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New Testament discussions

Updated on November 26, 2018

The new Testament comments

The Bible New Testament is how Our Lord Jesus Christ lived and preached, his teaching were mostly about love and understanding, which was different to the Old Testament where everything was based more on fear than love.
The Bible New Testament is how Our Lord Jesus Christ lived and preached, his teaching were mostly about love and understanding, which was different to the Old Testament where everything was based more on fear than love.

About the New Testament

Welcome to our article, (49) The New Testament discussions

May God guide and help us to write the right things in these religious writings?

Dear readers, in our last article we have talked about the Bible and The Old Testament, being the Hebrew history as well as their religious book, in this article will talk about the New Testament and other things as well.

As we know, religions are very complex and sometime hard to understand, so, we need to discuss those religious issues, if we want to understand them properly, today we want to discuss The New Testament, to see what we think about some issues that happen there. We know that religious issues are very complex, and they take a long time to sort out. For example, we are trying to find a way how to solve some religious issues; the main issues that religions face today would be: to find a way how to survive the atheist attacks; how to stop pedophilia in the religious orders and how to stop extremists to use religions for their own violent acts, which if we think about it, it is really absurd the way that religions are being used from these extremists.

These issues seem to have a link to the way religions have been formatted in the past, yes religions have been man-made for the purposes of controlling the people, but at the same time we need religions; so, we accept that God and other spiritual entities may exist, for this reason we should continue to believe in God and religions.

Anyhow, because we believe in God and religions, we have looked at religious issues and written articles about it; in the last post we have written about the Old Testament, which is the religious book that tells us how this religion was made from the very beginning; of course, it depends how people understand the Bible, because, so many people see it in different ways, but that does not matter as it is still the most read religious book in the world. Anyhow, we are doing this religious study, in the hope of finding ways that would help religion survive, the attacks of the atheists and the attacks that the extremist groups produce against religions.

Because of the actions of these groups, the rest of the religious community needs to start asking whether it is wise to continue to believe in religions just the way they are today, or we should look if there is a better way. So, let us look together with our religious friends where we stand today in religious matters; for this reason I have asked my friend Mark to say something about it, keeping in mind what we have already talked about in our last article, I have asked Mark to comment on the New Testament, since we have already written about the Old Testament in our last article, now we would like to see how Mark is going to explain the New Testament and the religions that exist today.


Book of the New Testament

The book of the New Testament, is all about the four gospels that were written about the life and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most times the New Testament can be found at the end of the Bible after the Old Testament and sometimes by itself.
The book of the New Testament, is all about the four gospels that were written about the life and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most times the New Testament can be found at the end of the Bible after the Old Testament and sometimes by itself.

Comments on the New Testament

Dear readers, my name is Mark and I believe that we have met already, as I have had some religious discussions before

I must say that today I have been asked from Frank to comment on the New Testament and the existing religions, so that he can include my comments in his religious articles, as we know, every one of us sees religions in a slightly different way, I suppose that these differences also apply to me, since I have been asked to comment on religions, you see, that is the reason why I have been asked to comment, it is just to see the way that I see religions today. Now that I have said that let me start my comment on religions.

Since I have been following Frank’s religious posts, I know what he wants me to comment about. So, let us start from Frank’s last article, where there were comments about the Old Testament, and this is what Frank wants me to talk about. You see Frank wants me to talk about the reasons why we switched from the Old Testament to the New Testament, Frank also wants to know my views if the New Testament is going to last forever, so to speak. But I am going to say a bit more than that, as I want to start to talk about other religions as well, because we need to compare.

If we try to look back in time, we will see that there were religions that were practiced for a period of time, and then they were modified or abandoned for another religion, but religions have always existed, as far back as any human record can be found, therefore, religions are necessary to humanity, if they were not necessary humanity would not have invented them or followed religions for so long.

Now don’t get me wrong, because I have said that religions were invented from us people; therefore, you start thinking that I am an atheist. No, I am not an atheist, but I believe that God exists, and the spiritual world exists, even if we must find it in another dimension. Now this spiritual world might be different form the way that most people believe it is today, but that is something that remains to be seen.

Perhaps I have taken you too far away from what my friend wants me to comment on, which is about the New Testament, how it was connected to the Old Testament and how could it be connected to future religious beliefs, so, let me start to connect spiritual thing together, since I believe that everything in the world would be a link of the chain that goes around and connect everything together and this includes religions also.

