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Using Christianity for profit. A disturbing new trend.

Updated on October 18, 2016

Dating agencies

alone and desperate drives us to dating agencies
alone and desperate drives us to dating agencies
They all promise things they cannot supply
They all promise things they cannot supply
supposedly the loneliest number
supposedly the loneliest number | Source
internet dating agencies
internet dating agencies
cartoon depiction of what they will offer
cartoon depiction of what they will offer

Cashing in on God for profit - update

This is a disgraceful debasing of Christianity for profit.

Cashing in on religious beliefs. We have sunk to a new low.

Even "Christians" find this repulsive.

08/17/11. Just wanted to add this update to this hub: I recently noted that there was a slight change in this advertisement. It seems that God is finally speaking out and making himself known to certain people. Such as this 'Christian' dating site. It states that God has recently said unto them:

"You have been relying on God to find your perfect soul mate" . "It is your time to act. It is up to you to make the next move".

Apparently he is speaking out to tell his Christian children to join this dating service, instead of simply relying on him to run their lives.

I guess, this is good advice, but one would think that with all the current turmoil in this world that God would choose to take the time to get someone laid, instead of helping to straighten out some of the mess that man has made of his creations. (end of update)

This was the original article

title: A New Low? Or simply a new twist on an old theme?

Television commercials really tick me off at times.

Last night i saw this advertisement for: Christian dating. com. with the comments: "Let God help you find your soul mate." and "Find God's Match for You".

Wow, I don't know about you, but i find this rather repulsive and offensive as a non christian. Or rather as a former christian.

The issue here is that 'Christianity' itself, is not the problem in its true for. It is NOT the evil entity. It is the practicing bigots, zealots, and brainwashed 'pea' brains that make it repulsive and offensive.

Put in the proper context it could be a great way of life - without all the false preaching and teachings, of course.

Anyway, i digress.

Pimping in God's name? Really? Truly a new low for "Christians", but not totally surprising given the current trend Christianity is taking in this country.

Christian dating

My computer search has yielded many new sites for 'christian dating' -

these are the top 10, in case any of you religious minded folks are in desperate need of a partner.

I have noted in parentheses those that offer same sex matches. 3 out of 10. Not a bad percentage under the circumstances.

Although, "equality and justice for all citizens" would warrant a 100% compliance to mandate the inclusion of same sex dating, in all of them, i suspect that God has given these dating sites the go ahead to be all inclusive. ?? Or maybe he has simply bought stock in these companies and is just furthering his own agenda? But, more realistically it probably is that unscrupulous people are "using" religion to further their own objectives to make profit from its use.

  • www.christian
  • www. (same sex dating offered)
  • www.christian life style. com (same sex dating offered)
  • www.christian
  • www.christian dating for
  • www.christian dating for now php?key=male (just for pimping males)
  • www.www.christian
  • www.prfect / christians (same sex dating offered)
  • www.chemistry.come/official website
  • www.christian singles

What a bunch of hypocrites these supposed "Christians" be.

However, it is also interesting to learn that their God is in the dating and pimping business as well as (his) demanding for complete obedience and unwavering adoration, and (his) 'hating' (his) own creations. (Note here, also with the parentheses (his), if (he) were of the female persuasion there would not be this kind of attitude from (him) (her). lol

What man creates

These are the idiots that also believe that our government should represent Christianity in all its insanity.

Bigots and hypocrites and not born, they are created by their own loving religious communities, pastors of hate, and families of indoctrination. These people have a warped sense of morality and a totally distorted view of the true "Creator".

There is a definite logical and rational reason for our wise fore-skinned, fore-fathers' decision to separate church from state. Otherwise, with all the mandated morality laws that would be imposed, we would have to create a "morality police" force to view all physical activity in those heterosexual bedrooms. (Now there's a career field that would never have vacancies).

Those christian crusades are a good riddance thing of the past and hopefully that is exactly where they will stay - in the past.

