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Planets in Cancer Part 2: Mars, Venus, and Moon

Updated on June 27, 2014

In Planets in Cancer Part 1, Ascendant and Mercury, I talked about Ascendant/Rising and Mercury in the sign of Cancer. In this hub, Planets in Cancer Part 2: Mars, Venus and Moon, I will be talking about mars, Venus, and moon in Cancer. Again this does not specifically refer to the sun sign in Cancer (some similarities may apply however).

If you do not know your Mars, Venus, or Moon sign, you can run a natal chart (for free, type natal chart in google and plug in your birth data.)


Mars in Cancer

Your Mars is in Cancer, in the planet of action, sexuality/sexual expression, and energy. Mars in Cancer is quite emotional. Mars is in the fall in Cancer (remember Mars is exalted in Capricorn) Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon (the planet of the mother, emotions, home/family life, childhood).

As a water sign mars, Mars in Cancer doesn’t know how to handle aggression and action well. They act on their emotions and aggression doesn’t come naturally to them. When they do act in aggressive matters, they tend to overdo it (again it doesn't come naturally).

Acting and reacting based on emotions (like what a Mars in Cancer typically do) can makes someone quite impulsive and destructive. It can either work in their flavor or land them in huge trouble. The latter hurting them the most (due their sensitive natures).

Sex symbol= Mars
Sex symbol= Mars | Source

Mars in Cancer (con't.)

The Cancer in Mars person is a homebody and very family oriented. This can also translate to the cancer mars being lazy and inactive. Oftentimes you will find the cancer mars in their homes cooking and entertaining their family and friends with food and comfort.

Here’s a tip of how to recognize a Cancer mars person. If they ask if you are hungry and if you ate. Also they are always cooking/eating/ cooking for other people. They are the type of friend or family member that will barge into your house or apartment and cook something for you.

One thing to note is the Cancer Mars person, is very protective of themselves and their loved ones. So expect them to fight for their loved ones.

Mars also governs sexuality and sexual expression. Mars in Cancer is a lovemaking master in the zodiac. Passionate, emotional mixed with physical action and you get a Mars in Cancer. Traditional and loyal they express their sexuality quite nicely. They make love and prefer to make love then just having sex.


Venus in Cancer

Venus is all about love and how we act in relationships. Venus in Cancer is quite a nice position for Venus to be in. Remember that Venus is exalted (very glorified) in Pisces who is ruled over by Neptune (the planet of illusions, dreams, magic and spirituality). Cancer is ruled by Moon which rules over emotions among other things. So Venus in Cancer is quite comfortable.

A Venus in Cancer person is naturally sweet, nurturing and caring. They have huge hearts and are sensitive souls and are willing to do with anything with their friends and families. They are a family person and are definitely loyal and faithful. Like the other Cancer planets they have a motherly nurturing position that extends to food. They look to cook and want to see their loved ones that fed and happy. They definitely take care of their family and love ones.

A theme that commonly runs through Cancer, is family and home and this lunar ruled person is all about family. They are oftentimes close to their family and definitely want one of their own. Cancer in Venus people are definitely the settling down types and crave committed relationships. This means constantly seeking a small close knit circle of loved ones that is close and intimate. They want to share their lives with people that are there for them and are trustworthy with their feelings.

The moon's glyph
The moon's glyph | Source

Moon in Cancer

Your Moon is Cancer, which means you are ruled by the Moon. The moon governs emotions and is at home (dignified) in Cancer. So this is very strong moon placement (though not the best, Taurus Moon is). The Cancer moon is intuitive and a bit psychic (as the other water signs). Moon in Cancer has to with emotions, home life and early childhood.

So moon in Cancer is very family oriented and attached to their family and the past. Sentimental, nostalgic, with photographic memory, a moon in Cancer person definitely holds onto feelings and experiences that give them emotional comfort. They want to feel secure and comfortable, so they find ways to get that comfort. This includes attaching themselves into people and situations that give them comfort.

Sometimes the moon in Cancer person can overcompensate and be overly protective when insecure and/or feel their needs are not being met. This is often seen through acts of clinginess and neediness. They are often subjected to moodiness, snappiness, and emotional eating (Cancer and the moon is also attached to wants and needs). Eating provides the comfort that they need, so they indulge in it. Cancer moon at its worst is moody, destitute, and delusional. While Moon in Cancer at its best is nurturing, sweet, and caring. Moon in Cancer is usually at its best!


Overall this concludes my Planets in Cancer Series. Thank You!

What planet (s) do you have in Cancer?

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