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Power of praise

Updated on May 22, 2015

Have you ever gotten into trouble because you did the right thing?

Have you ever stopped to consider your undesirable situation then you wonder if God really exist?

A preacher said in his sermon, “how to provoke God’s divine favour” that praise is among the things used to provoke God’s favour. The other things are prayer, trust and faith in God, sacrificial giving, and gift offering. Prayer is important because it is written “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Even King Hezekiah prayed and God extended his days. Likewise God can allow his children to walk through the wilderness to know if they will still have faith and trust in him.

The importance of gift is that one cannot receive when one has not given. It is only through the process of giving that our hand is opened to receive. Giving can be in form of rendering help or service not necessarily giving money.

One may wonder how praise is of importance in provoking God’s favour. Let us remember that it takes faith and trust in God to praise him in difficult situation. John the Baptist and Paul and Salas once found themselves in the same situation. These men were imprisoned. Just like the preacher observed, John the Baptist had doubts when he was imprisoned so he sent people to go and ask Jesus, “are you the messiah or should we expect another?” Jesus was the same man he baptized but he wanted to be sure. At the end, John the Baptist lost his head in his situation.

Paul and Salas found themselves in similar situation but they kept on trusting God. Therefore, they sang praises and prayed. Their praises provoked heaven. Consequently, heaven moved in their favour and the prison gates were opened for them by unseen forces.

That is the power of praise. Therefore, what we do when we get to the wilderness, where there will be no water to quench our taste or bread to stop our hunger, matters a lot. This is because it will be easy for everyone to praise God when all is well. Let us remember that even Job was tested and restored many fold.


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