But, if the radical conservatives have their way with us, those christian crusades will re-emerge and yield a blood bath that will out shine the madness of those past days. They have more numbers to eradicate today than were available to be murdered by 'Christianity in progress' back in the day - I'm just saying --

The current "do nothing" congress has introduced more than 1500 new legislative bills that would ban all abortion for any reason and make the death of a fetus a felony that could send the woman with the abortion to jail on a murder charge.

Imagine congress mandating morality. What a farce, when half of our politicians have extra-marital sex, condemn homosexuality and pay male prostitutes for personal favors thinking no one will find out.

The coupling of Christians

What this country really needs, to add to the insanity and the utter mess we find ourselves in today, are more "couplings" of Christians to reproduce and grow their armies of little monsters of hatred. (but lets be clear here, that this phenomenon is not limited to Christianity it encompasses all other religious sects as well)

This nightmare scenario added to the current attempt (real threat) of 'dumbing down america' even worse than it has been 'dumbed down' over the past 10 years by those political crazies - is not a very encouraging or palatable concept for the future of civilization as were currently know it.

The dumber the population, the more easily controlled, and the less chance of reprisal against our captors.

(So, there really is a pseudo rational reason for all these recent assaults on our 'liberal' teachers, Muslims, Jews, the gay population, and abortion advocates by the white conservative politicians - building up those christian armies of destruction to get rid of all that is not of their own creation)

God help us all.


Humorous Christian dating video

© 2011 d.william


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks. I Got it. It was well appreciated.

    • Sharon Storm profile image

      Sharon Storm 

      8 years ago from Mid West

      I sent you a message.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south Storm.

      Now you know, you have peaked my curiosity. You mention you liked all my articles except one? Which one? That info would certainly help me in making future decisions on what NOT to write about. LOL

      Your assessment of the connection between the Christians and the Republican Party is right on the mark. This has always been a sore spot with me, and just one more reason i detest these organized religions who are simply "in it - to win it".

      You certainly are entitled to your own beliefs, i would never attempt to dissuade anyone from their deeply personal beliefs. But the reason for those beliefs that people have, (and not only Christians) are based on the wrong principles. They humanize the Creator, and put on it their own connotations as to what that Creator should, or should not, like or dislike. And then sell their ideas to the public for money.

      When Jesus chased the 'money exchangers' out of the temple, it is too bad he did not have the power to keep them out indefinitely.

      Thank you for reading and your wonderful comments.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and your comments. I do not belong to any organized religion, as i find them ALL quite distasteful, hateful way too often, and more interested in how much money you can give them than they are in 'saving souls' which is a ludicrous phrase anyway.

      I do believe in a Creator, who is far more intelligent than the Gods these commercialized religions like to follow. Theirs seems to be able to mold itself to the personal beliefs of the churches' members. The more money the church brings in, the better their god performs for the members. LOL. Thereby making them worship a god of their own making.

      Spirituality is an individuals commune with the Creator, and does not need to 'pay' anyone for this intervention. And your description of the 3 headed hydra, is exactly why i find organized religions so distasteful.

    • Sharon Storm profile image

      Sharon Storm 

      8 years ago from Mid West

      Hi Mr. William...I love your article...In fact all the articles I read except for one. It was so true in many ways. I too was offended by that was tasteless. While I am Christian and do sometimes quote the Bible I like to think of myself as a logical human being. I was a science major and I teach science to high school students. I agree that all religions should be protected and that none should receive precedence over another. I think some Christians are not able to separate themselves from the Republican Party because it gives lip service to their beliefs while it uses them to advance its own anti-american, anti-citizen, anti-workingclass, agenda.

      As far as homosexuality goes I can make no judgement because i don't understand this part of the Bible and I deal with it by putting my faith in God. I have friends who are practicing homosexuals and who are active members of the church. I know that God will work things out in the end...and He most certainly will be fair. And if homosexuality is a sin it is certainly no worse than others...sin is sin...I have so many on my soul I certainly can't stand in judgement of any man or woman. I just keep trying not to sin, to encourage myself and others to do better, and to love my God and his creation. I depend on Jesus to cover my sins and those of my neighbors.

