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Passover the Christian Believer's connection

Updated on April 19, 2011
Picture of the Chapter of Exodus title page in the Holy Bible.
Picture of the Chapter of Exodus title page in the Holy Bible. | Source

Today is Passover according to the 2011 calendar. Once again we are inspired to celebrate the time when Jehovah God proved who he said he was according to the Torah and the Holy Bible. It is a testament to Him as a Deliverer and a God that keeps his Word, his promises!

Passover should be remembered by Jews and the Christian Believer, because it is a memorial, Exodus 12:14 of what God is willing to do, and has already done through his son our Lord Jesus Christ!

Christians, that is little Christs or followers of Christ Jesus have proof positive that God is faithful to his promises and the old testament feats attest to the fact that Jesus/ Yeshua, is the new Savior and Deliverer, and with his death and resurrection all that Jehovah God ever promised is complete in Him.

We serve a risen Christ! Jesus was the sacrificial Lamb that paid to God's justice, only what his love could afford. No matter what people preach or use to confuse us, God is all about restoration and relationship!

Everything about the Bible is dedicated to the story that the creator of the universe wanted to be in fellowship with mankind, whom he had created for intimacy.

Passover like many old testament stories point to the fact that man could not return to the creator without a everlasting way. Where the sacrifice of bulls, goats and whatever animal could be afforded covered sins, and broken relationships for a year, the blood of Jesus did it for all eternity, past, present and future!

Jehovah God through Jesus the Christ and the stamp of the Holy Spirit, is all about relationship. He wants to fellowship, with mankind, doing him good and not evil all of their earthly journey straight into eternal existence.

So, every believer should be grateful to the Jewish people and Judaism but we must also pray that they see the new and risen Lord Christ Jesus.

Passover story

The Passover story can be found in the Holy Bible, in the book of Exodus, which means a mass departure of people. It is the story of the Jewish people in captivity as slaves, for hundred of years under the tyrannical regime of Egypt's Pharaohs. The only idea we have of this is the relation we can draw between the Jewish slaves and the African Slaves in America.

They were owned, for hundreds of years, generations. They worked for free. Were used and abused by a stronger race of people through forced humiliations and violence. Yet, through all of this they had the comfort that one day a deliverer would come and free them from their enforcement to servitude.

Slavery is never a nice institution. The ownership of one individual by another is not the best plan of man, but as always Jehovah God had made provisions.

So, in their plight these people had a promise of freedom. For hundreds of years they waited and in that time crazy things began to happen. Babies of the male sex two years and younger were ordered to be killed.

This is similar to the story of King Herod and the birth of Jesus!

Moses the boy child that survived this order of murder and forced abortions became a prince of Egypt, having been saved by the Pharaoh's daughter during his murderous edict was being enforced.

Moses own mother was hired as the child's nurse maid, so i believe he knew some of the Jewish history, if he was unsure of his own heritage i am not convinced!

Anyhow Moses was a part of the royal family, until he murdered a man, a royal soldier, tried to hide it but was rebuffed because his actions had been witnessed by others. So, as a young man a chosen deliverer was now in a self imposed exile because he took the law into his own hands, without God's consent and definitely not his approval.

Moses' flight to Midian

Moses left Egypt and the Israelites continued to cry out to Jehovah, reminding him of his promise of deliverance. During this time Moses became a shepherd, a husband, a son in law and a father in a foreign land, with the Midianites.

Son in law to Jethro, a priest in Midian. It was during his time as a shepherd for Jethro that Moses had his God experience, when God spoke to him about what his plan for his life had always been.

That Moses was supposed to speak to the Pharaoh and have his people released. Like most of us Moses questioned God's judgement, and the purpose he said he had for Moses to accomplish, but in the end Moses set out to fulfill the call.

Moses back in Egypt

Now as the prophet and the deliverer of his people Moses returned to Egypt. On his return he recruited his brother Aaron and went to the palace to petition to Pharaoh for the freedom of God's people the Israelites.

During this time because of Pharaoh's refusal to release the slaves, ten plagues occurred that finally lead to the Israelites being sent from the land of Egypt.

These plagues were:

1. Nile River turned to blood. All the water became blood.

2. Frog invasion.

3. Gnats from the dust.

4. Gadflies invaded.

5.Pestilence that killed th livestock of Egypt.

6. Boils that blister on Egyptian people and their beasts.

7. Hail rained down.

8. Locusts within the boundaries

9. Darkness over the land of Egypt for three days.

10. Death of the firstborn of Egypt, human and beast.

During each one of these plagues God sent Moses to inform Pharaoh, that if he did not release all of the Israelites what was about to happen. Pharaoh refused or tried to negotiate the terms of release.

Read the actual story!

Anyway Pharaoh promised to release the Israelites after the last plague the death of the firstborn, which included his son and heir. But while Moses and his people left the city, Pharaoh went after them and God performed the miracle of dividing the Red Sea.

So. Passover is about remembering, a memorial to Jehovah of delivering the Israelites from slavery and proving that he is faithful over all that He promises!

Rejoice, Christian believers cause this is also an old testament story that foretold the ultimate plan of deliverance through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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