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On Thought Of The Holy One Of Israel!

Updated on December 16, 2012

An Awakening Of Spiritual Writing

And I am just only keeping right on doing spiritual disciplines night by night and day by day.

I seek to create a constant or consistent prayer life for myself in Jesus's Holy Name. I so want to be good and to do good, because God, the Holy One is so very good. I believe Jesus, infinite goodness and I ask Him to pray for all of us, Shea's and for whomever reads these my works.

Holy God, Mighty God, Holy Immortal God pray for us! We are holy, good catholics and we want to be righteous, Jesus! Like you, Jesus!

I likewise desire to make recordings of the Holy Scriptures Of Jesus on the Holy Angels.

They will protect, comfort and maybe even provide for us. O, how I believe the things of God!

May God uplift my thoughts and thinking to things that are to do of Him and of optimism and as it is in heaven.

Whenever I read of mysticism, the reading is difficult and yet You, O God do show of mysticism through the mystical body of Christ and that which is through the Blood Of Christ Jesus whenever we come to the litergy of the Holy Mass. And the priests do greatly indeed. They've been real professionals, truly.

I come to confession regularly and I am forgiven and my conscience is very right.

O Praise, Honor, Glory and Love even forever more for God, Our King!

This was written December 16, 2012. Merry Christmas to all!


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