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Present Time Mentoring from Higher Beings

Updated on September 28, 2018
Universal Laws profile image

Linda is the author of Advent Calendar for the Salvation of Planet Earth, a channelled book published by Gateway books in 1995

(Channelled 2012)

Be Aware, more than you have ever been aware. If you are not aware you are not able to discern when the correct information is sitting right in front of you.

If you are not aware you are not able to discern what it is you are meant to be doing at any one time.

If you are not aware you will be fighting for the time after the event has occurred, which basically means you were not awake and aware at the time.

If you are not awake and aware you will be behind in the planning that is required for you to catch up with the information that is required to be assimulated.

So, we are saying that one of the most important things for you to do is stay awake at all times. This means being awake when you would normally be asleep. This very often happens when you are doing familiar things like eating, cooking, walking, driving and watching your computer screen or even your TV's if you have not yet detached yourself from these obnoxious energy frequencies.

In order to stay awake you will need to be practicing staying awake during this familiar activities. These activities are the ones that cause you to drop down in the levels of awareness into more or less robotic states. This is a dangerous state, one that will not serve you well when more and more changes are upon you. It is good to begin the training now, it will then be a habit in a very short period of time. It does not take long to form a habit, it takes longer to begin to break away from bad ones. It will be discipline that is your best guide in the coming months and years. If you begin those disciplines now then you will be an adept when you are required to use your senses on a more extreme level. These more extreme levels are thought to be difficult, but, they are not, it is the first breaks from the old habits that are difficult. In this way many never begin to try to break away the habits are keeping them located in the lower regions of the robotic mind rhythms.

Those that are able to choose will be those that are able to extend their senses forward at the appropriate times so that they know where they need to be. It will be like shining a device forward both in space and time to see safe areas, safe spaces and safe familiar beings.

We speak now of a time ahead, not that far ahead when many things will come to pass, as they pass so will many lives if those living through these times are not awake and aware. To be awake and aware is not just to know what is happening but how to discern which parts need responding to and how to respond - which direction to go both within your thoughts and your actions, for both will be choices that you will need to make as the time quickens and the state of the planet reaches the zenith of her cleansing process.

We will begin with the natural events which will be upon you in the next few months. These are many including many earth shifts and much water falling on your planet, more than you have ever seen before. We will continue with the many events which will be brought about by the surviving cabalists or elite forces which have taken control of your planet. They have brought through much of the reptilian brain processes and will not stop until they are down in their graves on this earth. We do not suggest that you help them there for they make their own pathways and their own karmic debts as they accumulate more debris from these lower mind happenings.

The first natural events will be more earthquakes, first in the south western areas of china, then france, then mexico. After that there will be an accumulated earth plate movement which will entail many places at the one time. This is when one plate knocks onto another which they uses an energy retaliation and forces more energy to rise between the plates. The accumulated plate movement will be like an accumulator it will keep jetisoning energy through different areas. Some areas will be affected in a devasting way, others will just be touched, much like when a sea rolls around and then subsides. It is not something that can be stopped, all of these actions are needed in order for the energy imbalances around your earth planet to be healed and balanced. Much will be undone, which means that at the end of these times, much will require making up again. This will enable things to come to a much more balanced organisation which incorporates energies from the earth in a respectful and sacred way. Much will be needed to be rebuilt from scratch which will enable new thoughts, new projections of energy, inspiration and creativity. Nothing will be in vain it will all be part of the reorganisation of a modern earth plan, one of new order but from a stance of energy orderlyness not from power order as has been in the past. Nothing will be out of kilter with the earth energies, she will participate in your plane, she will assist you in building up again much of the structure but from a soulful state of mind, one controlled from the soul not one from the lower minds of uncultured men.

All the information you need for what is really going on on our planet and with our selves


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    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      8 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi, If you have a listen to some of my Blogtalkradio shows (info on profile) you will hear a lot about our personal healing. check out the different titles of the shows to get the ones that go into this more. It is a time for us to be "who we really are", which means healing our shadow self which is what your manic depressive self is a showing up as. Its not really You. This is a show which is very much about our personal healing You will also find a simple awareness exercise at the top of the video page on my network at which is a daily practice to be truly in the now moment and not in your head/mind in the shadow self. Namaste

    • profile image

      Pradeep Marwaha 

      8 years ago

      I don't know why - but I have kind of got hooked onto your pages. The best thing that I have seen just now is the update of Aug 9, 2012. Could you please point me to some brief write-up about what is it that you are saying. I have been told that I am a "manic depressive". I have been suffering from some strange strain and pain in the left ear for about 30 years. I detest the vegetating state that I land up in for 2-3 years at atime. What is it that I have been chosen for? I am 55, male and stay in New Delhi. help ..anyone PLEASE


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