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Do We Owe The Devil An Apology?

Updated on March 13, 2013

Do We Know The Devil?

Do we really know the Devil? Maybe we are wrong.

Depiction of the Devil as seen in the Codex Gigas.
Depiction of the Devil as seen in the Codex Gigas.

Do we owe the Devil an apology? This question may be a bit controversial, but hey, my goal is to make us stop and think.

Do we really know about the Devil? He seems to be taking the heat for everything gone wrong. We as humans do the evil things, but the blame always goes back to the Devil. Is that true or did we just decide to make him our fall guy.

Let's think about where we get our information from. The Bible is the number one source. It's the best selling book worldwide. However, does it tell the real story? After all it is written by the Devil's arch enemy. Is it tainted in any way.It seems the Devil is the most evil of all evil.

Or next source is The Church. Well their guidelines come from the Bible So I guess we can count that out as an independent source.

Maybe we can search for a movie for the answer. Afraid not. Any biographical movie about the Devil uses the Bible as a major source. Same thing with books or articles written about him. We can't even agree on what he looks like. There are so many variations of his picture.

How about a witness that has seen or talked to the Devil? A lot of people have seen heaven in their near death experiences. Has anyone seen hell? Al ot of people say they talked to God, where are the ones that talked to the Devil? Someone does something and attributes to God telling them do do it. Anyone hearing the Devil?

Look, it's obvious the Devil needs a new publicist. There has to be something good about him. Everyone has one good quality. Yet we only believe what we read about him from one source. For that, Do we owe the Devil an apology?

PS Before I get death threats, this is just a question, a vehicle for conversation. I'm not sticking up for him or promoting him in any way. I just ask the question hoping to start a debate.

By the way, I know of the Devil. I married his sister.


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