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New World Order: Are You Ready?

Updated on February 13, 2012

The New World Order is Coming...

This is a very exciting time to live right now, being in the last days before the return of Jesus Christ and the evil of the New World Order coming into existence as we speak… Things are coming into place now that have been in the works for centuries, and we may be within 2 years of the implementation of the New World Order with the United Nations taking a huge step as the “Overseer” of the world… There are many skeptics out there that don’t believe this, but to me it’s as clear as the difference between night and day.

The United Nations is one of the most evil organizations ever to be implemented on the face of the earth, and it was done through a long series of coordinated plans and wars to break down the resistance of man in order to bring the masses a better system to live by… One of the best known groups of so called intellectuals (aka atheists, communists, and agnostics) formed in Germany during the late 1700’s, but were eventually kicked out of the country and they then moved on to France and the North American continent to help form the United States. These members of a group called the “Illuminati” helped to establish a new country based on their beliefs in an eventual New World Order based on the rule of law of an international organization funded by international bankers.

There are many people that scoff at an idea like this, but that’s because they don’t look around them and see with their own eyes. The information is out there to study and learn, but most people are too busy with their daily lives to even bother, and that’s exactly what the leaders of this organization want you to do! It’s a very top secret group, with only a few high profile and extremely rich individuals that really know all the details, and if you were to name some of them most people wouldn’t have a clue as to who they were.

The New World Order Has Been Getting Organized For Centuries...

They start by recruiting from the best and brightest colleges and universities around the world, especially in the United States such as Harvard and Yale.  Only the best students will get into these schools, and they form clubs such as the “Skull and Bones” and Masonic clubs that are highly prized by the up and coming students because the networking connections formed there will last throughout their whole careers.  Students know that if they get in with these groups, they will meet the rich and powerful who will provide the right connections to streamline their rise to power.

This is exactly what happened to the communist student Obama…  He was funded throughout his whole student career and mentored to do all the right things and join the right clubs to further his career quickly.  In fact, it is on record that communist organizations in the Soviet Union at that time were secretly funding him because they were molding him to become a future president of the United States.  They recognized that they could use him to bring socialism and possibly communism to the U.S., because they knew of the ineptness of the average American voter…  Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that most voters are idiots, and don’t really investigate all the facts before voting.  The Russians know this, and it was exactly what they were depending on.

The New World Order is NOT just about Democrats though; it really transcends politics and reaches across the aisle for both parties.  Both Bushes, father and son, were incredibly involved in the creation of the New World Order, and Bush Senior was one of the first to publically announce it at the end of the cold war in 1991.  They both went to Yale and were members of the Skull and Bones club, and Bush Senior was the Director of the CIA years ago so he had incredible connections.  No one gets to be president of the U.S. without having unbelievable connections, and these are usually formed early from a young age and especially in college.  Going to the University is not all about getting good grades; it’s about picking the RIGHT one to go to where you can start forming the best power connections.  If you go to a state college that is relatively cheap you won’t have nearly as good connections formed as you would a very high priced and expensive school such as Harvard or Yale.  That’s the benefit of going to these places…

There are many other clubs and organizations that work together to form the New World Order through the years, including the Trilateral Commission, the United Nations, the Bilderberg Club, and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Also, just about anything formed by the United Nations reeks of trying to create the New World Order, so the world population needs to very wary of that group…  David Rockefeller has been a key figure in getting these organizations started and implemented, and he is on record stating his zeal for getting a New World Order where the rule of international law supersedes that of national laws of countries, where the United Nations can come into any country with their own military and ultimately force a country such as the United States to do anything they want.  This is in effect, the realm of the future anti-Christ and will bring about the last days and the return of Jesus Christ and judgment on the world…

More on the New World Order...

As a Christian, I am pretty fed up with the world today anyway, and I am actually looking forward to this happening soon… The book has been written, there is no getting around the ending, and that includes the implementation of the New World Order and one world government with the Anti-Christ in charge, so maybe it’s better for it to happen sooner rather than later… At this point, there isn’t much that we can do about it anyway as things are now in motion for it to be out of our control. The governments of the world have been set up to have unbelievably huge debts and finance problems because of the ineptness of politicians who did not fix the problem when they could have, and communist presidents that keep piling on the debt higher and higher with the ultimate goal of HAVING to create this New World Order because of the failure of the dollar! Make no mistake about it, there are NO coincidences! This scenario has been carefully planned out throughout the years by both Republican and Democrat administrations with the ultimate goal of financial chaos in the streets where the people will have no choice but to accept any solution that the United Nations throws at them, whether they want it or not!

This is something that most people can’t even fathom, because they’ve never bothered to think! They’ve been so busy just trying to get on with their daily lives that they haven’t investigated the truth… There is only one truth in the world, and its each and every person’s job to try and find out what that is… There is more going on in the world than meets the eye, and it really is kind of like the movie trilogy “The Matrix”. The wool has been pulled over our eyes folks, and most of us have chosen to take the Blue Pill and go back to sleep.

Every day I thank God for being given the ability to see this stuff as clearly as the back of my hand, there are no gray areas with me at all… “There but for the Grace of God, go I…” Everything is so logical and makes so much sense that it’s scary! For all of mankind’s existence on Earth, we have been going through a huge struggle with good and evil. God cast Satan down from Heaven and gave him free reign on Earth until the end times, and through my extensive study I truly believe that we are within 25 years or so AT THE MOST of the Rapture, which will start the 7 year tribulation period and the return of Jesus… I have many reasons for this, which I will try and explain in other articles. No one will know for sure when the time has come for the last days, but it’s up to us to discern the signs of the times and to NOT listen to false prophets when they speak… There are many well meaning people who prophesy today who think they are doing good, but if you hear their words none of their prophesies ever come true… So we can know from that fact alone that they are not speaking the true word of God… Just saying!

New World Order Scenario...

Here’s the scenario I’m picturing, and it may change quite a bit…  Even now we are having severe budget problems and battles in Congress, and the dollar is not in the greatest shape due to the huge debt we have in the U.S.  Sometime in the next 2 years, before the inauguration of the next president, there will be a huge financial crisis with chaos in the streets because of incredibly high inflation…  Prices will skyrocket because of the loss of the dollar bill as the world’s reserve currency (planned behind the scenes by the members of the New World Order) which will help to implement a new system of government…  I believe there are 3 scenarios:  One where Obama gets reelected which in that case there would not be an extreme urgency for change to a New World Order and one world government…  The second is where Obama does NOT get reelected and the Leftists realize that they are about to lose their best chance ever to implement the one world government and Obama tries to use the chaos in the streets, the financial crisis, and some executive orders to try and stay in power so that he can hand over the reins of the U.S. to the United Nations…  And the 3rd option is that Obama loses the election but then moves over the United Nations to become some kind of “Messiah” for the world over there, and eventually is installed as the Anti-Christ or one of the people used to bring him to power…

I may be wrong about the timing, but I know I’m not wrong about the eventual implementation of this one world system.  Bible prophecy has already been written, and all we have to do is study it to know the ultimate future of mankind and the implementation of the New World Order.  It just takes an open mind to understand, are you willing to do the study for yourself?  Just remember, if I’m wrong and God does not exist, I’ve lost nothing…  If you are wrong and end up on the wrong side, then you’ve lost everything!  I don’t have to answer to you, and you don’t have to answer to me, but whether we believe it or not we will ALL have to answer to God someday…  Good luck!


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