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Planets: the Pluto

Updated on October 11, 2011
The Hell: the kingdom of Hades (Pluto), engraving.
The Hell: the kingdom of Hades (Pluto), engraving. | Source

The big executor

Pluto is the final master of the destinies. It executes the verdicts that Saturn passes on. No-one can cheat it. And it can see, like an eagle, the smallest details by dissipating with its cold flame the deceits, omissions and suppression of Neptune. It denudes till the tiniest grit the uncovered essence of life. 

Pluto is the god of the underworld, or the land of the dead. It takes off all the shells leaving only the naked body and letting other planets decide what to do next with it. The impact of Pluto is not like that of any other planet. Its aim is denuding the most intimate depths that are usually covered by the layers of psyche. If Pluto is energetic and strong, the issue is lethal. Happily, Pluto is a slow planet, and its influence becomes visible quite rarely but it is very important and can bring a huge result if worked upon correctly. 

Pluto is a big vacuum-cleaner. Its goal is not the destruction but the cleaning of a person from psychic and physical slag and cesspits. And only very rarely, when it's not possible to apply local measures, Pluto can destroy a person (or an object) totally. 

Pluto is not fastidious. Moreover, it is extremely attentive and meticulous. It is a genius of diagnosis for the things that can be used again. It will never burn down something that is not rotting. But something due to the total cleansing must be destroyed till the tiniest detail.

Lay off is one of the Pluto situations
Lay off is one of the Pluto situations

Pluto in human life

The revelations of Pluto in human life are related to the situations that are often called "fate", when a person is following the flow of destiny, and his personal consciousness and will cannot affect the events that take place around him. One is rid of the usual reality and moved to a new reality, ignoring his personality, as it seems, just like a snow avalanche does not care for the fate of its separate snow flakes. These situations can include a sudden mobilization, a serious illness, a marriage, a childbirth, a lay off.  In these situations, it is usual to feel helpless and abandoned by God, when one can only count on personal efforts. 

Marked Pluto revelations in inner life can be the sudden turning down of the usual and effective programs of subconsciousness, especially those of defense. Suddenly, the mechanisms of self-deceit, reliable and checked, stop working, and some circumstances of our life, inner and external, should be looked upon in their naked essence. It feels like the fog has raised from the marshes of psychic miasmas, and the drapes hiding the litter of inner rubbish heap, where before that moment the person threw all that he considered excessive, disturbing, unnecessary and uncomfortable or unprofitable, fell down. Pluto suddenly reveals all the litter that used to be hidden and forgotten, and now one has to decide about it. 

Small revelations of Pluto are so hardly noticeable in the exterior life that a person does not pay attention to them, although a thought about their meaning can brush one's mind quickly. The presence of Pluto is revealed when some events take place that the person did not seem to initiate. These events cannot be controlled. Secondly, the plans and the objects get partially or completely destroyed. The influence of Pluto is essentially different from that of Saturn. The impact of Saturn reveals itself in delays and obstacles. The impact of Pluto is more direct, related to the destruction, although initially it may not be noticed. Another trait of Pluto effect is that it is always well prepared. More than that - Pluto sends signs - the messengers that the object is rotten and is getting ready for destruction. These signs are the rapture with the external reality, death of hopes, plans, enthusiasm, fantasies and mental concepts.

It is important to understand, that Pluto never destroys a healthy tissue. But we often get attached to quite low and sick creations and revelations of psyche, inner vampires, aggressors and hypocrites, which start functioning quite independently inside us and parasitize on us. And when Pluto gets the hold of one of these monsters, we seem to feel like being cut on the living tissue, and that the best and favorite part of us is being killed. But it is not so. Usually, it is either egoism or aggression that is destroyed but to understand it, it takes long time. Pluto sends signs before complete destruction of the subconscious programs that need to be cut off from the human psyche. Usually, these are periodical frustrations of the lower subconscious programs, and the right reaction here is not a rebellion but the humble acceptance of the next sacrifice on behalf of the psyche. Pluto forces you to become saint, and to resist is useless while appeals are senseless, because it is the last and highest authority. 