For a start, all religions are so made that they try to give the people something back when they follow religions, most of them promises future benefits even if these benefits are to be found after we die in the spiritual world, but people see these benefits as being important to them and follow religions, these is how religions are made, and they survive for as long as their follower see these benefits.

Now, since with the passing of time things change, also the value of the benefit might change, perhaps not the afterlife benefit because nobody knows if they exist, Since nobody can come back from the dead and tell us; but other benefit that are more down to earth may change, and for this reason one day the follower of religions might be looking for something else.

For this reason, religions need to change to fit the needs of the people, what I have said may sound a crazy thing to say, but the reality is that this is how it all happens, when we think about it. Now let us see why the change occurred from the Old Testament to the New Testament, as written in the Bible; anyhow this reason is not really explained anywhere, but if we read between the lines, there is something like the explanation below.


Explaining the New Testament

To explain why the New Testament came about, we need to talk about all religions; where it is evident that the old religions gave way to other religions; so, there are religious changes that occur from time to time; in the Old Testament Yahweh became the Hebraic God that the Hebrew people worshipped, because, God Yahweh helped the Israelite to become free from the Egyptian Pharaoh, who was keeping them as slaves; but Yahweh was a tough god to deal with, and there are good reasons for Yahweh being tough, it was because the Jews needed a tough God.

The reason why Yahweh was a tough God to deal with, it was because the Israelites were also tough people to deal with; I believe that people get the god that they deserve according to their own behavior. Just think what the Hebrew wanted to do when Yahweh was leading them to the Promised Land. People in those times were very tough and violent; therefore, they needed a tough god and tough laws to guide them in the right direction.

The Old Testament is full of violence because people were violent; so, this type of religion needed to last for a long time, it was needed until things would change. Anyhow, God knew that this was not the best way to lead his people, so, when the people became more tame, God thought to bring about a new religious way, and this is when Our Lord Jesus Christ came down to earth to show us how to live peacefully on earth with this new religious way, which today is known as Christianity.


The New Testament is about Christianity

Now just to come to the point more quickly, today we can say that Christianity is the largest religion in the world, even if it has many denominations and are different from one another, they all derive from the change of religions that our lord Jesus Christ brought with his coming on earth, and of course, what he taught us in words and examples. Jesus was able to change the Ten Commandments without losing any of their meaning, by saying that we should love God our Father and should love our neighbors as ourselves. This is approximately what I believe he wanted to say, even if he used different words.

Our Lord Jesus Christ also gave us the greatest prayer that the world has ever known, when he was asked how we should pray our Father in heaven, Jesus gave us 2000 years ago; The lord’s prayer, which is the prayer that we pray even today, starting with: Our Father who art in heaven; and so on. I hope you see what I mean.

As we all know the New Testament is about the life of Jesus Christ and his religious teachings, these new religious teachings of Jesus formed the New Testament, which has lasted for 2000 years or there about and we still use them today and perhaps we will be using them for many thousands of years in the future.

As we know, Jesus Christ teaching were followed by many people and became a new religion, which we call today Christianity, which is nearly one third of the world population, if we group the different denominations together. Here I would like to point out that the teaching of Jesus Christ was all about love and humbleness, like you should love your Father God, and love your neighbor and don’t do anything to others that you would hate if anyone did it to you; and Jesus Christ taught us also to be merciful. So, Jesus Christ taught us about loving other people.

So, the New Testament is about love your God; the Old Testament is about fear you god, I believe that today we need to follow the new way that Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us.

Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us, more about love than anything else, this is what we understand when we read the four gospels of The New Testament, so, I believe that if we use the teaching of our lord Jesus Christ we are going in the right direction.

But I find that at the end of the Bible Jesus Christ personality changes and I wonder why. The only way that we can describe this, is that there is something strange written at the end of the Bible in The New Testament, which seems out of place with the rest of Jesus Christ teachings. This article is called Revelations where the end of the existing system is forecast; we suddenly find the Lord Jesus Christ behaving like Yahweh in the Old Testament, therefore, we are suspicious whether it is our Lord Jesus Christ that dictate Revelation. You see Revelation it is written in such a dramatic way that to me it seems that it has nothing to do with the New Testament and the way that our lord Jesus Christ was teaching us.

