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Pretzel's and Prayer's

Updated on September 16, 2013
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The authors life involved ministry and living southwest and interior Alaska. Writing allowed spiritual, poetic and political expression:

In honor of my grandson, Adam!
In honor of my grandson, Adam!

The Value of Prayer

A memory that sticks out from my youth was that I didn’t like Pretzels,

I didn’t like the taste, thought that they were too salty, too dry, and it

didn’t matter who tried to get me to like them, my mind was made up!

Until one day I was very hungry, and someone had pretzels and shared them and I started liking them! But I still don’t know why anyone would like them,

as they have no real nutritional value: Now-a-day’s, pretzels come with cheese,

with salsa, and there are many ways to make them digestible, if not enjoyable!

I also remember being hungry spiritually, and I remember searching for

something of value in my life. Though I may have lived a somewhat sheltered life,

there were great temptations, and lots of choices, as well as decisions that

would alter my life in one way or the other. Thankfully I learned early that many others took their problems and temptations to God and asked him to help them with

life deciding choices. There were pastors, youth leaders, and prayerful saints that helped me in living out my youthful life by praying for me and with me, until I learned to like God more, and I learned that prayer fills that spiritual hunger from within.

While I was praying this morning, a spirit of travail came upon me that moved me

to pray for our youth: I prayed this prayer; “Lord I pray that each of our young people have someone that is praying for them on a daily basis!”

The Lord spoke to me in answer to my petition. “I am aware of my children. My spirit calleth to them; there are some that are close to me and hear me; others are far from me; Yea, my wings overshadow them at times they don’t even know. But bring their names to me, bring them to the altars; hold them up to me and I will find a way!” (this message came to me on March 9, 2000.) and “step up and reach out, and know my voice saith the Lord!"

Desperate teen-agers do desperate things and sometimes a prayer would have stopped some evil work in their life, or a prayer may have helped create another spirit-filled teen disciple doing modern day wonders!... Lets pray and believe for some awesome results. I mean, can we imagine what God can do with a truly “ What-ever!" attitude under the influence of dedicated prayer? Believe me, we won’t know ourselves what all is happening, because of the generation gap, but but that’s all right, as long as the youth of today are hungry enough to eat pretzels covered with cheese; (using some code work to know what the “cheese” is..)

Most kids want someone praying for them, and don't you think just a couple of inspired youth can make a difference in the world around them, praying for their friends, and handing out pretzels?

A thoughtful verse:

Psalms 143:8 “ Cause me to hear thy loving-kindness in the morning, for in thee do I trust; Cause me to know the way wherein ( the best places) I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee!”

Oscarlites/ Youth Focus


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    • Oscarlites profile image

      Oscar Jones 5 years ago from South Alabama

      yes.. one boy on Dr. Phils program yesterday stated to him that " I hollar at my parents because " I have to do that to get their attention"..

      I hope as a Christian nation we again allow freedom of prayer in the schools.. not allowing prayer violates our national creed of "freedom". and that parents begin to pray with their kids daily.. so they will learn to have their own faith, when life hands them things they don't know what to do with.. and to learn to love otthers and to avoid violence.. thank you!

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada

      Interesting analysis: pretzels and prayers! Yes, prayer for youth is such a powerful thing. Thank you for the reminder to pray for our young people. Be blessed!

    • Marc3 profile image

      Marc3 5 years ago

      Nice. Caring takes a lot of work. God Bless.