      I also loved your other articles on the evils of the republican rock...God Bless You

    • Credence2 profile image


      8 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      To each, their own. While I have my own religious faith, there is this three headed hydra of false religion, militarism and greedy commercialism. They are all interchangeable, your article shows how people can put aside major tenents of faith and fall prey to the money changers in the temple.

      Nice Hub, thanks

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 

      8 years ago from Isle of Man

      Well said as ever. Stand your ground and keep true to your Self. You have the respect of many for doing so. Thank you.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south Dude.

      thanks for reading and commenting. Although, i did not fully understand your comments, they are appreciated. Not everyone believes in the fairy tales of the bible, but i would not try to make anyone believe anything they feel they need to believe.

      My truth is in my relationship with the Creator, not a 2,011 year old dead man. And, i do not need a middle man to communicate with my creator. He hears me loud and clear, and i him. As i have said on many occasion, if the only people going to your heaven are the (bad) christians i have known, i will opt for the alternative.

    • profile image

      Druid Dude 

      8 years ago

      There are no prostitutes like a christian prostitute, but, in a larger sense "let he who is w/o sin, cast the first stone!" Not sure who said that, but it will come to me. Love is elusive, especially when the sound of the shepherd to the flock, is so terribly distant. What He does everyday, they would rather leave up to the material manisfestations of this world. Better a Hi-tech method, much easier than clearing the channels of your self enough to actually hear what the big guy is telling you anyways. Searching far for that which is probably right next door. HA

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Now YOUR comments are much briefer, more concise and more realistic than those other verbose individuals. You obviously got it all together and your last statement said it all. Thanks for visiting. dw

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      And as for your re-comments, the only thing i can add to the above comments back to Anton is that your statement that "only one of us can be right, and you know it is you"? That is one of the funniest things i have heard today. You can be as correct as you want to believe you are. Your truths are only truths to you. You cannot decide what my truths are. The point of a debate, or a discussion, is not to change another person's mind to conform to yours, but rather to open up the minds of both to the possibility of another valid point of view. Differing points of view need not be - one is right and one is wrong - but rather to grasp the growth of a spirit that can embrace other points of view as possible truths along with yours. There is nothing in this universe that is as simple as right or wrong, black or white, hell or heaven. These are just the conceptual beliefs of the person making them for himself. I am certainly not, as you must know by now, very enthralled with organized religions, especially those who say they are the only true religion and promote the repression of free thinking and mental explorations. I am however probably more spiritual and in tune with nature, the universe and with out Creator than anyone else you know. You must realize that all the wise men of the past, the doctors, lawyers, philosophers, and sages are just human beings that were subjected to their own childhood indoctrination of the brainwashing techniques of their forefathers. They are no more in tune with religious reality than you or i. We give them too much credit and allow their thoughts to overshadow our own. Not gonna happen. I am a free thinker, at peace with myself, in harmony with god and nature, and know that if there is a life beyond, i will be there to shake your hand wherever you think you are going when you do go.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      In my article, i did not say that all christians were narrow minded, that came from my response to "no body" in confirming what he had commented. I too, know a lot of christians who are kind and generous, and believe all people should be allowed their own beliefs, and be allowed to live in peace and harmony, without prejudices and hatred toward them for their non christian beliefs, where ever they reside. But, that statement is not complete either, as these people are truly dear friends of mine, they still have a narrow minded view of the concept of God, the bible, and the truth as they see it. Their views came from brainwashing techniques from their early childhood through family, religious leaders, the bible that has been re-interpreted many times since its conception and each time, word meanings altered to suit the times of the changes. I wrote an article entitled: "programming your computer - programming your child" that explains that concept in detail. Once a computer is programmed the words are there, the meanings are there, but the truth behind the meanings of the words are not capable of being interpreted any other way than their input data person who put them there intended them to be. It is difficult to explain, and difficult to understand when you have deep rooted core beliefs that have been ingrained into the brain's computer from birth, and told that those words, with their own personal interpretations of those words, are the only truth. It is wrong for mankind to do that to a child. It is confusing, and causes many conflicts within their psyches throughout their life times. And as always, i say, i never try to change a person's core beliefs, but i feel that a different perspective on those beliefs is essential to spiritual growth in all of us. Churches and religions and not spiritual. They are nothing more than a business, selling a product, and making a profit. They know little or nothing about individual spirituality and the close connections that an individual must have with his Creator, not via the church. We do not need an intermediary to commune with the Creator. Ask, and you will be shown the truths of the universe as much as you have the capacity to comprehend those truths. Don't read too much in my words, they are not meant to inflame your emotions, they are meant as enlightenment toward the spiritual realm.

