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Principles of Hope and Faith Part 2 - The Importance of Our Differences

Updated on August 14, 2015

Every individual is unique, has a different dream and belief, so everyone has to move in a different direction, different aim, intent, objective, unique plans and also different speed and at different function. Opportunity varies from one person to another you can't compare your opportunity with you own brother, likewise hope. There must be no end to progress, live to excel. Here is what to do and what to overcome when you have no hope.

1. Delay: Delay has advantages and disadvantages but often times the latter means a great danger. Sometimes our mind rings to that, and when you feel so remember to act and nothing but to continue moving. Procrastination is always associated with intense laziness and lack of motivation. When delay continues, hope fades away. Idleness should also be overcome to have hope in life. Delay only makes importance when the feeling of danger is real or the sureness of failure surpasses the hope for success. If not, never allow delay to rule you. Desire to make it fast in life; this desire wakes up creativity earlier and gives hope, even before challenges begin to build around your pathways.

3. Imagination
Do not let negative Imagination ruin your Innovation. Life is slow and you can't hasten the pace assuming its running. Sometimes you just have to follow life at its pace and direction. Rushing is a sign of despair and despair is a fruit of desperation, which is a no good to human level of hope. Relax and learn to be happy just the way you are, where you are and the hope you have. Stand in the middle of desperation and reluctance. Act when time signals. Hesitation brings about delay, harmful tendency of failure, which might ruin your hope.

Imagination is the second god that rules over every individual life. Your imagination is your output and expectation, it determines a way to have hope for good. Control your imagination to figure out something better. It is through imagination that most of the important inventions were made. Don't stop to imagine something better - the movie or drama writers also are Imaginers. Likewise every artist, actor etc, - "creation comes after imagination" and hope comes after indignation.

3. Self-knowledge
Self-knowledge is the ability of knowing ones likes, dislikes, interests, inspirations, passions and level of grit. At least, the ones important to have hope when there's none. Knowledge is wide and out of control but making choices and decisions according to personal feel is the best way to have hope in the complicated world. Learn to move around in search of regular knowledge. It is common that people don't know what they like most until they see it. So it also applies to many individual's focus and objective. Hope comes to place where many scenes are being witnessed in the progress of the mind.

4. Does Your Effort and Success Meet?
Learn to moderate your success in colligation with your effort. Let your dreams and lifestyle align. There are many things that come out of guess. But a real success works together with works. With no effort, it is just like wanting to be a writer, rather than wanting to write. No house could have being built without a plan. Hope is attained when dreams are unleashed correctly. Leverage your past experiences, people's success stories and failure stories to build a greater fountain of hope and love for self. Do not neglect the power of the brain you have in making decisions and designing goals.

Those innovative and creative decisions must be compatible to your positive emotions. In order to have hope or increase your hopefulness, feeling it from deep within, your daily efforts must satisfy your expectations.

Start by setting an unusual goal and try to squeeze a special time working on that goal daily. For example, authors use the first or the last 3 hours of the day to write some part of a book, knowing fully that step by step, the end of the project will arrive. Those daily effort, which correlate with their wishes and hope (may be to be a best seller) increases as they keep on the effort. Apply that strategy to have a hope ever growing and greenish.

5. How Much do you Help Others?
A conscientious personality doesn't guarantee a long-term hope, neither do aggressive grit. Encouraging others to be conscientious can boost your sense of responsibility. That sense of being people's hope in some areas of life makes you a bigger object of hope.

The only way we can lift up our life triple socially is by helping others. No one knows about tomorrow but at least, a better today might prepare a way for a great tomorrow. While you help you are widening the range of your life opportunities and progress. A "Hope" is someone who helps, everybody knows that, and the "Hope" of others can't lose hope himself.

When helping people's self-esteem in a quest for happiness and satisfaction, avoid negative dispositions and actions. Be positive, calm, gentle, and humble. You don't need to be strong or successful before people can depend on you for support, physically or emotionally. The only difference is the 'success' but increasing your skills/knowledge and your coping habits will increase your hope and encourage people to have hope on you. Each breeds each. Also success brings about satisfaction. If you can bring joy into people's life, the feeling of success is also the same.

6. Can your Surrounding Discourage Your Hope!
You should bear in mind that a mind is greater than its surroundings. Don't blame your surroundings, environment, or society as to determine things for your life. The purpose of the environment is to modify life but not to govern it. Your hope lies within your soul and its accomplishment your mind.

