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The Rapture: Coming Soon Near You, Don't Miss It!

Updated on February 23, 2012

The Rapture of the Church...

We live in a very exciting time in the history of the Earth, with all the incredible events taking place… The Rapture of the Christian Church is going to happen within the next 25 years or so, and maybe much less! No one can be sure about this, but I feel at least 99% certain that this is the time period for the Rapture of the Church and I will give a few reasons why… One of those is the St. Malachi prophesy, and you can read more about that in another article.

For those of you who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, then time is short for you to get right with the Lord in order to go with the Rapture. Remember that anyone can get saved, all it takes is a firm dedication and commitment to Jesus as Lord and Savior and you will be written into the Book of Life! Unfortunately, there will be many who didn’t take an interest and become a Christian in time and they will have to go through the Tribulation. There are lots of people who may say that they are Christians but don’t really understand the concept, so it’s important to get it right. It’s not worth taking chances with!

The Rapture and Tribulation...

For those non-believers who are still around at the Rapture and don’t get to go, all is not lost…  Everyone who didn’t go for the Rapture will have to be on Earth for the 7 year Tribulation period, but this is a time of incredible woes and trouble!  You will not want to experience life on Earth at that time, and there is a high probability of dying a cruel death even if you choose Jesus during that time.  You will have the incredible benefit of being in Heaven with Jesus though, but it’s much better to become a believer today and do it right…

I know there are lots of readers right now smirking and sneering about all this Rapture talk, but I’ve come to this conclusion not through feeling and emotion as many others do, but through logic and reasoning.  It makes the most sense out of any other possibilities that Jesus was exactly who he said he was, and as the Son of God he is returning for the 2nd coming.  We first have to ask ourselves what is the real meaning of religion?  What is it, how does it work, why do we believe it, and which one is the right one?  There are many religions on Earth, each with their own beliefs and cultures, but only one can be correct.

The Rapture Should Happen Soon...

Prepare to do some serious study and research on your own in order to investigate the world’s religions from Buddhism to Hinduism to Islam to Judaism to Christianity… Compare the similarities and ask yourself some basic questions. What religious figures over the years have ever claimed to be deities or from Heaven, and do they have any proof behind it? If you really look into it, you’ll find that Jesus Christ was the only figure ever in the history of the World that claimed to be the Messiah, the Son of God… In fact, he was willing to die on the cross for us in order to show us that and to make sure that the Bible prophecies about that come true. The Rapture is only one event in a long line of Bible prophecy that has taken place or will take place over many, many years, and in my study is really one of the next biggest steps to take place.

Prove to yourself logically that Jesus was the only possible person EVER to even possibly fit into the many Bible prophecies over the centuries. There were many of these prophecies, and there is no one that can come today that could make them fit because the time has already passed for those events… So there is no possible way for them to ever come true, and the only person that has ever completed them is Jesus Christ. As believers, we will meet Jesus in the air at the Rapture, and it’s going to be awesome!

The Rapture...

Probably the biggest hurdle most people have today is their belief or non-belief in the supernatural.  We’ve all gone to school and learned about Biology and Evolution and that mankind came from monkeys and so forth, so it can be difficult to believe that there is life after death and that we have a soul.  That’s the first thing to get yourself to believe, and I did it by realizing that ghosts do exist and are real, and in addition to them so are demons and angels…  There is irrefutable proof about the existence of other worldly beings, and we see shows all the time on television about them.  Only an idiot would deny that fact, and if we can get ourselves to believe that we do exist after death then the hard part is over… 

There is a huge on-going struggle for good and evil in the world today, and it all makes total sense.  God vs. Satan pretty much sums it up, and the time is right for some really bad things to start happening in the world.  If you think the wars of the 20th century were bad, you haven’t seen anything yet!  What’s coming will destroy most of the world and its remaining population, so it’s a good thing that Christian believers are going with the Rapture before that happens.  So get right with Jesus now, because spending an eternity with demons torturing and tormenting you just doesn’t sound like much fun…


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