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Pearls won't float in shallow water!

Updated on November 5, 2017

Pearls could be found only in the depth of the sea bed!

Pearls can be seen only in the bottom of the Sea!

Pearls can be seen only in the bottom of a sea or river bed. Pearls are not seen in shallow water! To acquire a pearl, one has to dive deep to the bottom of seabed, hold his breath and search for a few seconds and if he is lucky, he could retrieve one and come back to the sea surface. It is highly risky, dangerous since the sea contains many poisonous creatures which will harm the person or pearl gatherer. Hence the diver should have long practice in diving to the depth. He will anoint his body with oil mixed with turmeric powder. Fishes and other creepers at the bottom won’t come near due to the aroma of turmeric. Nowadays lot of facilities is available like oxygen cylinder fixed on the back through which one can remain at the sea bottom for around one hour. There are navigation pads, goggles, head gear, camera unit etc. There is long life line attached to a parent ship or boat. Hence there are many divers searching the sea bottom for research and curiosity. They simultaneously catch the photos of different varieties of fishes and other creatures, the plants at the bottom of sea, coral reef etc. From ancient times, people were engaged in gathering pearls and if one is lucky, he will get a valuable pearl which can be sold to the traders for high value. Pearls are attractive and much sought after in different parts of the globe. Kings, royals and for decorating the idols and deities in temples, pearls are most sought after by all next only to gold and other gems. Many countries fostered pearl harvest from the sea bed. Though pearls are pure white with a shine, there are other colors are found like light yellow, brown or even red tint. Each pearl is valued according to clarity, shine, color and weight including shape. Pearls need not be round; it may be some times a little elliptical also.

Pearls of different shapes and sizes!

Why people gather pearls?

Now, let us analyze the above. Why people gather pearls risking their own life? It is a valuable commodity easily saleable or tradable. It fetches high amount of money in international markets. Hence people don’t mind risking their life in the dangerous expedition. There is a philosophical truth here. One poet has sung a song, ‘after gathering a pearl from deep sea will you be foolish enough to let it loose in the sea itself? What the poet implies by the above? God is hidden deep at the bottom covered by many veils like desires in the form of lust.. Hence, if one is keen to get hold of god, the precious pearl, he has to sacrifice his comforts, hold on to his breath and dive deep in his own self without bothering about various distractions that crop up during the search! Like the pearl, god will not be seen in the outer space or sky! One has to dive deep within himself to search Him! The pearl is valuable in worldly concept. The Divine is the most valuable thing everyone should seek for. The body is the temple of god in which the idol consecrated is the Divine Self. Thus each body is a moving temple of god. There may be differences and distinctions in the outer, but the indwelling spirit or soul is the Atma within!

All the scriptures of the world asserts this basic truth that God is One and the indweller in each body! The color of the skin may be different, the nationality may be different, the shape sixe and form may be different but all human beings invariably contain the self same god known as Brahman or Atma as per Indian scriptures. Muslims assert “Allaho Akbar”. The Christians choose to tell that He is the Father in Heaven. Hindus call him in many different names. The Vishnu Sahasranama contains 1008 names of god. Though god is one, his glory is sung in 1008 ways, each calling a different name but all the names indicate the one god who is the creator of the Universe! When we accept the fact that god is one, then there are no different gods for each religion. Call Him, “Allah!, Jesus, Rama Krishna Buddha or Sai. Each noun indicate the only one. We have seen thousands of varieties of sweets made in different cuisines in different parts of the world! They are of different colors, flavors, size, shape and attractions. But the basic ingredient of all sweets is only sugar or jaggery. Without sugar or jaggery, it can not be termed as sweet. There are different varieties of peppermints or chocolates meant for children. It may be of any shape. It may be also in the form of human. Taste the head, is it more sweeter than the feet? No never, it is of uniform sweetness. Similarly god is uniformly sweet and people compare his love to nectar!

Deep sea divers!

We are all children of IMMORTALITY!

There is a stanza in the Veda, “Shrunvanthu Visve Amrutasya Putra” – The meaning is “Listen oh children of the world, you are all children of IMMORTALITY! Our bodies may perish but the self inside survives the death of the body! It is neither born, nor die. The self may relinquish the outer cover like we change our dresses. In the Bible, it is said, “Death is the dress of Life”. When the dress we wear is torn and become unfit to wear, we throw it and wear a new dress. Do we feel by relinquishing the old worn out dress? No! Similarly the Self too relinquishes the body when it is worn out by diseases! Every day, we experience temporary death in sleep! And death is irrevocable sleep! In death, all the elements that constitute the body disintegrate and join back with the original elements that constitute the external world! What is in the cosmos is contained in the human body! Hence the human being is a microscopic sample of the Cosmos.

All enjoyments of sensual pleasures make one weak. We falsely imagine that we enjoy whereas the senses enjoy us or use us. Hence, we should never become slaves to the senses. With the aid and power of the intellect conquer the mind enslaved by the senses. Realize the god that you are by introverting the focus on the inner Self! This is the ultimate aim of human existence in this mundane world. Not a grain of sand will accompany us. Only the effects of past deeds accompany us invisibly which decide our next birth! Become free from the effects of merits as well as sins. Become a ZERO, with no effect of the past. Then you escape from the cycle of birth and death forever!

Pearls of wisdom!


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