Shortcomings and challenges vary according to environment. Opportunities are different and usually limited due to environment. People in different environment and settlement interpret life differently. Why this differences? Just the way you know we are not made equal and its very important, you should also acknowledge how important our differences are. We all have different abilities and different passions, thus different purpose. We are made to make different impact to our society, family and friends.

Try and do something regardless how hopeless your environment looks. Despite the height of negativity surrounding you, positive action from you can change many things. People always talk about the hopelessness. Someone has tried but fail but with your skill, a method of success can change your hope. But always be smart not to be too patient. If your environment failed you and instead of having hope, all hope is fading, go to where you see hope. Change your surrounding and the people you meet.

7. Level of Happiness.
Be happy not only because you have it but you hope to have it. And your happiness always go with you striving for it. Once you have hope happiness will follow likewise vice-versa. How can you be happy when you have no hope? Go back and adjust your social circuit. Surround yourself with honest people. Befriend happy people, if you allow them. These are just simple ways to boost your happiness and to have hope for great future, being consistently motivated and in good mood.

8. Have you Tried Giving your All and no Hope?
Sometimes it is very important to give your all in order to achieve something great. Don't hate yourself by being a workaholic. You need to relax a bit, take a walk and cool your mind. The better you are balance within, the better the outcome of every effort. Bear in mind that, you don't have to spend all your life working. There is every limit to all work and your intent should be to make it shorter.

9. What About Your Fun Life?
Life needs fun in any way possible. Everyone has his own personal interest of fun. Other people's fun can't be yours, learn to think for yourself and make everything as fun as you like. There is always hope for the one who search for it, and fun might be the best way to have hope. Through fun your eyes get opened to new things, your imagination widens, than creativity is achieved. And to have faith when pursuing fun, you must be confidence and content with every outcome. Simply put, do not expect much even if you've invest much.

Use the weapon of fun is doing what you love and loving what you are doing. Anything out of this, you're making yourself a less privileged. You are practically making yourself less worth and less efficient in the chase of goals and dreams, blocking most of your productivity and creativity loops by involving yourself in things that annoy your internal perceptions and desires.

The material worth of a business doesn't matter much than the emotional satisfaction of the owner. In case you don't realize something, in the long run of success you'll discover that money is not everything. It doesn't by hope either. Hope comes when the mind-set is well directed towards positive sources of first, spiritual success (personally, mentally, emotionally, religiously), and second, physical success (social interactions, business and career. The latter doesn't make much sense when the first when there's failure in the first. And in order to have hope, 'personal' success is obviously vital.

10. Control Your Beliefs and Hope.
There is always hope where hard-work is found. Just believe in unforeseen miracle, and work for your daily success achievements. You need to have a unique perspective when analysing situations. And that doesn't happen when self-assertion is lacked. Assertiveness is the fruit of belief. Regardless of the source: spiritual faith, self-belief or due to an experience leading to professional abilities. You have hope when you believe in something.
Are you insecure with your beliefs? Seek encouragement targeting your weaknesses through various manuals and blueprints around you.

Life has turn out to be; "you only witness what you believe." It might be your situation, but learn to change your hope. As confusing as it is, although we try to believe unseen privileges and opportunities in life, our minds cannot settle without a proof. So a way to control your beliefs in having hope is by colouring all you hear to give you hope using evidences. Don't mistake this with religious faith. Apart from atheists, we all believe what we've never seen before but it is the same faith and hope that makes our effort in religious commitment worth. And asking for proofs and evidence to verify our faith is a foul, religiously, you have to respect that in your life.

In business and career success attainment, any doubt is important as protecting you from unnecessary failures. It is a science of prudence, making your hope firm and unshakable by responding rightly to inner quests and feelings. These are what you should be aware of when you have no hope. It is believed that, hope comes first from the mind once you invent it within and focus on it physically. Sometimes, nobody will just say he's hopeless unless in terms of death, so take this as a change. There is always hope, you just have to find it. Unless you are positive with your future, nothing will be turn possible by itself.

Be sure to analyze the use of anything you have as a possession. The hope is around you, stuck within your body and mind, where your eyes needs the brightness of self-knowledge in order to see them. I really don't want to hear anything like "I don't have hope" from you again either within your mind, dispositions or pronunciations. Hope is out there, you just need to go and claim it.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Doubt is well as fear...they help you avoid unnecessary failures...

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      This is inspiring. Thank you for making me hopeful.


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