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Nuggets from Romans 8 - part 2

Updated on June 7, 2014

The entire plan of Salvation had been prepared before the foundations of the world


1. Indwelling Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit and confirms the fact that we are truly the children of God.

2. All the children of God are undoubtedly heirs of God; Heirs have the right to inherit the throne and treasures of their father.

3. All those who are heirs of God are joint-heirs with the Lord Jesus Christ. According to the tradition of the world all sons cannot inherit the throne of their father other than the first-born Son. Christ being the First born son shares his Son ship, Heirs hip and throne ship with his brethren.

4. If we partake in the sufferings of the Lord Jesus Christ we will surely be glorified with him. Afflictions are the pathway to inherit his glory

5. The Eternal glory which is going to manifest in us is far exceedingly higher than our present day sufferings. The light afflictions, we suffer in this present time will pass away soon

Romans 8 - part 2

6. The whole universe--which includes all creations of God –is waiting earnestly to see the manifestation of the sons of God who will bear the very likeness of Christ.

7. God has put all his creations under him with the hope concerning the manifestation of his sons.

8. Whole creation will be delivered from the bondage of curse by the Lord Jesus Christ

9. Whole creation is right now going through the groaning and travailing in pain towards the redemption.

10. All the genuine believers are also going through the groaning and travailing in pain towards the redemption of their body which will take place at the time of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The word gives us the hope, confidence and assurance

11. We have the first fruits of the God’s Spirit.

12. The transformation of our body is a hope for us.

13. We are waiting patiently with the hope for the redemption of our body, without seeing.

14. The Holy Spirit is the one who helps in our every weakness.

15. We do not in our natural mind know how exactly we ought to pray.

16. The Spirit of God makes intercession for us with unutterable groaning

17. Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit are interceding for us. Hence the chosen ones always have the strong prayer back up.

18.The Holy Spirit intercedes to the Father in accordance with His will for the saints

19. God who searches the hearts of the people understands well the mind of the Holy Spirit.

20. God is persistently working out all things together in the lives of the chosen people who are called according to his eternal purpose and continue to love him.


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