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Online Bible Verses - Romans 15:2 - build them up

Updated on May 23, 2012

“Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.”

Romans 15:2

Lots of verses we can find which focus on how we relate to others. Interactions with people. Our kids, spouses and neighbors to name a few.

“Build them up” would be the opposite of “tear them down”. For me, if I am on my toes and alert to God’s presence in my life, I will be aware that every encounter is an opportunity to represent a reflection of Him. Which means, even in the most difficult cases, make a positive impression on whomever I am dealing with.

Unfortunately, these same encounters also offer the opportunity to completely blow it. Times when someone will observe the cross I have hanging around my neck and ask me why I bother wearing it. Those failures seem to be occurring less frequently with time, as they should. But they serve as a reminder that we need to get up each day and go out armed with the tools God provides, as He provides them for good reason. Whether we are aware or not, and I hope we are, living in this world means we exist in right in the middle of a spiritual war. A war in which, if we choose to, we can be one of God’s soldiers. We can be strong and in turn share and support in a way which helps others tap the same Source and become stronger as well.

So go out today and build some people up. Encourage them, and it will be an encouragement to you (and me).


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