But I believe that I have said enough, because I want also to leave something to say for our other religious friends. Perhaps Gino would like to take over from me and talk about Revelation, as I remember he had something to say about revelation before, so, I am sure he is going tell us his own views again.

But let me just say briefly something else, Christianity achieved two major things, one was that it split the old Jewish religion, one part of this religion is today Judaism, and they still use the old Bible, in their religious book called the Torah, and the other one was that the pagan religion came to an end, after a few century, when Christianity took over under Emperor Constantine. That is all for now.

Thanks for listening, see you later: Mark


The imaginary Revelation beast with seven heads and horns

This could be the imaginary beast in Revelation; in ancient times beasts were symbolic powers of kingdoms and usually opposed to God's rules. Perhaps this is the reason why the beast with seven head became the main object against God in Revelation.
This could be the imaginary beast in Revelation; in ancient times beasts were symbolic powers of kingdoms and usually opposed to God's rules. Perhaps this is the reason why the beast with seven head became the main object against God in Revelation. | Source
An imaginary heavenly scene that could be linked  to some sort of judgment, or judgement day. In Revelation there is the kingdom of God and a sort of battle between God and the beast
An imaginary heavenly scene that could be linked to some sort of judgment, or judgement day. In Revelation there is the kingdom of God and a sort of battle between God and the beast | Source

Revelation discussion

Our friend Gino speech

Hello, my readers and listeners, as our friend Mark has pointed out I want to talk about the Bible Revelations; but I will try to be as brief as possible as I was going to leave you, because I have personal things to attend to presently.

Anyhow, as we have said already something on this subject a while ago, I have to continue to say how I see this last chapter in the Bible called Revelation. My personal beliefs are that Revelation seems to be a separate article altogether from Jesus Christ teaching in The New Testament, if we look at the way it has been written, revelation is just another very violent episode that the whole world is going to be subjected to, if and when it might happen, therefore, it is as if we are going to go back to the Old Testament, where the fear of God was the main driving force, I am sure that it has been written for that intention in mind, in other words to control the people through fear. Of course, there must be an explanation for it and this I may have to tell you another time, when I am able to make up my mind what it could mean.

Today the only other thing that I really want to point out is that the intention of Jesus Christ and the New Testament is all about wanting to guide the believers through love and understanding and not through fear, therefore the book of Revelation seems to be out of place at the end of the New Testament. I hope you see what I mean.

See you later; Gino.


My comment and conclusion

Having seen what Mark said about our Lord Jesus Christ, who taught love and humbleness and what Gino said, which agrees with Mark; we cannot avoid to become suspicious of the reasons why Revelation has been written like that, because it does not add up the way it should; therefore, we should search for the reason and then explain it; for this reason we may have to believe that today religions need to be modified, now when we talk about modifying religions or meanings, we are talking about what is hidden behind those meanings that seems right at first sight. Perhaps we can suggest that Revelation might have been written like that just because there was no other way to keep the Christian people together in those troubled times?

Anyhow, because of these religious problems, if we want the present religious order to survive, we must modify them, and if modifying religions as they are today is not going to be enough, then religions need to be changed in such a way that they have to survive, because man needs God and religions, it has been so since the beginning of the world.

Therefore, let us suggest that religions need to be changed to survive. Of course, at this point of time all we know is that religions need a new theory made in such a way that it could work and be close to today way of living, so that people may think that religions can still be followed without an extra effort.

Therefore, we are suggesting that a modern religious way needs to be brought about with a modern theory, which takes in all particulars of each religion that exist today, then we must fit all the pieces together, as we do with a jigsaw puzzle. In other words we must find the way of how life and religions complement each other, with no difference if one belongs to another religious group; and from this knowledge try to show religious people that they could all be together, they could stay together because the life energies including the spiritual energies of the universe are together and we are all connected to them, and life and spiritual things form a never ending life cycle of the universe, this is what we are going to put forward in our last and part of our religious writings that we call, Reconciliation of the universe.

Now, if we are able to do that, then with this new theory it is possible to explain how everything including spiritual things may exist in the universe and how religions could co-exist together in the future and serve humanity, as they have done in the past, I know that this may not be easy, but we have to try, it is the only way to find out. You see, we believe that religions need to continue.

I think we have said enough in this article, so see you in our next article, Religions need to continue.



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