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Planets in Virgo Part 1: Ascendant, and Mercury

Updated on November 30, 2015

As you know I have been playing with this scenario in my head based on the other 5 personal astrology planets (other than your sun/zodiac sign). When you first meet someone what planet do you see? Do you see the sun sign, moon sign, ascendant sign, etc? It is tricky to say what personal planet someone first sees in a person. Even so, it’s fun to try to take a go at it.

Pretty much my theory does like this:

When someone first meet you (and vice versa) they meet your ascendant sign. After a while once they get to talking with you they meet your mercury and Venus signs concurrently. It is on this occasion you laugh, joke, and get to know each other more. After you both depart, deciding that you both like each other and want to meet up somewhere. You both suggest places to go and agree on a place.

Later on they meet you, decide that they like you even more and meet several times with you. It is on these occasions when they meet your sun sign and your basic personality. You hang out, have fun and they get to see your Mars sign in action.After a while they get to know you more personally, soon becoming close friends. It is there that they get to see and notice more of your Venus and Moon signs, while getting a taste of the darker sides of your mars and mercury signs.

For the first part of this series I will be talking about Ascendant/Rising, and Mercury, in the zodiac sign of Virgo. This does not specifically refer to the sun sign in Virgo (some similarities may apply however).


Ascendant/Rising in Virgo

Your ascendant/rising is Virgo, so your first house will most likely be in Virgo and ruled by Mercury. Mercury on the ascendant produces a fast moving, quick thinking human being.

Not the air side of Mercury (aka Gemini); but the shyer, more practical side of mercury which is Virgo. This person will be smart, humbled, and reserved.

The Virgo rising person will appear cold and nervous when you first meet them. After a couple more meetings, their personality doesn’t change too much and they will settle into themselves to quite retained, clever and dependable.

By the way a quick tip on how you can tell a Virgo ascendant is by their outfit and appearance. It will be neat, color coordinated and very conscious. You will be able to tell they take time to put themselves together. They’re hair won’t be all over the place (unless it’s intentional) and they will look and smell good.

Just keep in mind some Virgo rising celebrities: Gene Kelly, Tom Cruise, Betty Ford, Uma Thurman, Keanu Reeves, Helen Hunt, and Patrick Swayze to name a few.

Uma Thurman, Virgo Ascendant, Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius
Uma Thurman, Virgo Ascendant, Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius | Source

Ascendant/Rising in Virgo (cont'd.)

The Virgo rising person is not interested in being the center of attention, the loudest/craziest/ or most unique. They are fine with blending in. This is partially due to their self-critical and insecure nature (they don’t want criticism reflected on themselves, they’re the ones that do the criticizing).

The Virgo rising person is the type of person that will plan out the logistics to an outing, arrive early to an outing, and make sure everything goes as planned.

Overall the Virgo rising person is a dependable, reserved, generous, and are great at following through.


Mercury in Virgo

Your Mercury is in Virgo, so you communicate and think in an Earthy/Mercurian way. Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury. Virgo is exalted in mercury, so this is a very good position for your mercury to be in.

Here this Virgo mercury communicates in a realistic and practical way. Virgo is an effective communicator and thinker; and they are able to put the things they think into words and speech. Critical and scrutinizing mind, they look for details and holes in information. The mercury in Virgo person are good bs detectors (they are really smart) so they can see through lies.


Mercury in Virgo (cont'd.)

The mercury in Virgo person rarely lies they prefer to tell you how it is. They aren't crass and in your face like a fire mercury signs, detached and unemotional like air mercury signs, or too emotional and irrational like water mercury signs.

The Virgo mercury person make their points clear, to the point with little embellishments, humor or personality. This may sound like nitpicking (it is) and criticism (it is) but they want you to know exactly what you are doing wrong so you can learn from it. They do it in a more helpful less arrogant way.

The Virgo mercury minds are curious, active and busy and are thinking in a very systematic, to-do listy way. They are able to mentally compartmentalize things, multitask and focus on small details. They are able to pick things up that others don’t usually notice because they are logical, careful and always mentally filtering things in their environments.

Even so, Mercury in Virgo uses its thinking and speaking abilities to learn and improve themselves and the people around them.


Overall this concludes the first part of my Planets in Virgo Series. Look out for my hub, Planets in Virgo Part 2: Mars, Venus, and Moon. Thank You!

What planet (s) do you have in Virgo?

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    • deecoleworld profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from USA

      @suzettenaples: Thank you! May i ask what sign you are?

    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 

      4 years ago from Taos, NM

      I am not a Virgo but I found this interesting and informative. You are certainly comprehensive in your coverage of Virgos.


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