      Garner what you wish, and discard the rest. Either way you and i are both the only true guardians of our own destinies. Not the church, their religions, or the bible.

    • AlexK2009 profile image


      8 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      d.william. You are ranting against a small but very vocal and influential group of bigots and hypocrites. You get morons like this in every religion and political party. Many of them will, on having contradictions in their scriptures pointed out, deny there are contradictions.

      Generally they have a very shallow knowledge of their religion.

      In the Christian case the academic study of the bible often comes as a shock to such people. In other religions such study is often deprecated and the scholars may be killed, or at the very least, funders put pressure on university departments, to cease such research.

      In general my observation is that the more someone knows about the origin of their holy scriptures and the theology of their religion the less they are dogmatic and willing to brand others as evil.

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 

      8 years ago from Rochester, New York

      And I too was not meaning to stab the ol' eyeball. Don't recall telling you that you can't have your opinion. I do feel that you just intimated more in your statements than I did in mine. I didn't intimate that you were foolish to believe that the world created itself. I didn't say that you were thinking you were tolerant when these things really bug the heck out of you. I have been around atheists for all my life and no matter what you say to any of them or how you try to tell them they have a right to be wrong (in your and the Bible's opinion) they still want to hook all of the delemmas of the world to me believing in God. I really don't care who all thinks they are right or who thinks I'm wrong I care what I read in the word of God. Each person reacts to what effects him the greatest. I remember when I first realized the science in the Bible I nearly fell out of the chair. It was "creative musings" that said that the world was a ball that hangs on nothing when all of the greatest minds on the rest of the planet were suggesting the world was riding on the back of a turtle or on the back of a giant. It was "creative musings" that caught the eye of Mallory who saw the verses telling of ocean currents and then mapped out the first "paths of the sea". It was "musings" that said that the stars all give off a recordable vibration, "voice" unique to them. And I could go on and on. People just assume because things are not in our realm of experience that they are fables. I am not that guy. It sounds good to an atheist to say a Christian is ignorant or believes fables or destructive musings. It sounds so educated but I can list for you hundreds of PhD's, Dr.s, Scientists of every stripe who find all kinds of evidence that I am not the fruitcake you think I am. But all of this does not matter because I could state these things all day and you would still not believe. Well I say, just because most people can't give you a good argument does not mean that the argument you have is the only valid one. Now if I'm the typical mindreader (guessing) I would say, you are going to say that you didn't say you were the only right one, I did. You would be right. I do believe I am right and in point of fact only one of us can. Now I am prepared to give you the respect and love of one human being to another while I pray you come to my side. And at the same time I am willing to hear arguments from your side. But I am not willing to be labeled a total spazz in the meantime. I have started out a few good friendships just like this and we still "work on" one another trying to convince each other of the truth. I would love to be like that with you. I would love to be your friend and earn the respect I suspect I never will. Bob Smith.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My only concerns in the hub and the exchange that follows are

      1) statements like ". . .christians are extremely narrow minded, . . ."

      Yep, many are. So are many non-christians. I could even handle a statement like "many christians are . . .", but I'm married to a christian, and she is not narrow minded. (she married me, after all and I'm agnostic), further neither are most of her congregation in the 'narrow minded' category, and it happens to be one of the more positive communities I know.

      I think I understand and share your feelings about religion, but I find anytime an entire group gets tarred with one brush we weaken our position.(like deciding someone is less important because they are female, or black, or hispanic or moslem or jewish)

      Not all christians are hateful, intolerant, narrow or stupid. In my own experience, (not extensive, I grant) I know many more who are decent, loving, open people.

