions are spiritual eternal beliefs, we know that man needs God, and also God is hope for those that need hope most, therefore religions are needed and are here to stay. Because we believe that are important for all humanity.

These actions that we suggest, and that, we may have to take soon are becoming necessary in order to secure the future of religions, even if we find it hard to modify religions now. We need to do this soon enough, because human evolution has reached a very advanced stage, and I dare say that humanity these days start to question the present religious system very much, because nowadays we are living in the age of reason, where the human mind helped by the computer perceives and understand lots more things than we used to understand in the past, and through these extra understanding that we have gained, we often like to believe that our minds can guide us to overcome anything in our way, with or without God’s help.

Then as we have said, we are also living in the age of the computer, which enable us to learn things a lot faster than ever before. Because of this computer devise, some of the people on earth are becoming very learned and intellectually advance faster than ever before, and through this acquired knowledge, they sometimes ask themselves what’s the use of religion nowadays, because they are able to perceive that these existing religious traditions don’t fit very well the needs of the people in today’s world. Therefore, it might happen that a leading group of people may be formed, and part of this leading group of people are not fast religious believers. As we know today the atheist believe that there is no God, these atheists may have a point to say that, not only God does not exist, but also say that religious traditions have become useless beliefs. You see, this is one of the reasons why there are atheist’s groups today.

So, in order to avoid this happening to religions, and we the believes ruin ourselves in the eyes of God, we who believe in God and religion, as it is now and as it has been for a very long time, and perhaps from the beginning of times, today we know that we need to do something about it, because it is obvious that we need to modify religions and make religions fit the needs of this present generation, and also for the future generations.

Therefore, here we are studying and trying to find a way to achieve these religious modifications without upsetting anybody; we need to do this step by step and link everything together, because only if we are able to link all existing religions together, we will be able to save religions mostly the way they are these days. May God help us achieve that?

I believe that we have said enough in this article, so, see you in our next article, let us talk about more religious reviews.

May God bless us all?



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