We cannot resist Pluto - the physical and psychic pain will only persist. We can only help it, by realizing its actions and giving in as the fate works on us, inside and outside.

On the first level of mastering of Pluto one cannot resign oneself to the idea of a loss
On the first level of mastering of Pluto one cannot resign oneself to the idea of a loss

Mastering of Pluto

The mastering of Pluto goes on when we realize its signs and help the karma consciously. 

On the first level of mastering of Pluto it is characteristic not to accept the idea of the loss itself. The reaction is usually emotional rebellion and a firm suppression of the affect that follows. The thing is, when Pluto starts working, it is impossible to stop it. And all the efforts of the person to recreate the situation or an object of desire, end up by total failure. Regardless of the fact that it is important to accept the loss, and keep on living somehow, one does not agree to it inside, and the thought of a loss keeps on torturing the person. The action of Pluto at this stage is perceived totally destructively, and the death of a fragment of ego is perceived like the death of the soul. Personal evolution goes on in a forced way, accompanied by the sincere tears, curses and sharp hatred towards people, situations and destiny that are so cruel towards the poor, vulnerable, small, defenseless and beloved Myself, my egoism and my narrowness.

Marked Pluto effects on this level are perceived like a catastrophe, bad luck that undresses us and throws us on the island, inhabited by the big beasts, hungry, severe and cannibal. The thought of a new life, which may occur better and more fruitful than the previous one, does not come to our mind. 

One who can find forces to start from the scratch evokes admiration
One who can find forces to start from the scratch evokes admiration

On the second level of mastering of Pluto the idea of uselessness of the regrets because of the losses, failures, bad experiences, forbidden pleasures and unsatisfied ambitions comes to our mind. So, we try to get rid of them, at least partially. Sometimes we succeed, and then we feel a huge relief. Simultaneously, new possibilities of development appear both inside and outside, although we do not realize the connexion between these facts at once. On this level the fourth loss of the same type leads to retreat, and we think that it is not the right time or place for this kind of action. With little effort, we manage not to feel negative emotions. Now the spring of humility at the face of the external destiny starts flowing. 

The resignation as far as Pluto is concerned, is much harder to achieve, compared to the limitations of Saturn. It is related to the position of the common subconsciousness which states that the limitations work out will and character, while losses destroy us. Now we are able to admire the courage of another person who managed to survive the destruction and start the life over again from the scratch, finding some new energy in the unknown, threatening situation. It is difficult to imagine how we would act in the similar situation, but, evidently, the regrets will come to an end some day, and the person will find forces to start a new life.

But, on the general, a person will be broken on the big scale, and the memories of the past will always have a bitter taste.

It's useless to resist the drill of destiny
It's useless to resist the drill of destiny

On the third level of mastering of Pluto a person can realize the power of inner and outer humility, and tries not to grumble consciously, seeing how the field, carefully cared for, is being trampled by a wild pig. Without accepting the revealed actions of Pluto, one starts having the right attitude towards the background, paying special attention to the inner reactions that appear at the moments of the ruining of the plans, hopes and fantasies. One realizes that at this moment, the Pluto destroys the lower subconscious programs that slow down the personal evolution and because of that are doomed to be destroyed. On this level a person learns how to cooperate with Pluto effectively, and opens the mouth obediently towards the quickly winding drill of destiny knowing that it is impossible to resist, and the caries will be cleaned out completely. On this level one can already see the connexion between the cleansing impact of Pluto and the further spiritual, material and psychic renewal. Now one can personally manage the forces of Pluto, especially those affecting others. One starts seeing psychic and spiritual rot in others, and, without any aversion cleanses the Augean stables that the destiny puts on the way. When the marked Pluto situation occurs, one is much more prepared, and stays calm. Within some time, one adapts to new conditions of inner and outer life, feeling them as more elevated and responsible. And even though the nostalgic feelings visit the person's heart, one treats them calmly, without bitterness and despair.