      And as I say, I know a lot of non-christians who I would also class as hateful, intolerant, narrow or stupid (or pick any other adjective you wish)

      Now, on the other hand, I absolutely agree that selling anything in the name of God strikes me as disingenuous. Is that not what was meant by 'thou shalt not take the lord's name in vain?'

      thanks for the hub

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Welcome to my hub pages. You certainly are a true christian believer. You are surely entitled to you own beliefs, for what ever reasons you choose to follow those beliefs. If the television ad was showing a dating service for jewish people, or muslim people, i would still be offended. I have that right. I have as much right to my views as the christians do. Although, when i voice mine, i am bashing the christians. I guess i am just not politically correct or in tune with the mainstream in this country. I guess i have always marched to the beat of a different drummer. LOL.

      I live in a world filled with reality, logic and wonderous beauty that the creator has built for all of us to enjoy. I do not enjoy the ugly things that man has created: hatred, bigotry, judgmentalism, intolerance, etc.. These things are counter productive to happiness and a healthy state of mind. I do not push my beliefs on others, and i find it offensive when they push theirs on my psyche. I do not believe that belonging to a cult of any sort, be it, christianity, latter day saints, or any other brand of religion, is the way to salvation.

      The goodness in a person's heart is way more important than the empty words in a book that was created by man for the sole purpose of controlling his subjects. Study the history of the bible and you will see that these are simply the magical musings of those who penned them. You are also correct in that christians are extremely narrow minded, and judgmental toward anyone who does not belong to their cult. (Not unlike all the other religions who believe they too, are the only road to salvation). I only fault them for not having a mind of their own, into which, information is taken in, mulled around with some semblance of logic, and a conclusion is reached based on that reality, not a myth, or a book of fairy tales.

      My reference to same sex dating was simply a statement that reflects the hypocrisy of the church's erroneous statements that God hates his own creations. Neither God, nor I, hate christians, we just hate what they stand for. (Gosh, does that sound familiar to you? - sorry no offense was intended).

      I really enjoyed you comments. I find them stimulating and thought provoking. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me. dw

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 

      8 years ago from Rochester, New York

      I am curious. Is it offensive because it is Christian? There are sights for funtime sex only, for fat people, for hiv people, for black people, hispanic, islamic. Is it offensive only because Christians can be ignorant and stupid and obnoxious sometimes. (I speak as a Christian) I think the ads can be salesman-ish which tweaks me a little. ie. "God is saying that it's your turn to look." God needs no help to bring a woman alongside a man that is looking for her. No online sight needed. But on the other hand the Book does say that "to have friends one must be found friendly." And where should one find friends? Anywhere they are led is where. Everyone is led differently by God. As a life-long student of the Bible I object to the whole dating concept as being ineffective for what is asked of it. Dating provides almost no information for marriage, if that is the goal. It is not conducive to people being honest so that friendships are confirmed. It is two people going the same place and putting on the "dating face" The old-fashioned concept of courting is much more in line with the Spirit-filled Christian. I don't expect non-Christians to understand me but the concept of courting is different than dating. Courting as I understand it and have done it is, two people coming to an agreement that they will prayerfully explore if what they are feeling is the Lord calling the couple together for marriage or if only fellowship is where they are being led. God is in the middle of the couple all the way and boundaries and safety is respected. All conversation is toward the goal of defining the leading of God in each of their lives and whether it is God that wants them to be together forever as marriage partners or as brother-sister in Christ. As far as the forcing (by law) of folks to be in the business of bringing people that wish to DATE people of the same sex- why? Is anyone forcing Islamic sights to find mates for Jewish folks or vice versa? No and they won't. It is a stab in the eye to do it to Christians and the non-Christian public love to stab us in the eye over and over because it gives them joy to see us squirm. It is to bring out the indignation in people for a political statement. It is true that we are narrow-minded and pig-headed but it is for a good reason. The Bible is a very narrow book and if one truly believes and follows it, we are the result.


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