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My soul my soul oh my soul.

Updated on March 23, 2016

My soul my soul, oh rest in comfort, while I am on eart


My soul my soul oh my soul.

My soul my soul oh my soul.

My soul, may my shadow walk in the light even when I am in darkness.

May I cherish my body my temple.

May I feed my mind with faith hope courage, may my reality be a reflection of all that dwells in my heart, peace.

Although the road may get though, may I stride, and take disappointments with a pinch of salt.

I pray for my enemies father, forgive me if have wronged them, perhaps they just do not like the sight and perception of me being happy and living my dream.

No matter how fierce my foes my shall be, I shall not be violent I shall only cast a stone when my life or loved one is in danger.

When faced with defeat I shall not cry, I shall not ponder, why me?

I will get down my knees close my eyes and pray.

Regroup gather my capital, and all elements in my realm which may aid my despire.

What is my purpose on this earth?

Guide me father may I walk on the righteous path, keep evil at bay.

All the days of my life, may I seek to serve you.

May praising and worshiping all of the earth’s beauty and your creations keep me steadfast in my plight on this earth.

May my desires be pure.

Meaning may I silence motives, and be in control of my sub conscious mind.

May your will be done father.

May I be aware of my aspirations and where my dreams come from.

Cause should my dreams be driven by greed or lack of insight, as hard as I work I am doomed as the vision I had is leading me into darkness.


May I be thankful of all I currently have in my life.

May I embrace the challenges life is yet to throw at me.

May I seek to grow in social stature

May my family be cosy.

May I make the most of my life, as when it is my ti,e to go I shall rest in preace.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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