A negative person mastering Pluto can organize a system of concentration camps
A negative person mastering Pluto can organize a system of concentration camps

On the fourth level of mastering of Pluto one can see very clearly the karma (one's own, that of a group and someone else's), and perceives the destruction and cleaning as a part of evolutionary process. On this level one not only learns how to manage the activity of Pluto, but also how to distinguish the rotten parts from the live tissue, which narrows the painful sensations significantly caused by the purifying Pluto's flame. 

Some unusual events and situations take place around this person. Most of all, they take place in the inner life of the people surrounding him, which seem to feel that the world inside and outside them goes down to ashes but, somehow, it's painless, even though scary. And they stay alive and safe, and are even able to see the opening panorama of the new reality. 

Black teacher on the fourth level of mastering of Pluto is able to create a real hell on the Earth, organize the system of concentration camps, spill a sea of blood, destroy the best part of their or some other nation, kill the environment they live in, and to turn the Sun into the black hole. 

On the constructive level of mastering of Pluto, a person can take care of the external as well of the inner world. One is able to reach to such depths of the subconsciousness that are directly related to the strong egregores that one cleanses, brings in order and opens new ways of their development, just by personal perfectioning. 

Sudden blindness is a Pluto situation
Sudden blindness is a Pluto situation

The symbolism of Pluto

Pluto symbolizes death, fate, total loss, purification and renewal. Pluto manages Scorpio, culminates in Leo. Pluto gets from Scorpio exactness and depth of penetration, and from the both signs - the persistence and straightforwardness as far as the accomplishments of the plans are concerned. 

The situation of Pluto is related to the sudden change in the external reality of a person, when old and usual ways of world view and reacting become impossible. This leads to the necessity to master new ways of behaviour and new sources of information, including subtle ones. Sudden physical injuries, blindness, deafness, immigration, big changes as far as the social and material state is concerned, all the situations that require psychological change and the change of world view, are affected by the influence of Pluto, but the external signs are not enough. It is necessary to view the essential goals of the events. 

Weak Pluto situations take place every day. They provoke, as a rule, deep disappointment, self-pity, but, in fact, they are the source of information. Pluto means to say: this is not necessary, forget it and never remember again. Pluto has a hard, dark, spinning shade of influence, that cannot be mixed with anything, just like a person feels the approach of the death. Pluto will take away what it considers necessary, and the only thing that can be opposed to the despair and the darkness of desperation is the inner humility, that will bring to new energy flows, in new situations of life, and will help to heal the wounds caused by this impersonal but not indifferent planet. 

A Pluto person can have a dark, demoniac appearance
A Pluto person can have a dark, demoniac appearance

Pluto person

A Pluto person can have a dark, demoniac appearance. This person will make an impression of someone hard, giving you the feeling of the psychological pressure. Probably, this person will choose the job of an inspector, a journalist, denouncing social ills, a teenagers' psychologist, a psychiatrist or a mafia leader. Anyways, this person will have a strong feeling that the world is going wrong, that a lot of slag must be destroyed. In the life of this person there are many losses that fortify or make his heart cruel. For a Pluto person, the aspiration of power is characteristic, especially political power. This person can become a big commander whose job will be to turn people into corpses most effectively.

But in a harmonious epoch, a Pluto person can become an engineer, a surgeon, a psychologist with a strong hypnotic gift. This person will be able to penetrate into the core of the problem and see weak points everywhere. His radiation, X-ray-like will outshine what people would love to see the least of all in themselves.

Actually, people with strong active outer planets (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune) always produce an inhuman or superhuman effect. ...and this isn't a metaphor. God and Devil are much closer to this world than it is thought in the atheist, and even religious environment.


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    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      7 years ago from Russia

      Seeker7, thank you very much for this nice comment!

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      A fascinating hub full of great information and giving much food for thought.

      A really enjoyable, interesting and deep read!

      Voted up + awesome!


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