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My Prophetic Dream

Updated on February 22, 2011
SamboRambo profile image

Sam has been a foreign war soldier, a writer of books and articles, an illustrator and a graphic artist. He also reads and plays the piano.

There are times I have no doubt that there is someone actually “out there”
for me. Occasionally the trials and failures of life make me almost
forget the special things in my past that help me to believe that God
and/or His angels are truly around us, helping us along in our journey
through this mortal state.

Then something happens that takes away doubt: A while back, a co-worker – June – was buying me things that she knew I liked. This was after I was married. One thing
she occasionally bought me was macadamia nuts; those made me very
happy. But as time progressed, her gifts were gradually getting more
expensive. My wife saw one of those gifts, and asked me where it came
from. When I told her, she said, “You have to tell June to stop buying
you gifts. Do I need to tell you why?”

I responded that she didn’t but that it all came so gradually, I didn’t

So I delivered the news to this young woman: “I won’t be accepting any
more gifts from you. Nothing personal.”

Things went fine for a while. Then, one night I had a dream: In the
dream, I was sitting at my desk, working. June walked in a little late,
and set a grocery sack down on the table behind me (those were the days
they still used paper bags). She then reached into the sack and said,
“I was at the store, and then blacked out. When I woke up in front of
the check stand, this was in my cart.” She then pulled out a bottle of
macadamia nuts.

I didn’t think anything of the dream, because I decided it was just a
dream. At work that day, I was busy at my desk, concentrating on the
job at hand. Next thing I knew, June walked in and set a grocery sack
down on the table behind me. She then said, reaching into the sack, the
very same words from my dream: “I was at the store, and then blacked
out. When I woke up in front of the check stand, this was in my cart.”

By now, I had remembered my dream, and watched with amazement as she
pulled out a bottle of macadamia nuts!

All I could do now, was laugh. It was uncontrollable. I couldn’t
believe that I had actually dreamed this, word-for-word and
action-for-action. I had never experienced anything like this in my
life, and never dreamed it would happen to me. Nothing else came to
mind, except this reaction to laugh. I didn’t laugh on purpose. I’m
sure that it might appear rude to do so. Nevertheless, it came out,
probably with a look of shock on my face. I know it wasn’t a deja-vu,
because in a deja-vu the “memory” comes just as it’s happening. On this
occasion, I knew there was going to be a bottle of macadamia nuts
before I saw it. Furthermore, I never react to a deja-vu like I reacted
to this one. This was definitely a prophetic dream!

June, puzzled, asked me, “What’s so funny?”

I told her that I had dreamed of this very thing. I don’t know if she
believed me, but at least she didn’t tell me I was off my rocker. I
believe we ate the nuts, and spent the rest of the day in a normal way.

I cannot explain why this happened to me, or why it happened only once
in my life. I’m convinced that each of us has a gift beyond our senses.
For example, my sister always had dreams that came true. She also
reported seeing angels among children who were singing hymns in a
church choir, one day. I decided that she had that gift. I decided my
gift was perhaps the ability to illustrate the world around me on
canvass, or to be able to describe my feelings in artistic ways. So I
was shocked when that dream came true. I suppose it was a fluke, or an
exception in my case, to warn me that there was a trap being planned
for me. Though I was flattered and weak, I never fell into that trap,
maybe because of this “warning.” Why I would have a “warning” dream and
another unwary soul would  not, I don’t know. I guess this falls into
the realm of the unexplained.


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    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 7 years ago from trailer in the country

      Great story...and nice to know that the "force" is out there watching out for you.